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The Keys to the Kingdom part 2

Audio story (running time 22:26)
Created 3 Nov 2020, last updated 4 Nov 2020
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Performer: Pandora Blake



Tags: audio, bare bottom, cane, firm hand spanking, F|F, hand spanking, hard punishment, historical, medieval, OTK, paddle, Pandora Blake, spanking stories, Strict, training

Enjoy another dark fairytale from Ozma van Aalsburg, ready to transport fans of audio spanking stories to a far-away land. And this time, we’ve conjured up a cold caning too!

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Ozma van Aalsburg and Pandora Blake have collaborated again to bring you Part II of The Keys to the Kingdom, an audio spanking story all about self-exploration and the value of a good hard punishment. In the concluding installment, Riva is faced with a seemingly impossible task - and it doesn’t go as planned. Hot with humiliation, she’s forced yet again to confront herself and to deal with the consequences of her actions!

Let Pandora’s voice transport you as she describes Riva’s harsh caning, from the shivering anticipation of undressing to the red stripes left on her bottom afterwards, spanked and punished and exposed


Another triumph from Ozma and Pandora.

It is Riva's destiny that once again she be stripped naked and caned and I am sure if she resisted, the old lady would cane her all the same.

However some how the fact that she actually instructs the old lady to beat her makes the story even more thrilling.

Yes, the idea of a severe punishment ordained by fate and utterly inevitable is a hot one, isn't it? It was written in Riva's book long before she realised it was coming. But like you I love that she takes ownership of her destiny. Thanks for the comment!

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