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First Contact

Film (running time 13.35) with gallery of 24 high definition photographs.
Created 27 Oct 2022, last updated 24 Nov 2022



Tags: bare bottom, Denali Dink, Films, first time, flogger, F|f, F|x, hand spanking, paddle, queer, Scarlot Rose, sci-fi & fantasy, spanking bench

When Lt. Denali Dink makes first contact with Scarlot Rose of the Spankarians, they’re not sure what they expect - but it certainly isn’t a leather flogging on their bare backside!

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First contact is a special moment for any spacefarer: the sort of thing that you’re lucky to experience even once in a career. For Lieutenant Dink it’s another kind of first, too - because it turns out that on this planet, the traditional way to greet a new friend is with a firm spanking straight on the bare.

They’re wary at first. They’ve never been spanked before, and human sensibilities don’t usually run to exposing yourself to a stranger within minutes of meeting for the first time. But this is First Contact, after all: refusal would be the height of rudeness, and nobody wants a diplomatic incident on their hands (or their paws, claws or tentacles, depending). So it’s over the Greeting Bench they go, with the skirt of their red Comms uniform up about their waist.

It’s not long before Dink learns something they hadn’t bargained on - that the traditional greeting of Scarlot’s people feels amazing. This isn’t merely a diplomatic enterprise any more; it’s become a voyage of self-discovery, too.

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First Contact - Behind the Scenes

Sadly we weren't about to shoot on-location for this one; our budget doesn't quite run to a warp drive. We had a fun day's filming same, though, with plenty of backstage laughter, chatter and discussion. This one was a real collaborative effort, and we all enjoyed it!

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Brilliantly funny!

I absolutely loved this, so much fun!

It's so fun isn't it! Really glad you enjoyed :)

Out of this world

What an inspiring scene! I loved the interaction between Scarlot and Dink. I'd also love to live on Scarlot's planet!! Maybe there would be fewer wars if we all greeted each other this way.

I couldn't agree more ;)

Totally another aspect

What a great video. Spanking, humour, talent. I don't know who came up with this idea but it is great. Well done.

Thank you so much! This was the brainchild of Nimue Allen, our wonderful editor, performer and director.

Seems underwear is a thing of the past here :D Love Denali's exposure and spanking!

One of many cultural changes! This was our first time filming with Denali and it was fantastic.

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