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Primae Noctis

Film (running time 21:43) with gallery of 75 high resolution photographs
Created 24 Mar 2012 , updated 9 Jan 2014

Performers: Adele Haze, Jimmy Holloway



Tags: Adele Haze, asked for, back whipping, biting, ceremonial, CFNM, dominance|submission, edgy, Fforbes, film, F|M, groping, hand spanking, hard punishment, honour, humiliation, Jimmy Holloway, kissing, martinet, nude spankee, photogallery, riding crop, unfair

Ius primae noctis, the law of the first night, gives a feudal lord the right to claim the virginity of new brides. To spare his wife-to-be, a young bridegroom offers himself to the lady of the castle instead.

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Photography: Fforbes

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Ah, Primae Noctis. How strange that historical records consistently show it as a practice common amongst Foreigners...

Sex tourism isn't a new phenomenon!

I meant more that it's never reported as actually happening, just as being a barbaric practice from Over There ;)

Not that that's a reason not to film this, I loved this one!

Ah, I see! Yes, you're quite right, the historical evidence is not exactly compelling. Still, it makes for hot fantasy fodder :)

A guy named A. Mozart wrote an opera about this, one of my favorites.

Wasn't there some complaint about the sound? I thought it was fine. There was some background noise but I thought that was rain. Maybe I drink to much. The only problem I have is trying to get through the English accents and I realize that is not going away. I think I will be able to understand Dana.

But to the point, this is really great. Your efforts at being creative and nice settings etc. are much appreciated. Thank You and please keep it coming.

Ah no, the background noise is hiss... I did try to filter it out but my audio editing skills are still a work in progress.

Regarding the accents I've been considering subtitles - for the aid of people not fluent in English and Deaf people as well as those scenes where the dialogue is too quiet or the sound is just too poor. Plus of course people who wish to watch spanking with the sound turned down for the sake of discretion. If they were an option, would you use them do you think?

Very belated comment!

I'd welcome subtitles if they become available - when my ME is flaring I actually rely on lipreading quite a lot, even when talking with people I know well, as my parsing of aural information tends to deteriorate! I wouldn't always use them, but I definitely would some of the time. :-)

Having said which...

Despite the above, given sufficient time and patience, and a certain amount of rewinding, I can actually audio transcribe fairly well, partly because what I lack in auditory processing I make up for in high WPM! So if you are ever after someone to do the transcription required for making the subtitles happen, do give me a shout. :-)

Shout given!

Well I'm gonna call it rain, anyway it's not an issue for me.

As to subtitles, I would probably download the larger version of the video without them, then if there was something I could not figure out download a small one with them and read it. It's really not an issue either. However if I was (totally) deaf I think it would be wonderful. (I'm not deaf but my ears, like a lot of things, are not what they used to be. Sixty years of rock 'n roll, guns and airplanes takes its toll. However I have no regrets.)

Yeah, downloading options is the complicating factor really. I have had an offer of a shoot with a Deaf bottom, in which case I'd want to run the scene in sign language and subtitle it, so it's worth working out at some point.

Love your final parenthesis. :)

What a wonderful location for this romance! How DID you find such a place? Use it again!

A friend of a friend. I suspect it may have been a one-off opportunity, but I was very glad to be able to take advantage of it! I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for similar locations in future...


I knew she is gorgeous, but damn, you really captured that beauty and intensity!

Good job all of you!

Thankyou very much! Adele is visually stunning, a total pleasure to shoot :) (As are you! I'm very impatient to have the opportunity to work with you again!)


wish I was over her knee getting my bare bottom soundly trashed


wish I could get one


This video is freakin' sweet. I mean Perfect. That lady really knows how to do it. Verbal is just as important as the spanking as far as I am concerned and she did absolutely perfect. This makes me wonder why I live in the states. If woman are like this, I am moving.

So good to hear that this one resonated with you. I'm a bit in love with both Adele and Jimmy in it. She definitely gives good quiet dominance. Very sexy.

Adele haze and team.

Hello Adele,
I didn't know you until now as a spank model but after to saw your video i find you very cute.
Sure, if i was in england or in USA, i would like to be spanked by you like a child or a nasty boy.

May be you should be make a spank clips or movie in esthetic's bar (beauty institute). it's one of my dreams to be spanked on this kind of place. Spanked by a beautician.

Sorry if my english is not perfect, i'm a french fan. kisses.

Spanked by a beautician? I'm intrigued! Tell me more about your fantasy. What is your role, and what sort of thing are you being spanked for?

no reply to my email to pandora

Isent email to pandora wonder if it got to you

Very good!!
I would love to see more like this..


I discovered your site thanks to the link on friend Mike's own site, ouch.uk.com
I had a quick glance at this movie's preview and I must admit I was struck by the quality and intensity of the two young actors' acting...They were truly credible.
I should say I'm a theatre actor and director and I can discern good acting , when I see it...
There was something really like a magical undercurrent about the two youths and for an instant I thought I was looking at a "serious" feature film.
The setting is lovely and the photography very good, with beautiful colours.
I think I'm going to buy the film and enjoy it in its integrity.

Anything can be improved, of course, but only when there's already a good basis, and I think there is.

Adele's dress

Adele is so cute & beautiful in this dress

Thank you

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