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How to make a Birch

Free film (running time 5:32) with gallery of 6 screengrabs
Created 4 Nov 2021 , updated 9 Nov 2021

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F

Learn how to make a traditional Manx birch with Pandora Blake, whose tales of being spanked with the same are sure to fuel a few fantasies.

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Tags: BDSM, birch, film, free, instructional, Pandora Blake, real life, solo-F

The creation of a birch is an age-old process with a very specific ritual to it; in places where miscreants were given judicial birchings, many were tasked with cutting and binding their own as part of their punishment. It’s a surprisingly sensual process for any spanking fan - choosing and stripping your branches, judging the sting just right.

In this week’s tantalising how-to, Pandora Blake sits naked before the camera as she puts her own birch together and teaches us how to do it ourselves - and shares a few stories from her own past of experiences she’s had with similar implements.



Does a IOM birch hurt more than traditional ones ? , remember one newspaper report from late 60s 3 youths on holiday were birched there and a doctor ( lady ) present and put ointment on their birched buttocks after sentence carried out , know doctor would be present but surprised opposite sex . Xx

In my experience there are Manx style birches (a few sturdy rods) and spray birches (a bundle of untrimmed twigs which are very thin and numerous at the ends). The sting of the latter accumulates over time with repeated swift strokes. The former hurts with every stroke, but may be used in a more measured way, like a cane. Both can leave significant damage as the tips and knots in the wood can draw blood. It's really up to the recipient as to which hurts more!

Brief and erotic.

Back in the day, it was customary for radio news to annouunce an impending birching: the nature of the offence (e.g breaking a window) number of strokes, age and town of offender. Offenders were almost invariably on holiday from somewhere else in the UK.
One of Nancy Friday's correspondents (Barbara) fantasised about being sentenced to 8 strokes of the birch but feared she would 'faint from the dreadful pain'.
I must say that I found youer brief history of the birch quite erotic, Blake x

Fascinating! I have a documentary on the topic of birching coming to Dreams of Spanking soon...

Climb every mountain


Now that would make a very cinematic spanking film!

The Birch

I have received the Birch,both the spray and the Manx version,and you have birched me before pandora.I remember an occasion some years ago where a lady actually horsed me whilst another wielded the Birch.Maybe another birching is in order!

It sounds like another birching is well overdue ;)

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