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Gentleman Blake

Film (running time 15:21) with gallery of 9 screengrabs
Created 10 Jun 2022, last updated 19 Jun 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo X

Pandora Blake is at home to visitors, and sharing some deliciously risque memoirs with us from their boudoir. Whatever did become of Mrs. Smith and her leather straps?

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Tags: birch, british, cane, film, governess, hard punishment, historical, Pandora Blake, queer, solo X, Victorian & Edwardian, x

Blake cuts a most dashing figure about the Ton - and they’ve been in and out of so much mischief over the years that they have their peers and fellows in quite a whirl. Gossip has it that each of these misadventures has been carefully chronicled in a leather-bound diary, though you’ll never crack its cunning code.

Luckily for us, you don’t have to. Join Blake in their salon and listen closely, because it’s time for some truly salacious stories - starting with a boarding school tale of a most thorough birching from the indomitable Mrs. Walter Smith (whose story has been told elsewhere too, of course). Fast forward a few years to Blake’s sojourn as - of all things! - a governess, and you’ll hear about the disciplines meted out upon their charges, tearaways all.

Gentleman Blake certainly has some astonishing yarns to spin, each from a life lived outwith the bounds apportioned to them. What else is between those pages, we wonder? It seems that many young society ladies would have some recollections of their own to share...


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