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Office Caning

Film (running time 9:27) with gallery of 32 photographs
Created 16 May 2014 , updated 26 Feb 2022



Tags: Alex Reynolds (tog), cane, cold caning, cornertime, film, hard punishment, high heels, M|F, M|X, Pandora Blake, Paul Kennedy, pencil skirt, photogallery, scolding, stockings, strict, workplace

In this traditional caning scene, Pandora is punished by strict boss Paul Kennedy. She makes a silly mistake, so he canes her bare bottom –12 strokes ensures she won't get it wrong again. 

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Photography: Alex Reynolds

After making a mistake on a vital report, Pandora Blake is in line for a cruel and painful punishment at the hands of her boss. Paul Kennedy berates her for poor work, before making her stand in the corner while he fetches the cane.

An obscure clause in her work contract means that when she gets something wrong he's entitled to deal out physical punishment - in this case twelve hard cane strokes. Stripped from the waist down and baring her naked bottom, Pandora bends over to touch her toes. Her boss administers the strokes without a warm up, leaving her with red stripes and a feeling that she won't forget this punishment any time soon.   


Romantic Verse

Pandora !
I adore ya !
I implore ye.
Don't ignore me.

Ha, good memory! I think it's traditional for Pandora to ignore Adrian, but I'm happy to buck the trend ;) Thanks for the comment!


Wow, you certainly can take it !!!!

Thanks. My tolerance varies a lot from day to day, but cold caning delivered precisely and slowly is one of those things that inspires me to be brave :)

And I'm impressed.

Damn, and on a white butt! You certainly do suffer for your trade.

I actually think that this needs a blog post, but in any case what I would like to know is what was going through your mind as you were reaching for your toes? "Now this will all be over in a week or so," or "What on Earth was I thinking," or "I need to get milk the next time I go shopping," or something else.

My Congratulations.

Thank you Bacchus! I do like to take the cane from cold when I'm not doing any other bottoming scenes that day. The marks are just so much prettier :)

What was I thinking... hrm. Good question. Maybe I will write a blogpost!


Goodness Pandora! Do you mean to say those marks would be gone the next day?

A few years ago it would have taken my bottom five or six days to heal from those welts and now, probably, five or six months. I am a bit older than you are, of course, but still you amaze me!

What can I say - the more you play, the less you mark and the quicker things heal. And I play a lot!

Question answered!



How about: Bent over, watching a digital clock counting down 24 minutes, knowing that each minute on zero there was going to be a hard stroke? No chit-chat, no "1 sir, thank-you sir". Just Silence. The Clock counting down & "THWACK"!

Mmm, intriguing. I like the idea of an austere, stark scene, that rhythmic inevitability... but a minute between each stroke seems like a long time. How about 30 seconds, could that work for you?

I may or may not get round to shooting something like this but if you want to guarantee it, I reckon you should commission a custom video :)

Actually 20 Seconds may be enough.
Fine idea.


That's certainly quite a punishment! I have only seen the photos so far, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the film later!

Glad you think so! Look forward to hearing what you thought of the full film :)

Great Scene --

I think nothing shows power and submission more than the top instructing the bottom to take off her underpants, and hand them to him. I thought the part of the film with Pandora taking off her skirt and then her underpants, and getting into position is totally hot.

I thought you might like that bit :)


This must be one of your best scenes ever! I don't think it can have taken much acting - not so far as the facial and noise reactions are concerned! But courage and determination - that's another matter!

How do you find it in the toe-touching position as opposed to being supported by furniture or whatever? Do you find that it is difficult to hold still - and I mean because the cane knocks you out of position, quite apart from reacting to the pain?

Anyway, the end result here was a really exciting film - your expressions, your gasps, the red lines, the general atmosphere were all wonderful!

Thank you so much Ernest, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

I'm painfully inflexible - my hamstrings and hips in particular are very tight, and so I can't usually reach as far as my toes. Getting as low as I can go is very painful for me. In this position the pain in my hamstrings is as bad as the pain in my bottom -well, almost!

