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Naughty Panty Boy

Film (running time 16:29) with gallery of 12 screengrabs
Created 2 Dec 2022, last updated 12 Dec 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

Pandora Blake knows just what to do with panty boys who get dressed up without permission. They’re to be punished, humiliated and used - all in vividly intense detail.

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Tags: anal eroticism, cross-dressing, embarrassment, films, gloves, humiliation, Pandora Blake, POV, scolding, solo-X

What do you think would happen if you were to sneak into Pandora’s house while they’re out and try on some of their lacy, silky panties? You’ve thought about it, of course: slipping in unnoticed, lingering over their lingerie drawer, perhaps even finding a pair worn and discarded and practically still warm from the heat of their body just hours before.

The trouble is, though, they’d be sure to catch you. They’d know, wouldn’t they? You couldn’t hide it from them. And they’d be so disappointed that you’d done this in such a secretive, clandestine way. They’d spank you, of course - you’d be punished, humiliated, scolded. And what kind of an effect would that have on you, do you think?

There’s no need to wonder about it any more. In this deliciously detailed spanking JOI film they tell you exactly what would happen to you: the way they’d sit on your face and smother you, the beating your panty-clad bottom would receive, and exactly what they’d do to you when they noticed your achingly hard cock.


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