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Fetish Fvckdolls 2

Film (running time 1:36:33) with gallery of 60 HD screengrabs
Created 23 Apr 2020, last updated 7 Feb 2022



Buckle up for a deliciously filthy trans BDSM odyssey: four scenes, nine performers, and a whole lot of sexy transfemme spanking and submission.

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Tags: bare bottom, BDSM, bondage, Chelsea Poe, choking, consensual, domestic, dominance|submission, explicit sex, film, flogger, FM|F, F|F, hand spanking, lesbian, non-binary, oral sex, Pandora Blake, queer, real life, romantic, strap-on, trans

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Fetish Fvckdolls 2 is the long-anticipated sequel to Fetish Fvckdolls, the trans BDSM best seller from TroubleFilms. XBiz Best BDSM Film nominee in 2019, this kinky porn feature showcases four BDSM vignettes (including one with our very own Pandora Blake!) along with other stars of the queer and trans porn community.

This is 90+ minutes of lush transfemme submission, presented in a way that is both humanising and affirming. All of the performers chose their own scene partners themselves, inviting us in to witness real, tangible erotic chemistry and some incredibly hot and kinky sex.

The first is The Velvet Touch, as previously featured on Dreams of Spanking, starring Pandora Blake and co-creator of the Fetish Fvckdolls series, Chelsea Poe. Highly collaborative and beautifully filmed, this candid scene includes laughter and conversation, with a focus on pleasure and consent.

We know and love Blake for their confident spanking style, and the over the knee spanking they administer to Chelsea’s pert bottom is no exception. Pale cheeks soon pinken as Chelsea moans and responds to the thorough bare hand spanking. A turn with a gorgeous leather flogger brings the sensual spanking to a peak, as these beauties undress each other and continue to delight in each other’s bodies - and what beautiful bodies they are.

Oral sex, orgasms, and some impressive squirting by Blake provide a satisfying climax. This is a dream collaboration between two bonafide icons of the queer BDSM scene; one a fluent spankophile, the other an accomplished submissive. What we get is a deeply sensual, fun and messy romp that is pleasing to the eye and also to the soul. This is feel-good pornography at its best. It sets the tone for the rest of the film, which aims to create humanising and subjectifying scenes in which trans women are granted the space to be submissive, and depicted as thinking, feeling, sexual people. Sadly, all too often fetishising porn objectifies trans women and demands that they top, regardless of their kinky orientation.

The remaining scenes in Fetish Fvckdolls 2, all new to Dreams of Spanking, benefit from real-life chemistry and connection which fuels the scenes with erotic energy. Next up is The Pleasure of Pain, a riveting BDSM threeway that has slavegirl River Enza at the mercy of Goddess Kyaa and Dominic Rystan. River endures a heavy spanking with a variety of implements, and all the spitting, hair pulling, slapping and choking she can handle. The rhythm of the scene has an almost hypnotic quality to it, thanks to the calmly methodical way that sadists Kyaa and Dom undo River, exemplifying the erotic coolness of tops who know what they want and how to get it.

Rough Healing stars Nadia Vixen and Stefani Special. Nadia is desperate for stress relief, and sex worker Stefani is delighted to provide. She puts Nadia through her paces with face fucking, bareback anal, hand spanking, rope bondage and even a clothespin zipper mercilessly yanked as she comes.

Finally in Caged we are treated to Cookie Cyboid and Rae Cosmos, real-life partners at the time of filming, in a tender scene of dominance and submission. Waif-like beauty Cookie is caged and locked in chastity, dutifully sucking the dildos pushed through the bars for her to play with. When Rae brings their pet out to play, they cuff Cookie to her cage to suck Rae’s cock instead. The obedient pet is treated to a loving fuck before being locked away again to wait for the next time she is released.

If there was a single term to tie these sexy vignettes together, it would be ‘chemistry’. Fetish Fvckdolls 2 is a beacon of authenticity in the often over-manufactured landscape of adult entertainment, and for those new to the genre, an enticing entry point into the world of trans BDSM porn. 



Wow! Looks interesting! I'll download and add it to my breakfast viewing list.

Hotter than the sunny side of hell!

I just watched the first episode— fucking wow! It blows away the cobwebs of those CIS old school narratives. x

Thank you! Haha yes exactly, I thought so too!

More. much more

You're pleased I take it? :)

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