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Help Quitting

Film (running time 12:14) with gallery of 39 high quality photographs
Created 30 Sep 2012 , updated 24 Feb 2022



Tags: domestic, domestic discipline, dominance|submission, edgy, empowering, fair, film, F|M, hairbrush, hand spanking, hard punishment, leg lock, Nimue Allen (tog), OTK, Pandora Blake, photogallery, positive, queer, scolding, Sebastian Hawley, strict, struggling, trans, X|M

Sebastian comes home and Pandora smells smoke on his breath. He's broken their discipline agreement to help him quit - and that means a long, hard session over her knee with the wooden hairbrush. 

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Sebastian picked this scene out of the list of ideas I'd sent him as one he particularly liked. I'd suggested a scheduled discipline spanking in which a woman spanked her boyfriend for not meeting the targets they'd agreed to help him quit smoking. It was Sebastian who came up with the idea of an impromptu punishment after coming home smelling like smoke, despite saying he had quit. I didn't find out until after the shoot that he really was trying to quit smoking at the time!

This was the last scene we filmed that day, and Sebastian was already sore, but he'd said he was up for being pushed a little, and so I decided to try the wooden hairbrush. I didn't go easy on him - this spanking was hard. And he took it like an absolute hero, even though afterwards he confessed he'd been close to the limit.

I think Sebastian looks absolutely fantastic in this film and he took an intense spanking extremely well. I loved his roleplaying and very genuine pain reactions - the kicking and struggling in particular is extremely hot. It was a pleasure to work with him again.

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Photography: Nimue Allen


Help Quitting

Hello Pandora! You're right to punish naughty boys who disobey smoking by hammering a good spanking across your lap. Bravo!

Only if they've asked, of course! In those circumstances I am more than happy to help young men keep their word :)

Very compliments Pandora Blake, wonderfull spanker.
Do envy the spankee, over your knees, when it becomes spanker six vist.
I hope to see you again soon in the role of woman spanker

Thankyou! I'm really enjoying topping at the moment. I've done quite a lot of spanking of both women and men on our recent shoots - check out these blogposts for previews:

Me spanking Michael Darling
Me spanking Ten Amorette


A Perfect Spanking

This video is a naughty boys perfect spanking. I would love to receive the same spanking myself

Thank you :)

A Good Sound Spanking

The video shows a naughty boy put over a lady knee and punished soundly. I loved to watch and just felt all the time that this is the kind of spanking I so much need myself - well done dreams of spanking

Thank you Tim, I'm glad you like it! I do offer disciplinary sessions in London so if you feel you could benefit from some correction, do get in touch :)

Yes I thought the spanking you gave Sebastian would be ideal for me as well. Sadly I don't live in London but it would be gr8 to meet you one day

You Give Spankings

So you could give me a spanking just like in the video with my pants taken down and hand spanked and hair brushed

I could indeed! Feel free to email [email protected] if you'd like to discuss this further :)

So Sexy

Pandora is sooooo sexy in this! I would love to be over her knee getting a good hard spanking like that!

Thank you so much! this sort of punishment features a lot in my fantasies - as a spankee and as a spanker! The tight leg hold, the hard wooden hairbrush, the scolding, the works :)

Perfect punishment!

This makes me want to think about quitting smoking if this is the spanking I'd get :)

Haha! I'm sure we can find some other excuse :)

Help Quitting

When I was 18 (the summer between High School & College) I was out in our backyard smoking before my girlfriend came by to pick me up as we were going to her girlfriends house for a pool party. My mom came home early from work and found me smoking and dragged me into the house. She turned a kitchen chair around, sat down, pulled my swimsuit down and turned me over her knee as she spanked and lectured. A few minutes into it my girlfriend walks in and my mom apologized to her for having to see this and explained what happened (all of this without missing a beat). She then asked for one of my girlfriends flat leather sandals and proceeded to paddle me with it to tears. When she finished she let us go. At the party my girlfriend and I got into an argument and she told the host that we were leaving. Half way home she pulled the car off the road and onto a firebreak in the woods (a dirt road cut in a forest to help prevent forest fires from spreading) and turned the car off and told me to get out. She led me to a fallen tree, sat down and started yelling at me. Before I knew it pulled my suit down and turned me over her knee for my second spanking for the day. She said if I resisted she would tell everyone I still get spanked. She spanked me a lot that summer.

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