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Scolding and JOI for Peeping Tom

Film (running time 20:00) with gallery of 9 screengrabs
Created 9 Jul 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

You've been caught peeping on the girls at school, and Ms. Pandora Blake is not amused - or is she? Maybe punishment can be its own reward...

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Tags: cane, erotic, film, Pandora Blake, school, scolding, Solo X, solo-F

You thought you were so clever, didn’t you, figuring out a way to peek into the school pool while the girls were having their swimming lessons. Now you’ve been caught by Ms. Blake and hauled into her office, scolded like the naughty little boy you are. She looks so stern as she brandishes a note for you to take to the Headmaster, and gives you strict instructions to report back to her once you’ve been to see him.

What you don’t know, though, is how great a thrill that teacherly frown is concealing. While you’re gone she’ll await your return with a delicious sense of anticipation, keen to inspect every raised welt on your schoolboy backside. When she sees the effect this has on you, she knows exactly how to teach you a lesson - by taking you step by step through the most humiliating and arousing climax of your young life.

This blush-inducing JOI is beautifully detailed, and will leave you as breathless and spent as your caned alter-ego.


A tour-de-force telling off!

you get me harder than viagra do. Spankabilly Joyce Grenfill x

I agree always got a whopper on for Pandora.

"Young man is that a smartphone in your pocket or did you enjoy your spanking?"

a bit of both I suspect ;)

That was so naughty!

I hope you followed along obediently...

Filthy fantasy!

This was absolutely deliciously delightfully filthy! How shocking! And as to your suggestion that I should have followed along obediently - well, that's just disgraceful! Why ever would I do such a thing?
Well . . . . I would have, if I hadn't been worried about someone walking into the room and catching me at it!

s;cpding for peeping tom

Ho Ma.am that was ewwonderful more of those please Maa. just magic

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