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Film (running time 14:01) with 15 photographs and 48 screengrabs
Created 30 Jun 2012 , updated 19 Feb 2015



Tags: behind the scenes, college, Dana Kane, denim, fair, film, F|M, hand spanking, hard punishment, humiliation, interview, Michael Darling, Pandora Blake, pencil skirt, photogallery, scolding, strict, tawse, Tricia Sullivan

Mike's in trouble. Careless referencing in his latest essay has led to accusations of plagiarism. Rather than fail him, his tutor  gives him an option: a hard spanking, witnessed by her teaching assistant.

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Mike's procrastination problem has landed him in big trouble. He made the deadline on his latest essay, but he didn't have time to write up all his research in his own words. Suddenly, he's facing accusations of plagiarism.

His tutor Ms Kane and TA Pandora don't want him to fail her class - they know he's capable of good work. But there isn't time to rewrite the paper before the end of term. They give Mike an option: instead of an F, he can accept corporal punishment, until they're sure that Mike understands the seriousness of the issue. Ms Kane will administer the strapping, and Pandora will witness it. Poor Mike is remorseful and humiliated as he takes his punishment under the watchful eyes of both his teachers.


I had a big procrastination problem when I was a student, and when I wrote this storyline I very much put myself into Mike's shoes. In reality, I had to ask my boyfriend Tom to spank me to help me manage my time better; this method would certainly have been more direct!

When I showed Mike the scene idea he said he identified very much with this character as well, and felt like in an alternate universe this might have been him.

He took his punishment beautifully, and Dana delivered both the spanking and the scolding with blazing authority. The hottest thing about this scene for me was the eye contact; holding Mike's gaze as he struggled under the strap. I like the dynamic of having a witness to the punishment, especially a woman watching a man be spanked, and I hope you do too.

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Photography: Tricia Sullivan

Plagiarism at Dreams of Spanking Plagiarism at Dreams of Spanking Plagiarism at Dreams of Spanking Plagiarism at Dreams of Spanking
Interview with Michael Darling
Michael Darling, Pandora Blake

Halfway through Michael's first ever spanking shoot, he chats to Pandora about the experience of working with Dana, his interest in age play, the decision to shave on camera and what he thinks of the scenes filmed so far. Mike describes Plagiarism as "uncannily familiar", and tells us how it could have been a scene from his real university life.

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Interview with Dana and Michael
Dana Kane, Michael Darling, Pandora Blake

At the end of Michael and Dana's first shoot together, Pandora chats to them about how they feel about working for Dreams of Spanking and working with each other. Michael shows off his marked bottom, Dana admires his underpants and they discuss their favourite scene.

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Loved it...

I enjoyed watching this video, and found it so easy to put myself in Mikes place. He took it so well though and of course he deserved his punishment.
Mike deffinately has a sweet and really sexy signature thing going on, biting his lip as he receives a spanking. He does it on all three videos available on this site so far, and it is really hot to watch! :o)

Thanks very much! Yes, the lip-biting is adorable, I agree - I liked it when Dana picked him up on it in Marital Discipline and accused him of trying to be cute.

I've got a lovely interview with Mike that we filmed just after this scene - hopefully will have time to edit it and put it up later this week.

i like what i see if someone can let me know how to parttake in this shoot ?

I'm always looking for youngish, fit, talented, goodlooking actors, male and female, who are passionate about spanking and have performance experience. If you fit the bill send some nude and face photos and details of your experience to pandora at dreamsofspanking.com. I have a fairly long waiting list for shoots but I'd love to hear from you.


it was good and bring back went i was in school

I liked seeing you in this role Pandora.

Thanks. Definitely toppy, if not actually topping :)



Oh my goodness! Where?

"toppy" Pandora.

What a relief for a submissive male from 50 Shades of Grey fever. The storyline is great and your appearence is so well augmented by your lock of hair coming down into the spankee`s line of vision. Stunning. Somehow you have totally avoided being the same character as previously . Dana is the perfect foil for your mediatorial role to have its full impact. But please keep the specs going . I wonder whether you now have enough unique data from Dreams for your PhD or Masters in psychosexual behaviour one day.

So pleased you liked this. Next time I do an F/M shoot I want to do more actual topping. I think I learned a lot from Dana that day and since I started playing on the scene as a switch I'm learning more every week. I've come a long way since "Non-violent Resistance". And Mike is first on my list of eligible young men I'd like to spank on video ;)

I like wearing glasses but it's hard to keep them on while bottoming, they have a tendency to fall off! They also tend to reflect studio lights, which can be distracting on film. I'm about to release a switch scene with Molly Malone in which I both top and bottom, and I ended up wearing them to top (after all, I would hate to miss) and taking them off to bend over. That seemed like a good compromise.

I'd love to do a post-grad degree in sex and gender but I have so much else worthwhile stuff to do with my time, and I've seen so many bright people diminish under the pressures and self-doubt of a PhD, that I've promised myself I'll only do one if I ever find myself serving a prison term of three years or more. ;) I may well end up skipping the degree and just writing a book...


Mike is gorgeous and what a cute tush. I do hope he'll be in many more to come.

He will indeed! I'm lucky enough to be shooting with him again next week.... and this time I'll be spanking him, occasionally aided by Nimue Allen. And there *might* be a scene where he spanks me. Maybe. ;)

Feedback from Viewer as Requested.

The 'boy'needs to be struggling much much more in a fearful state.(not grinning like a cheshire cat leisurely sprawled across the desk).
The 2 Ladies need to be aggressively forcibly restraining him and in a very excitable serious purposeful near out of control state.(See a similiar scene with a girl on www.cutiespankee.com)
The chit chat that occupies the first 50%of the film is unnecessary.Some viewers with older equipment have to fast forward through this in MWV to get to the 'action' and the fast forward is not compatible with the MWV format of this (WMV 11?)making it jerky,freezeframing, etc.
The players ought not to speak except the odd line.
The 'boy'should just make appropriate noises.
Whole thing is a great idea in theory & the girls are very pretty but fails to connect with Spankers as it fails to induce suspension of reality coming across as 'false'-more a University type broad grin munch discussion that a high drama action orientated 'real'incident of 2 female tutors spanking a naughty boy with his trousers down.

Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback! I can really see what you're describing here but... I think it's a different scene? I like forceful restraint scenes but it wouldn't have felt very realistic to me in this context. I wanted a spanking that would have felt perfectly plausible in my own time at university - with an awkward, embarrassed student who is eager to please and knows they've messed up. In that context restraint isn't necessary and in fact would detract from the psychology of a student who's ashamed of their own disorganisation and desperate for a good grade.

Personally I loved all the detail and talk!

Dana Kane wonderfull teacher


Yes, I really like it. Two pretty woman in the spanking, simply great :-))) !

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