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Spanking Eliza Grey

Film (running time 5:33) with gallery of 40 screengrabs
Created 10 Jul 2015, last updated 7 Feb 2022



Gorgeous transgender submissive Eliza Grey receives an over the knee spanking from her mistress Pandora Blake - and to her embarrassment, new houseboy Tai witnesses Eliza's humiliation.

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Tags: bare bottom, barefoot, domestic discipline, dominance|submission, Eliza Grey, embarrassing, film, firm hand spanking, F|F, hand spanking, humiliation, interview, lesbian, over the knee, overheard, Pandora Blake, queer, Tai Crimson, trans, X|F

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This extended over the knee spanking scene from the film Houseboy stars the gorgeous Eliza Grey. Feeling left out after Pandora Blake has hired a new houseboy, Eliza is worried that he'll take her place in her mistress' heart. Pandora takes Eliza over her knee, and gives her a stinging punishment spanking that delivers both pleasure and pain.

Eliza's gasps and moans show that her arousal is distracting her from her troubles, but when houseboy Tai Crimson brings tea, her scowl shows she's not yet ready to welcome him. Perhaps it's the humiliation of being bare-bottomed in front of her rival, or the jealousy that she may never again get her mistress' attention all to herself, but Eliza is certainly not happy with this male intrusion into her private punishment. Can a harder hand spanking bring her around?

Although she's been on the fetish scene for a few years, this is trans performer Eliza's first ever porn film – as she explains in the interview, she's used to being behind the camera rather than in front of it. She was tentative about doing her first porn shoot, but says that this film felt so right. While lots of porn with female submissives caters to straight cisgender male audiences, Eliza explains that acting in a fetish film is a great opportunity to educate people who might have limited exposure to trans and non-binary gender.

Houseboy is a celebration of queer, kinky, polyamorous relationships, that follows Tai Crimson's journey as he integrates into the household, and Eliza's jealousy as she tried to get accustomed to the new arrival. Building her character was – she explains – so much more fun than just getting spanked. Watch the behind the scenes interview to find out why Eliza Grey feels there is a "massive correlation" between her and her character, and how the insecurity of Eliza's character in the film echoes her own personal journey from vulnerability to confident pride.

Interview with Eliza Grey
Eliza Grey

"You should never be afraid of who you are," explains Eliza Grey, in this personal post-shoot interview. Chatting to Pandora Blake after filming 'Houseboy', Eliza shares what it was like shooting her first ever spanking porn film, and talks movingly about trans pride, and why porn has such an important role to play in educating people about sex and gender. Eliza's more used to working behind the camera than in front of it, but with a character that she can relate to and having reached a point of being comfortable with how she looks, this film felt right. Looking relaxed and happy after the shoot, she also lets us in on one or two of her kinkiest fantasies - watch the interview to find out what they are...

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Simply a lovely erotic set of photos in sequence. One or two shots capture action particularly strikingly (to coin a relevant adverb!)

They're screengrabs, which is probably why :) Glad they pass as photos! The joys of shooting with a Canon 5D - all credit to Matt Christie for the stunning videography :)

She has an interesting look. Pretty :)

She's beautiful isn't she? Love a woman with strong shoulders and long legs. And those eyes!

I've noticed you too Pandora have nice strong shoulders. They make you look more powerful when you are wielding the cane :)

Aww thank you so much :D xx

#Eliza Grey




#Pandora _Spanks_hard



Trying to start some new twitter hashtags Andy? :)

Lovely facial expressions :)

I love the grimace Eliza shoots me when I put down Pandora's tea! Working with her was lots of fun – her interview is as moving as her butt is gorgeous.

I loooovvvveeeed editing this interview. Yours has caning in though, so, they're both pretty special :)

first time

First time i've had a proper chance to watch this. im so pleased with how this came out and how i have portrayed myself in such an open and honest way.

no dom no more so pony girl is off for now (sad times) but her, still plenty of time :D

Eliza xx

Loads of time! I'm so glad you're happy with this and feel that you were represented fairly :) Thanks for being yourself, and for talking so candidly about such important issues. I can't believe it took me three years to shoot a trans woman! A bit too slow in my opinion. I loved working with you, really hope we get the chance to do it again! Maybe we could see a bit of your switch side next time too?


you know me, im an open book whos never afraid to speak her mind on issues i feel are important :)

i really enjoyed this shoot and would love to do more, think we should plan at some point and go from there.

3 years? now that i didnt know. im very grateful you asked me to play the role. an honour indeed :)

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