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My Inner Little Girl

Film (running time 17:34) with gallery of 60 screengrabs
Created 9 Nov 2013 , updated 5 Jun 2016

Performers: Pandora Blake, Zoe Montana


F/F Solo F

Tags: age play, cornertime, domestic, embarrassing, film, F|F, hairbrush, hand spanking, masturbation, orgasm, OTK, Pandora Blake, pencil skirt, positive, school uniform, scolding, solo-F, strict, white cotton knickers, Zoe Montana

Tamora is a high powered business woman, but no-one can be strong all the time. After a long work day she makes time for her inner schoolgirl, dressing up and fantasising about being spanked and helpless. 

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I've been wanting to make a film like this for years. As soon as I came up with the name "Dreams of Spanking" I knew I wanted to make films about sex and masturbation showing the fantasies of the people involved... which in my case of course is almost always spanking!

This is my first ever real solo masturbation scene on video, and my first orgasm on camera too. I'm nervous and excited to share it. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to hearing what you think, and if you're interested in seeing more films like this.

Check out the accompanying photo galleries Ms Howard's Little Girl and Tammy's Shame.


Wow, so this is some new "soul baring" for you Pandora (after plenty of bum baring ;) ).
Sadly I just missed out on this one. I think the romantic music really helps. Well done.

"Soul", is that what the kids are calling it these days? ;)

My boundaries are gradually evolving but every time I do something new on camera it's still a big deal for me. You'd be amazed how shy I was about posting this. Editing it was an interesting experience in all sorts of ways!

I'm sure you'll be back at some point, looking forward to hearing what you think of it then :)

"Show Me Your Soul" was a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song in 1990. Knowing them they probably meant something else by 'soul' ;)
Shyness is always nice. It makes it more special if u are shy about doing it right?

Wonderful as ever Pandora and Zoe. Wonderful as ever

Thank you! This was my first shoot with Zoe for Dreams of Spanking, we had so much fun. She is such a pleasure to roleplay with :)

My Inner Little Girl - Film Clip

Sensational, simply sensational……….this production is nothing short of a work of art.

Pandora exudes such eroticism throughout and the editing and production is first class.

There are going to be a lot of very hot, bothered and horny folk out there when they watch this………be warned…..and enjoy.

Thank you Zoe & Pandora (and the crew)

Wow, John. Thank you. I am genuinely touched.

I wrote this film years ago, and even noted down a sort-of storyboard of shots and so on. I had a very clear vision of it, and so when we came to shoot the "grown up" sections of this on location this summer it flowed pretty easily. One of the greatest pleasures of running this site is getting to realise ideas that have been in my head for years. There's something supremely satisfying about it. I'm happy with how this one turned out and I'm really glad it worked for you - both as art, and as porn! :)

My Inner Little Girl - Film Clip

This one pushes all my buttons, the voyeur in me is very happy.
The only downside is I will have to wait, oh the agony of waiting, for a few days until I am in a location where I have good internet access, to renew my subscription and download the full scene (plus a few others I have my eye on).
I know I am repeating myself here but you must read my mind because you do produce material that matches my requirements perfectly.
Porn meets art.
My best regards to you and all the other people that make this possible.

Thank you Fred! This film is close to my heart and very close as well to my original vision for the site. It feels really good to finally release it and I'm thrilled at the positive response!

The Music soothed me...

Yes Pandora...its the music that intrigued me, as well as the video. Nervous and excited would be the exact words I would have used as well. You my dear were very lovely to watch, and as one spanko to another...it does take you into a slightly dream filled little girl's fantasy. Bravo...:-)

Thank you Cherry! I knew I wanted to counterbalance the helpless little girl fantasy with the independent grown up reality, and show that it's possible to enjoy being both :)

But the thing about how you act in your videos is amazing. You can pull off the most adorable little girl, and then go straight into a sexy lady. It was very well done. You are welcome love.


Thanks Doug!

The perfect link

This film represents for me the perfect link between spanking and eroticism, between dreams and reality. All the film is a continuous touch of class. Really great, hot, beautiful and very artistic. Congratulations to all the team.

Thanks Sheldon. I worked hard on the planning and editing of this one, I'm delighted that it worked for you :)

Good interchange between the erotic scene and the flashbacks to the spanking experience that's giving rise to the self-arousing! And got to say, love the fleeting appearance of you in dark sheer tights before getting changed. A perfect nylon hug round bottom and legs in my view.

I knew someone would appreciate the tights! :)

Wow, just wow!

Simply exquisite, Pandora.

Maître G xx

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed :)

Wow! Loving the tights Pandora, excellent stuff. Would love to see more videos with them

Lots of people have been saying that lately! Tights are definitely on the list for 2014 :)

Wonderful video

That was wonderful Pandora, thank you so much for posting it. I can certainly relate to the woman in the video. Responsible and successful adult by day, with thoughts of someone else taking charge at night. Many of my fantasies are exactly like the one she has, so it was very affirming to see it played out by other people who have similar thoughts and desires. :)

Thanks Jet, what a perfect comment. Although this isn't autobiographical, I can really relate to the character and my hope in making the video was to reach out to other women who felt the same way, and perhaps provide reassurance to ourselves and others that there is no contradiction or tension between the different parts of ourselves. In fact they can support each other beautifully!

I'm glad this was affirming for you. That's what this whole project is about for me, really.

Lovely video! :)

Thanks, glad you liked it!


First of all, you're amazingly brave for shooting this! And it's beautifully done.

Second of all, I'm obsessed with the little girl spanking! Mostly just loved how Zoe scolds, and I love the idea that Tammy has to wear a skirt that shows her panties, and adore the "lose your panties if they go below your knee" idea. And of course waiting til company comes? *licks lips*

Amazing job as always. :)


I have just joined your website today Pandora, and I must say that it presses a lot of my buttons.

However this enactment of you lying on your bed fantasizing about being spanked by Mummy as a little girl (I assume Mummy really did spank you when you were a little girl), really does excite me. It is so tastefully done and not at any time did I consider it to be pornographic, but rather, highly artistic, albeit extremely erotic.

Thank you for sharing your most secret fantasy with us.

Like the commentator above, I too am obsessed with the little girl being spanked by mummy scenario. It would be nice to see lots more tears though, either as part of the acted scene or for real.

Congratulations on a magnificent website.

My inner little girl

Pandora, the look of intense pleasure on your face made this so deeply erotic. I thought you looked more sensual than ever before on this video....and the hairbrush scenes looked as though they would have been very painful. Thanks for making this film, it will spice up my own fantasies!

What a lovely film. Erotic without being to pornographic. Loved it

My Inner Little Girl

Fantastic shoot, I just love the way Pandora really brings herself to orgasam when she gets to play with her pussy. Sensational!

Pandora an excellent video ,love ageplay fun ,please will you do more with other cute girls ,best spanks,Timx

My Inner Little Girl

Pandora, this is a really well-made film. It has atmosphere, realism....and it reveals something of the real you. I'm sure it took courage to make this film. Thank you for doing it, and once again showing the normality of our shared fantasies. This is quality work. Zoe's acting was also great.

Oh I love this!

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