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Goddess Lana's New Slave

Film (running time 12:24) with gallery of 60 screengrabs
Created 27 May 2022, last updated 19 Jun 2022

Performers: Pandora Blake, Lana Moon



Lana Moon has a new addition to her stables, and she’s keen to put Pandora Blake through their paces - especially when she discovers someone else got to spank them first.

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Tags: bare bottom, BDSM, domestic, film, F|X, Lana Moon, leather, paddle, Pandora Blake, queer, Strict, training

Goddess Lana runs an exacting operation, with a whole collection of willing steeds at her disposal. There’s always room for just one more, though, and today she has a new addition: Blake is fresh from the auction, and ready to be put through their paces.

In a gorgeous leather harness that leaves nothing to the imagination, Blake is thoroughly inspected and paraded around the room for their new Mistress’s pleasure. When their underwear comes off, though, Lana makes a discovery: someone else has got to the goods before her!

This fantastical BDSM scene stars a black femme domme and a white gender-queer butch sub, between them subverting a whole host of kinky tropes in a deeply compelling way.


Hoping for a sequel

I really enjoyed watching this. Blake certainly has the potential to become a fine steed. I would love to see a sequel though, with Blake wearing a bit and bridle, and blinkers too. Also, a beautiful horse tail, attached to a b*tt plug. It would be good to see a demonstration of trotting and maybe cantering or galloping. And I think that speech should be replaced by whinnying and neighing don't you think? And of course a little more enthusiasm for their predicament! And severe application of the crop or horsewhip for bad behaviour!

Some pony play is well overdue on the site, you're quite right! I quite like the idea of being someone's loyalty steed...

My pony fantasy

I was thinking about this scene whilst on holiday, and ended up fantasizing about a possible sequel where I was a new pony, also added to the stable, and whilst playing together we got into mischief, stealing food from a picnic that had been laid out for our mistress. Of course we would be severely punished, but what fun it would be!
Silly . . I know.

What an excellent sequel. It could become an entire saga, which each instalment a new pony joining the stable...

slave mmmmmm

excellent to you both

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