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Punished Like a Boy

Film (running time 11:06) with gallery of 9 screengrabs
Created 6 Jan 2023, last updated 18 Jan 2023

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo X

Headmaster Blake is back, and a young lady from the girls school has wound up in his office. She’ll respect his cane if she knows what’s good for her...

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Tags: British, cane, edgy, Film, headmaster, Pandora Blake, school, solo-X

We already know how the Headmaster of this school treats the naughty boys who end up in his office. He was here just a few weeks ago, cane in one hand and cock in the other, describing the punishments he doles out in excruciating detail. He doesn’t take the same approach with the girls, though - of course he doesn’t! He’s not a monster. Girls get detention instead, maybe a light strapping across the hands in extreme circumstances.

Only now here’s a particularly mouthy young lady sat pouting in his office, surly and unrepentant, demanding to be punished like a boy. So what’s a man to do? Wouldn’t refusal be a little sexist, after all?

So she’ll get her cane-strokes; twelve of the best, red-ridged welts that she can feel for a fortnight. And then she’ll get her real punishment, the one nobody talks about outside the Headmaster’s office. Because punishing naughty boys is his favourite thing to do, you see, and it does so much excite him...



You always look so dominant waving your cock around Pandora x

I feel dominant too ;)

Holy shit you're stupid hot in this :D

Thank you! I love embodying this masc headmaster vibe

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