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Finishing School: Hand or Thighs?

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Created 26 Aug 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022



Pandora Blake and Faerie Willow attend a prestigious finishing school, but their behavour has earned them one too many punishments, leaving Headmistress Clara Hewitt to take a more creative approach this time.

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Tags: behind the scenes, british, Clara Hewitt, Faerie Willow, film, F|F, F|X, hand tawsing, headmistress, historical, Pandora Blake, school, severe, strict, tawse, thigh spanking

Finishing school students Pandora and Willow are in trouble again - and they won’t get off lightly this time. Clearly their bottoms have been numbed by the many school punishments they’ve received already, and something different is called for. Headmistress Clara Hewitt has a new idea involving her trusty leather tawse, and a tricky predicament for the two misbehaving girls.

Given the choice between hands or thighs, Willow and Pandora are at a loss. Which tender part of their body would hurt more? Willow opts to take the leather across her outstretched palms, and stands beautifully for four agonising strokes, two to each palm. Pandora watches in dismay - it looks so incredibly painful that surely the thighs would be an easier choice. But the girls soon learn that neither option is easy, as Pandora bends over for six searing strokes on her bare, sensitive thighs.

When it’s finally over the friends are left to comfort each other, inspecting their angry welts and smarting flesh. They do seem to have learned their lesson - after all, they wouldn't want to cross the Headmistress again any time soon!

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Finishing School: Hand or Thighs? - Behind The Scenes

Plenty of giggles can be heard backstage at this shoot, as schoolgirl Willow admonishes her headmistress's bow-tying skills (how Clara expects to find a husband with such shoddy presentation is beyond us) and a lively discussion is had regarding possible future period pieces. To finish off we're treated to another good look at Pandora's magnificent tawse marks, which they take great delight in showing off!

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Tastefully Weird
Faerie Willow, Clara Hewitt

Our recent weekend-long shoot with Clara Hewitt and Faerie Willow produced some of our very hottest films, and as a bonus extra we snuck time for a chat. Listen in as we cover how they got started in sex work, what the differences are between their personal and professional kinky personas, and how they coped with the various pandemic-related restrictions of the past eighteen months. They’re both consummate professionals with years of experience and they found their own ways to work through Covid - some a little more unconventional than others! We also get to learn about a particularly special niche Clara has cornered...

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End of Shoot Interview
Clara Hewitt, Faerie Willow, Pandora Blake

It's been a hard day's work, and - still in their neat, pleated uniforms - Clara, Pandora and Willow break open the bubbly and curl up on the sofa for a tired-but-celebratory chat. It's a chance for the three of them to discuss the stuff they've filmed together that day, figure out their favourites and hatch a few potential future plans - including a surprisingly sexy twist on the ever-popular boarding school fantasy!

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Hands, thighs and bumpsy daisy

What a treat it is to be a subscriber here, and have such delights delivered to one each week.
I love the unique chemistry humour and sexiness that this trio of performers creates.
My secondary school caned mostly on the hand. I felt deprived at the time at not getting my backside whacked like the kids in the comics. For some reason I imagined that a caning on the arse would be unalloyed delight.
A hand caning I got is still a vivid memory. I wrote a rhyme full of swear words and surreptitiously passed it to my mate across the aisle. The teacher spotted it. When he read the contents a cold fury seeped into him. He stepped to the cupboard and took out a long thick cane. With a few swishes of his wrist he brought it to vicious venomous life. Then he called us both to the front of the class. My friend got one on each hand and was left in tears. I stood there watching with a feeling of shrinking inside my clothes. As if the only escape was to diminish in size. When it was my turn the first stroke delivered a split second of agonising pain. Then my hand seemed to double in size and go completely numb. Exactly the same with the second stroke on the other hand. Strokes 3 and 4 though they were as full force vicious as the others . Well they caused me no pain whatsoever. I was expecting 6 but he stopped at 4. Possibly there was some rule limiting classroom canings to 4 strokes.
Back at my desk picking up my pen my fingers felt very fat. When sensation returned it did so with the instantaneousness that it had fled with. An extremely brief reprise of the pain. Then a feeling of catharsis and cleansing that spread and suffused through the whole of my body.
Other hand canings were less hard and did not deliver amything other than unpleasnat brief pain. But as Ms Hewitt says in the movie Bottoms fail sometimes. My adult adventures have included being tawsed on the hand by mistresses. Beatings on tne arse will always be my favourite. But what is unique to hand punishment is the face to face and eye to eye connection. One dominotrix burst into laughter as she swung the tawse down on my hand. And I met that with my own laughter as it hit me. That creat


that created a shared intimacy that is oftimes minimal during dom sub transactions.
Pandoras mention of piano exams remined me of the 1945 film The Seventh Veil. Ann Todd plays a brilliant piano student who just prior to an exam is caned viciously on the hands by a vindictive teacer. The girl ought to have had access to the ooption offered to Faerie and Willow. If she had opted for caning on the rear she may or may not have passed the exam. But she might have created a new crazy rhythm with all wiggling in her seat.


By the way, that seemed a real flinch when you sat down Pandora. Was it ?
And I loved the frolics and the knicker display near the end. And throughout of course xxx

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