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Your Correctional Officer

Spanking audio story (running time 22:28)
Created 2 Feb 2023, last updated 3 Feb 2023

Performer : Pandora Blake


Solo F

Tags: Audio stories, birch, F/m, hard punishment, institutional, Pandora Blake, professional disciplinarian, severe, X/m

You’ve earned yourself a judicial birching, and correctional officer Pandora Blake wants to make sure you know exactly what that means: gruellingly long, brutally severe and humiliatingly public.

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The judge has found you guilty as charged, and you’ve been assigned a correctional officer whose job it is to carry out your sentence. Much to your concern, though, what you haven’t been assigned is a punishment. You’re in for a beating alright, but what with and how harsh is entirely up to your correctional officer’s discretion.

Officer Blake is dedicated to the job, and to the task at hand - and, upon discovering your particular crime, seems to have taken against you rather. Listen in as she explains in technicolour detail exactly what she’s about to do: the position you’ll be in, the agonies you’ll go through, the way your skin will look and feel at the end.

Will she let you go after your initial birching, or will you be kept behind for the strap and the paddle and the cane?


Quite an exciting thing to say to me…

I am quite attracted to the words of this judicial treatment and have been wondering if it is really to happen in some way to me.

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