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Non-violent Resistance

Film (running time 20:15) with gallery of 95 high quality photos
Created 28 Jan 2012 , updated 24 Feb 2015



Tags: behind the scenes, cane, defiance, detention, fair, film, F|M, hand spanking, honour, interview, Jimmy Holloway, OTK, Pandora Blake, pencil skirt, photogallery, reluctant spanker, school, school uniform, Sebastian Hawley, strict, trans, Tricia Sullivan, welts, writing lines

When bright young rebels Sebastian and Jimmy sabotage the school's CCTV network as an act of protest, their inexperienced teacher has to punish them - despite agreeing with their point of view. 

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Sebastian and Jimmy are top of their class, and quickly developing their own political opinions - otherwise known as "problems with authority". When the school installs a new intrusive CCTV network, the boys combine their tech skills to sabotage it.

Their young form teacher Ms Blake, who also happens to teach them Philosophy and Ethics, persuades the Head to let her handle it. She manages to get their sentence reduced from suspension to a few detentions, and a caning for each of them.

Sebastian and Jimmy both know she sympathises with their position. But nonetheless, she has no choice but to carry out the discipline they've earned.

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Photography: Tricia Sulllivan

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Non-violent Resistance: behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, out-takes and unused footage from "Non-violent Resistance", including an end-of-shoot interview. Find out what this scene was like to film, about Sebastian's reaction to his first ever spanking shoot, forthcoming school scenes starring Jimmy and Pandora, and the boys' real life experiences of CP.

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I love this film so much. Fantasy schoolboys in my head are never this eloquent or authentic, so having some actual young men to admire makes me full of squee. Oh god, what utter smartarses, my spanking hand is itching.

I'm really glad you like it!

Aren't they terrible? As I was editing it I wanted to go back there and deal with them much more strictly! But they're brilliant, too. I'm sort of glad the boys win this one, overall.

"But what about my lefty credibility, Miss?" LAWL!

You can imagine the furious blogging that ensued after this particular episode!

Well done !

My favourite fantasy delightfully produced . Pandora you do strict so well I hope you will come back to it again before too long.

Oh, thankyou! I think a lot of people's school fantasies involve getting into trouble unfairly - after all, it's the plot of almost every school story, even the ones that don't include CP.

I don't feel like I was at all strict enough, but I'm sure practise will make perfect ;)


I do like it when you get compliments on your topping style. It makes me feel all manly ;)

Rawr :) (I assume you mean "domly", since it is, of course, perfectly possible to be manly and submissive!)


love the grey skirt - do you use your own clothes or do you have a costume wardrobe

you really should use a lochgelly belt

My own wardrobe, although this skirt was originally sourced by Lucy MacLean for her finishing school uniform!

I'd need considerable practice before being safe to use a Lochgelly, but they are certainly hot.

A really believable scene - I know why Jimmy says afterwards that it was close to his own school experience - of course it wouldn't have been bare bottom caning from a female teacher in a real school, but the boys checking each other's bottoms for marks afterwards is something that definitely happened, and just like with Jimmy and Sebastian the rule was definitely 'look, don't touch'!

Absolutely! I loved that aspect of this scene and both young men instinctively understood it. Even though they are both bisexual, they knew that for a realistic school memory a certain amount of reticence would be required. I think it makes for an incredibly plausible, and therefore very hot, vignette. Checking for marks afterwards is surely a crucial part of any school spanking scene!

Non Violent Resistence

Thank you Pandora. Finally there is a spanking video that acknowledges that viewers do have
a brain and encourages robust debate and discussions.
Also the Pupils were allowed to express there points of view and true feelings with the threat of
extra strokes for answering back or giving cheek.
Interestingly the something similar happened to me in New Zealand many years ago.
A lot of my class mates were caned for rebelling against a school rule which we thought was

Thank you Jonny! I think if I were filming this scene now I have more topping experience, I would have been a little stricter with them. This was one of my first ever top scenes. But I'm with you on loving the theme of righteous rebellion, being punished for taking a stand. Any scenario in which the spankee is in the right, and has a strong point of view and moral outlook, is likely to appeal to me. I'm really glad you enjoyed this one, I thought Sebastian and Jimmy were superb in it.

what cute little smartasses

This has a bit of the flavor of the scene I like so much from The Australian Governess, in which the teacher is somewhat reluctant, but the students push enough to overcome that reluctance-- and more. You tolerated plenty of cheek, but the caning looked plenty strict, even if it should have been 12 for vandalism. Ok, more importantly, so that I could watch those lovely restrained reactions, as Kaelah would put it, for longer.

Ha, yes! I think my character here was a bit more nervous and uncomfortable than Zoe was in The Australian Governess - she was just far too chill to use CP :)

The 6 in this scene were pre-negotiated with the performers, and I think it might have been Sebastian's first caning. He was feeling more than a little sore after the cropping he got from Jimmy earlier that day. These days however I'm sure he'd have been up for 12, now he has a bit more experience :)

When we we're at school teachers gave us the tawse on hands one kept hers in cupboard one day we practised on each other .girls included .thank God she never found out .ps
Pandora you must have been teacher in former life very realistic in your teacher role x

Wow, what a great story! What was your motivation for "practising" it, may I ask? As someone who didn't have CP at school I'm fascinated by the intersection of real life school experiences and a kinky interest in CP.

hand caning

hi ....
could you please do hard caning on palms
i like it very much
please panadora apply your thin whippy cane to tender girls palms and do the same with boyes

School Spankings

I wish you were my Teacher. What would you have done for discipline to a student that cut your class for 2 1/2 semesters?
There should be other Females watching you spank us males.

Thank You

Intricate and intelligent

Dear Pandora,

Your scenes are crafted with such care and attention to detail, I simply adore your site. Granted not all scenes do it for me (this one did) but it must be hard to try and cater for so many different tastes? I have a number of scenes that to tempt your imagination.....How about a young female teacher dating a 6th former, through circumstances out of their control she is tasked with punishing him at school (witnessed) so cannot be to "lenient". You could show the reaction at school and at home! Just an idea.

Much love xxxxxx

PS - Sad to see that the posts section is being infiltrated by mindless spam........

i adore u and your films ...wishing to have only a chance with u
by the way u r fantastic as a spanker and great as a spankee (i like he spanker part)
more flm films pllllllllllzzzzzz

Women spanking boys

I wish You where my Teacher for I deserved the spanking you gave those boys.

You gave the boys sound spanks for naughtiness as schoolmistresses do.

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