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Ms Howard's Little Girl

Film (running time 11:15) with gallery of 60 screengrabs
Created 28 Apr 2022, last updated 19 Jun 2022

Performers : Pandora Blake, Zoe Montana



Pandora Blake is in disgrace, and Zoe Montana's rules are clear: naughty girls may not wear skirts inside, and will receive a sound hairbrush spanking on their bare bottoms.

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Tags: bare bottom, domestic, domestic discipline, edgy, film, firm hand spanking, F|F, F|X, hairbrush, hand spanking, hard punishment, OTK, Pandora Blake, school uniform, Strict, struggling, white cotton knickers, Zoe Montana

Tammy has been a very naughty little girl. She knows Ms. Howard’s rules: school skirts are to be worn short enough to show off the regulation panties, or else the bottom in question must be kept utterly visible and bright red. If she keeps on pretending to be a big girl now and acting like the old rules are beneath her, well...there’s only one thing for it.

After a thorough review of all the expectations Ms. Howard has of her, little Tammy finds herself over the house mistress’s lap for a hard hand spanking. As if that wasn’t enough, before long she’s kicking and gasping under the hairbrush and being sent to stand in the corner, humiliated and exposed.

This is a lavishly detailed fantasy, with a rich backstory and plenty of scope for the imagination. Just think what it would be like to have to live in this house, where Ms. Howard is to be called ‘Mummy’ and you’re kept pink and vulnerable at all times!


The humiliation in this is really hot! I found the whole thing quite bizarre, but very very hot!
Loved it.

This was filmed over a decade ago as a custom film, and we decided it was too good and we just had to share :)

This would be great for a sci-fi or fantasy universe...

I am imagining that Tammy has been either sentenced to live like that for five years as a judicial punishment for something, or has been kidnapped by some powerful person.

I love the idea of this scenario in a sci-fi context!

Re: This would be great for a sci-fi or fantasy universe...

Regretably, in the present universe, the first 5 years of teenage life put youngsters very much in the power of their parents. Back in the day, there was no need to kidnap a 14-year-old girl. A predator could simply marry her mother and thus be in loco parentis. The advice columns of periodicals often carried letters from teenagers complaining that their stepfather subjected them to ritualised spankings. My intuition is that Ms Howard is a proxy for a man who wishes to be in that situation.

Ms Howard little girl

excellent more like this please aedore that word knickers and panties just love it

Thanks so much! I'm so happy that 10 years after filming this, it continues to indulge people's fantasies.

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