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Richard's Good Boy Spanking

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Created 25 Jun 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022



It’s the end of Richard McLean’s first day on set, and he’s been an extremely good boy for Pandora Blake. And what’s the reward for taking your spankings like a champ? More spanking, obviously!

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Tags: bare bottom, british, clothes brush, consensual, domestic, film, F|M, hand spanking, negotiation, nude spankee, Pandora Blake, playful, Richard Mclean, X|M

Richard and Pandora have had a long, full day together, hanging out and having fun and shooting gorgeous new content for all their lovely fans. For Richard, it’s been a milestone afternoon: his first ever spanking shoots for a real audience!

Much of the fun and games they’ve had today have been about firm discipline - Richard’s spent a lot of time in-role as a naughty schoolboy or a peeping neighbour. To cap things off Pandora’s decided to give him a little treat: a good boy spanking to help him wind down.

Relax alongside him as his sore, red bottom is rubbed, massaged, scritched and soundly spanked, and as he’s praised and soothed and looked after. After all, he’s been a very good boy.

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Richard's Good Boy Spanking - Behind The Scenes

This shoot didnlt have much of a fourth wall, but even so there are still a few things to be negotiated behind the scenes. We get a little peek into some of the on-set aftercare too - hugs and praise aren't only for the camera, after all.

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Interview with Richard Mclean, Kelley May and Stephen Lewis
Richard Mclean, Kelley May, Stephen Lewis

We certainly worked Richard hard on his first shoot with us: we made eight new films that day, all but one of which he wrote himself! Somewhere amongst it all he found time to sit down with Pandora and his other co-stars for a cosy interview chat about spanking fantasies, pain tolerance and the elements of a truly hot roleplay. I’m a porn star baby, let’s go!

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What a lovely scene!

What a lovely scene! In my eyes, you have never looked so beautiful, Pandora, as you do in this x. Two beautiful young people radiating sweet discourse and charm. I loved the tantalising glimpses of Richard’s joy stick, and how you trailed it, Pandora, into a capsule of gentle pleasure— a nice switch from the weaponised aspect, to which porn usually restricts the male clit.
How fortunate you are, Richard, to be in Pandora’s tingling web. I wish I was young and comely again :)

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