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Schoolgirl's Secret

Film (running time 6:11 minutes) with gallery of 40 photographs
Created 24 Jun 2014 , updated 26 Feb 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

Tags: film, hand spanking, knee high socks, Pandora Blake, pencil skirt, photogallery, school, school uniform, self-spanking, slipper, Solo X, solo-F

Dressed in a tight school uniform, Pandora gives herself an intimate schoolgirl spanking. She shows off her gorgeous bottom from all angles as she smacks herself with her hand and a slipper. 

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Photography: Nimue Allen

A bonus video as a special treat, with accompanying photoset, this intimate schoolgirl spanking shows just how much Pandora Blake loves dressing up as a schoolgirl. In an authentic school uniform and knee-high socks, she preens for the camera, bending over to display her bottom in an ultra-tight school skirt.

In the photo gallery Pandora shows off all her best angles in a school uniform – bent over a chair, pulling up her long socks, and presented over a desk with her knickers on display. And in the video you can watch as she gives herself a schoolgirl spanking – bare hands slapping her own bottom with firm smacks, before pulling out the slipper and spanking herself even harder.



Being a pervert is so much better than being a victim for me.

First time?

Is this the first self-spanking on DoS(?) Enjoyable short and curiously intimate little film because of the lack of voice. The silence seems somehow to take the viewer into what you might be thinking as you spank yourself, Pandora. I wonder with self-spanking how best to achieve the desired level of sting. On the one hand you can control the level precisely to how much your bottom tells you it wants or can take at one time. But on the other, part of the excitement in receiving from another is the handing over of control (along with trust of course). One way round this I've found when I have tried self-spanking is to make your brain dictate beforehand how many smacks you are going to give yourself in each series, or overall, or to set a time. That is, you set goals and try as best you can to stick to them. This can sort of push your self-limits in a way. I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts on self-spanking.

I think it is the first self-spanking, yes :)

I'm not a fan of it personally - for me spanking is all about the interaction between two people, and submitting to someone (or resisting) - on my own, it loses its appeal, for me. But a viewer requested this video and I thought I would give it a try!


I've done quite a lot of self-spanking. If one doesn't have a partner, it's a good option, although it requires some ingenuity to be effective. For me, it has to take the form of acting out a fantasy scenario, although all of the other people are (of necessity) imaginary. It also has to involve dressing the part, and often costume changes during the course of the scenario. I think that the number of smacks received has to be determined by a process beyond my immediate control (and any smack that doesn't sting taken again). One way (there are plenty of other ways) in which the punishment can be determined is for me to be obliged to change into a different uniform. There's a strict time limit. Lateness in reporting correctly dressed is punished on a fixed scale (maybe six whacks per minute or part thereof). Once reporting in correct uniform, after much rush, I can take stock of how I'm now dressed, with further punishment for such defects as socks not properly pulled up. That way the scale of punishment is placed beyond my control.

In my experience, it's impossible to whack oneself properly with too long an implement. With a full length cane, I can manage no more than light taps. The first really satisfactory self-spanking implements I tried were short (about fifteen or sixteen inches long, I think) thin canes designed (and sold) to support houseplants. A hairbrush is excellent, also one of those very flexible clear plastic rulers. But the most stinging self-spanking implement I've tried is a tawse.

Small is Beautiful

Only Pandora could carry off such simplicity with such aplomb. Even more than the spanking, I love the posing and wiggling that preceed it.

M x

Thank you! I know how popular tight skirts are so I hoped this might appeal :)

Fantastic set! Love the paneling, very evocative (nice bottom as well!)

Thanks Richard :) It's a great set, isn't it?


Pandora very nice ,you look neat in your uniform giving yourself big spanks,love and spanks,Tim.

Thank you Tim!

Like the splendid "Office Caning", this is pretty old school, and that's great!

Tight Skirt

Pandora, the pictures of you bent right over left me almost breathless. There will be those who say that girls should not enjoy the protection of skirt when being caned but I feel it can be allowed. One just has to lay the rod on a bit harder!

In regulation brown knicks ,best spanks Tim x

the traditional school girl

well rounded botty in full knickers good strong full thighs ! long socks the bottom teasing the headmaster

school girl srecets

dear vPandoar just wonderful those regulstion brown knickersmmmmm

you rubbing your skirt the the sight of your knicker legs throuigh your skit magice

a real turn for me

Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed :)

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