It also takes a lot of concentration to stay balanced, especially in heels like I'm wearing here. So yes, I definitely prefer to be able to rest my weight on something if I can - it makes taking the beating much easier.

great performer

Great performance Pandora - love to play with you sometime- By the way did you get the emails I sent you? I have a new Windows 8 computer unfortunately and sometimes I wonder whether emails are getting through.

Yes, received but haven't had a chance to look at your pictures yet I'm afraid - I spend a couple of hours on email a day but I get so many that I'm really behind, especially since I've been playing catch-up ever since I got back from America.

my UK trip

I can certainly empathize with you on this problem Pandora. Whenever I go overseas or even go away in this country I am faced with a huge number of emails (many unwanted) when I get home. I can therefor only imagine the number you would have. Anyway there is plenty of time.

Yes, but ...

Oops, I pressed the wrong button a moment ago.

The chair against the wall was just begging to be used. Pandora could have bent right down and gripped the horizontal struts; and she could have rested her forehead on the chair seat. This position would have been far more stable.

Also, the cane could have been given across the seat of her tight skirt. This would have been a better and more realistic punishment.

Some of us think the cane should generally be used across a thin, tight layer of clothing; with the canee bending over as tightly as possible. It would be good to have some scenes depicting this.

One way of guaranteeing a scene to exactly match your tastes is to commission a custom video. I'd be happy to take a commission from you. I'm afraid it wouldn't be able to be me as the canee though - I was bending over as tightly as possible in this video, I'm just not terribly flexible! I think Leia Ann Woods, Amelia Jane Rutherford or Adele Haze could do it, though.

I'm sure any of those beautiful stars would be wonderful but I fear I'm not rich enough to go into film production (and the big cigars would make me cough).
Thank you for replying, though.


Hi Pandora, do you do any rope bondage, and have you ever been handcuffed with police type speedcuffs ?

Wow what a swishing .

Ouchies Pandora that looks sore ,best spanks,Tim.

Cole & Clean

The austere set, the no nonsense boss and the compliant yet obviously ambitious young employee. A promising start to an excellent piece of film. I love the virgin bottom and the resulting tramlines.

Well done indeed for your fortitude, Pandora.

M xx

Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it :) I thought the austere room and minimal dialogue would work for this one, glad you agree!


One of my favourite caning videos of all time, well done! Every second was great! :-)

Stunning film and photos, Pandora, you are a diamond, where would we spanking and bottom fanatics be without you. Love the photos in the toe touching position, and the stripes, shows your wonderful, glorious, perfect bare bottom to it's very best...Thankyou

some flogging and public humiliation in r/l, now -

Try a search in youtube for Cajamarca and ronderos. Or try justicia indigena peru. And see if you can find some inspiration from Peruvian television,
Ican assure you that those heavy little whips do sting through any jeans.

Twelve lovely stripes on the loveliest bottom on planet spanko - looks like a two cushion job!

Lovely measured build up of stripes

I'm sort of getting more and more appreciative of caning 'discipline' recently. This was such an excellent measured and skillful example of the art in action. Nice delivery by Paul K and I think Pandora you took this wonderfully.

Office Caning

I just bought and watched the scene. It's the first scene I've bought. I absolutely loved it! Can't help but marvel at Pandora's ability to take the cane!


This is a really good caning, with Pandora as excellent as usual. The strokes are hard and the sound is fearsome.

Secretary role-play

Magnificent ! I love you in the secretary role, you do possess a fabulous bottom, omg when you take your knickers down...Thank you for all you do

I love an excuse to wear a tight pencil skirt ;) So happy to see this is bringing pleasure years on x

Secretary Role-play

Just watching you and Paul in inept secretary , in which you receive a wonderful over the knee bare bottom spanking

Video won't play

Have tried playing this on my phone and ipad, but it won't play. Have also tried downloading it, still won't play.

Thank you for letting us know! Our developers have tested it on Android and iOs and it is streaming and downloading, I'm not sure what the issue could be on your end. I'll ask someone to send you the file.

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