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Message in a Bottle

Audio story (running time 10:52) written by Spanking Theatre
Created 14 Apr 2017, last updated 14 Apr 2017
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Narrated by Pandora Blake



Tags: audio, bare bottom, BDSM, blindfold, bondage, CMNF, domestic, dominance|submission, embarrassment, hand spanking, M|F, Pandora Blake, playful, sensory deprivation, Spanking Theatre

A woman and her lover play games of dominance and submission with spanking as penalty.  Anticipation, intrigue and sensory delights combine in this erotic audio story by Spanking Theatre.

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An envelope, only to be opened upon instruction. She squirms, knowing it's from him. When she finally receives his text telling her to open it, its contents make her squirm even more. A list of orders she is to follow, alone in the house, bringing her to a state of exquisite vulnerability before he finally joins her.

What game is he playing? What is he planning for her? Is she going to love it - or hate it?

As this audio porn story unfurls, her cheekiness the night before is revealed - and his intended punishment for insolence. A heady mix of sensory deprivation, touch, anticipation, teasing, and the rich scent of fine wine.

She finds herself in a game, with pleasure as the reward, and spanking as penalty. But this message in a bottle may not be what it seems...

A tantalising erotic story by Spanking Theatre that stimulates the imagination, as well as the senses. Read by Pandora Blake, the text of this story can be found here, but do listen to the audio version first if you can. It would be a shame to spoil the surprise.


spank and sex

It will be great if Pandora shoots a scene containing a hard caning followed by anal sex

Loved this!

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