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My First Spanking

Film (running time 10:17) with gallery of 12 screengrabs
Created 17 Nov 2022, last updated 12 Dec 2022

Performers: John S, Ky



Join Ky for his very first spanking at the hands of veteran spanker John S, whose deliciously thorough OTK technique leaves Ky positively glowing.

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Tags: asked for, bare bottom, consensual, films, first time, gay, hand spanking, John S, Ky, M|m, paddle, trans

Ky hasn’t ever been spanked before. He’s thought about it, of course - about being put over a man’s lap, bare bottom exposed, trousers around his ankles - but he hasn’t had the opportunity until now.

When John realises what kind of desires Ky is harbouring, he’s only too happy to oblige. Before long Ky’s backside is glowing bright red from a very thorough spanking indeed! John starts over his jeans and gradually works down to the bare, before moving on to a variety of implements to give his latest spankee a taste of what punishment like this might feel like.

This film was originally shot for CP4Men, but when they decided not to use it we were only too happy for the chance to showcase a brand new performer (this really was Ky’s first spanking shoot!) and bring you all some M/m OTK action.


Oh yes I know CP4Men and John S the spanker. Ky is very cute, in fact he has the face of Jimmy Somerville. Not to mention a shapely smooth bum :)

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