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Lodger Wanted

Film (running time 5:19 mins) with gallery of 27 screengrabs
Created 24 Jan 2015, last updated 27 Feb 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

This POV film is a hot femdom striptease. During an intimate tour of her home, coquettish landlady Pandora Blake removes her skirt and stockings - but woe betide if you've been peeking...

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Tags: barefoot, femdom, film, high heels, humiliation, Pandora Blake, pencil skirt, POV, Solo X, Solo-F, stockings, striptease

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"You're just a filthy pervert, aren't you?"

Well... are you? Landlady Pandora Blake is looking for a lodger, and you're invited to come and look around her house... and a few other things while you're there. Pandora wears a tight pencil skirt in this playful femdom tease, sashaying as she walks in front of you to show you around, and bending over so frequently you can't help but think she wants you to get the best view.

This POV porn scene puts you right in the picture. Kneeling down to show you the fireplace, you can see her snug grey pencil skirt stretches tight over her full bottom, and as she sits on the sofa and  crosses and uncrosses her shapely legs, you can hear the silky sounds of her nylons sliding against each other.

Pandora invites you to inspect the bedroom, whereupon she tuts over a ladder in her sheer nylons, and tells you not to peek as she slowly removes her stockings. She admonishes you not to look as she peels off her blouse and pencil skirt, revealing seamed stockings, suspenders and black lacy knickers. Finally the knickers come down, and you finally get to look at her bare, round bottom.

Naked on the bed, Pandora turns round to check you've been behaving yourself and averting your eyes from her slow striptease. You haven't been looking, have you?


Ha - just like my first landlady back in my student days. She also used to strip completely when changing her stockings (I wish!). A very good POV film Pandora.

But hey, surely just one minor change needed at the very end though? After "You're just a filthy pervert aren't you - well you're definitely NOT renting this room" shouldn't that have read "You're just a filthy pervert aren't you - well in that case you are DEFINITELY renting this room!" followed by trademark impish grin. Just a thought :-)

Yes, very realistic I thought! I LOVE that idea for an alternative ending. Genius! x

Oh, that's rather nice ...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. This is a new type of video for me so if it proves popular I might do more of them :)


Why would anyone peek? The fact that my glasses have just steamed up is purely coincidental.

Of course! It must just be warm in here for some reason. ;)

Beautiful Pandora :)

Aw, thank you :)

Pandora you are a stylish young lady ,very nice ,best spanks from Tim x

Thanks :)

Pandora what does pov stand for please? best spanks , Tim.

It stands for "point of view", and it's a type of porn where the camera assumes the role of one of the participants in the scene.

Seriously inviting and tantalising. A benchmark for landladies everywhere!

Pandora thanks for your reply ,best spanks Tim.

A delightfully POV shot film, and I especially loved the subtle ways in which Pandora put her very fine bottom on display. And yes I would totally get caught peeking!

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