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Paternity Paddling for Pregnant Brat

Film (running time 13:17) with gallery of 69 screengrabs
Created 10 Sep 2020, last updated 27 Feb 2022



Pandora Blake has been slutting around - and has a baby bump to show for it! Daddy dom Nimue Allen has had enough; it's time for the scolding, spanking and paddling of Pandora's life.

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Tags: age play, bare bottom, behind the scenes, domestic discipline, edgy, film, firm hand spanking, F|F, F|X, hand spanking, M|F, M|X, Nimue Allen, paddle, Pandora Blake, paternal, pregnant, queer, Strict

Pandora’s pregnant - but who’s the daddy? She refuses to tell, and butch top Nimue knows who'll be left to look after the baby. What follows is a serious scolding, a hard spanking and a very red bottom!

This is a taboo spanking scene with a queer, subversive twist. Pandora’s sass makes her the perfect picture of brattiness, and we get plenty of lingering  close-ups of her beautiful bottom as Nimue spanks and paddles her.

But who is the daddy?  If Pandora won't confess, she'll get paddled every day until she does...

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Paternity Paddling for Pregnant Brat - behind the scenes

There's nothing fake about Pandora's bump, but shooting porn while nine months pregnant brings some unique considerations! We're also releasing a behind the scenes video alongside this film. Watch Pandora and Nimue check in with each other, swap notes on where to take the scene next and make sure that while Pandora's bottom hurts, her bump is as safe and comfortable as possible.

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Great scene!

I really enjoyed your scene.

That did look a little scary. Of course being a guy I know little about pregnancy. I even cross the street if I see an obviously pregnant person, just being afraid I might accidently step near her on the sidewalk.

Watching the behind-the-scenes video, I was wondering if it is difficult to switch in your mind from being in character to directing, and back again. Or are you used to shooting your videos in lots of little takes?

Hi, thanks for watching! I'm glad you enjoyed the scene, and I hoped it made pregnancy seem a little less scary for you :)

I'm pretty used to making that switch these days. It did take a little practice at first. Having sweet co-workers in front of and behind the camera whom I feel at ease with really helps.

This time we were shooting with a single camera, so we cut every couple of minutes to change the camera angle. Sometimes however we're shooting with two cameras, and can run the whole scene without stopping to change shot - only stopping if the performers want a break. So it really varies depending on what we're trying to do and who we're doing it with!

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