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A Pleasure to Serve

Video (running time 16:40) with gallery of 36 photographs
Created 19 Jan 2013 , updated 24 Feb 2022



Tags: asked for, consensual, domestic, dominance|submission, dominant spankee, erotic, face slapping, film, hairbrush, hand spanking, high heels, Michael Darling, M|F, M|X, Nimue Allen (tog), Pandora Blake, photogallery, positive, romantic, service

Michael's been a good boy, and Pandora has a treat for him. Tonight, he may serve her by giving her the long, hard spanking she craves. But even as he takes her over the knee, it's quite clear who's in charge.

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In this sizzlingly sexy bedroom fantasy, Michael and I play a F/M couple who explore their switch sides. Michael may have wanted to get his hands on my bottom, but he certainly never dared ask. Still, from time to time, his domme quite likes the feeling of a good, long hard spanking ... as long as it's on her terms. Even as she commands him to spank her, it's quite clear who's in charge!

This is a sensual dom/sub spanking with a twist. I wrote it after Michael asked for a top role, and I think it shows off his aptitude as a spanker in the making. He's certainly got the hands for it - and doesn't he look good taking a lady over his knee? 

Photography: Nimue Allen

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A Pleasure to Serve: Behind the Scenes

A short and sweet behind the scenes video including Pandora blissing out between shots, and reassuring Michael what a great job he's doing as her spanker!

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Very enjoyable clip

Interesting to see Michael Darling as a disciplinarian...he is always an interesting and appealing character. Hope he doesn't learn to like the top role too, too much because it would be a shame if his bare bottom's punishment was neglected.

As always, the lovely Pandora 's beautiful bum being chastised is a delight for the eyes.

Would love to see a vid where both Pandora and Michael are soundly spanked OTK by Thomas Cameron!

Lovely to hear someone appreciate how engaging and watchable Michael is on camera. I love his performances.

He came to me saying he was interested in doing some topping. This was his trial scene. The setup enabled me to direct him in character, without having to cut! It turned out much sexier than I was expecting. I liked his topping enough that he got to do some more on our next shoot, swapping spankings with Sebastian Hawley.

But don't worry, the day we shot Pleasure to Serve and Prove Your Love we also filmed three other F/M scenes in which Michael's peachy bum gets properly punished, which are all yet to be released :)

I'd love to shoot an M/FM scene with Mike and Tom! It was one of the ideas for our most recent shoot, but we couldn't do everything.

A consensual spanking where the spankee remains very much in charge? Exactly the sort of thing I like!

Oh, cool! Is that a vote for more dominant masochist scenes, then?

More scenes in which a dom/domme tans his/her sub's bottom and then says 'right, now it's my turn!'? I shan't day no.

"say no" I meant, of course.

Nice, funny and beautiful film. At any case, a photo of Pandora´s bottom after the spanking, full in read, deserves to be exhibited in the Tate. It is actual modern art!!!

Thanks Sheldon! It was a pleasing shade of pink. Oh, if only I really did have a resident subby man with big strong hands who could deliver required spankings whenever I asked. Or a domly one who wanted to spank me at convenient intervals. Either would do!

This is perfect for me. I love consual spankings where the spankee enjoys each and every storke on some level. Spanking is supposed to be fun isn't it. Punishment is fine if the spankee requests it. Anyway this is one is especially good, thanks for doing it.

Pandora I thought you had all sorts of spanking partners? I think in all of England you might come up with one. If you can't, well, thee is always Idaho.

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed it!

I'm quite picky about how I like being spanked by, and my preferred candidates are mostly either very busy or far away at the moment. C'est la vie.

Sweetly innocent, consensual eroticism

I saw the preview of this on spanking tube. The sweetly innocent, consensual eroticism brought lightness and fragrance to what is often a morally dubious platform ( e.g. A woman on her hands and knees being shouted at as 'stupid' by a sleazy male.)

Your clip was such a guilt-free turn-on, for me, that I have joined for 5 days again. The full movie is itself worth the £10 fee. Keep up the good work! X. Jim

Wonderful feedback Jim, thankyou! If you liked this scene, you may enjoy a similar one starring Thomas Cameron and Nimue Allen - My Lady's Pleasure.

I quite agree that spanking videos are more fun to watch when you can be 100% certain that the spankee not only consented to the shoot, but enjoyed it as well. Our asked for spankings tag may well give you more of the type of scene you're looking for.

Enjoy the site, and let me know if you have any more comments!

My Lady's Pleasure

Just watched! I love Nimue's Rubenesque curves!

Aren't they sublime? :)

Chasm of class and the intimacy of equals.

The chasm of class is never spanned in My Lady's Pleasure. The manservant sees the Lady's private parts and indeed spanks them; but a palpably cold distance is maintained; even more so from the manservant who performs her bidding in a disinterested manner. Rigid designators are in place: Lady, Servant. The disparities between their stations are too great to allow anything other than a one-way dominance. Her to him. I can't imagine the servant character having the confidence to switch. I bet that if her Ladyship had stated her intention to beat him he would have tendered his resignation, before he would have submitted to her tendering his arse.

In contrast to that: A Pleasure To Serve displays the easy intimacy of equals; stations are mutual and mutable. She is initiating in to that blessed knowledge.

Pleasure to view the pics.

Some good pics of you Pandora, in a good scenario and so entertaining. a good tongue in cheek story, and so amusing. always good to see such a super bottom.

Loved the theme of an asked for spanking...

..but my own preference would have been Thomas' gravitas,rather than Michael. I love it anyway,Pandora

A very enjoyable switching scene

I will always enjoy a scene where Pandora's very spankable bottom gets a good hand spanking.

Watching her remain very much in charge as she instructed a nervous Michael through a very sensual spanking takes this film to another level. Very well served!

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