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Bring Her To Book

Film (running time 22:40) with gallery of 81 screengrabs
Created 7 Aug 2021, last updated 16 Nov 2021



Pandora Blake’s household accountant, Emma Christie, has been caught in some transactions of a more personal nature - but Pandora can’t afford to let her go, so her punishment gets a little creative.

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Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, birch, cane, domestic, Emma Christie, F|F, hard punishment, Pandora Blake, scolding, severe, stockings, wooden spoon, workplace

Emma Christie gets four for the price of one this week, as she’s subjected to a veritable smorgasbord of indignations after her employer discovers her dirty little secret. She’s been trading sexual favours for personal gain all around the household - and she’s to be punished appropriately for every single one.

This is a spanking that holds nothing back, involving both a variety of implements and an utter dearth of mercy. By the end Emma is left glowing bright red both on her face and further down, and we’re sure she won’t be returning to her side hustle in a hurry!

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Bring Her To Book - Behind The Scenes

This is a particularly severe spanking by anyone's standards, so it's always good to check in with the performers afterwards and see how they did. Pandora and Emma take an opportunity to chat about working with scripts, making birch floggers and the natural flow of a scene. We've also got bloopers, laughter and entertainingly-timed phone calls from the neighbours - apparently there's a couple of extra puppies loose in the grounds!

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sterling stuff__roll out the sequel

I adore your silvery moon look in this Pandora. a nice compliment to Emmas red sun shift. how lovely she is. a beautiful face and voice. I hope Emma gets to cane you next. but I am guessing it will be David. we shall see. hope its not too long a wait xxx

A* all the way

Another brilliant film Pandora. Hats off (or should that be knickers off!) to Emma for taking such an impressive beating and seemingly enjoying it as per the post film comments. Lovely lingerie and several wonderful lingering shots of your gorgeous backside (it doesn't always have to be bare to be lush) make this a class production. Your caning stance is so hot. I loved the power dynamics in this one and the hint of possible roles reversed at the end has me dribbling in anticipation of the sequel.

Comment about this site for a life time spanko...

I have been a spanking enthusiast since very early in my life starting about age 5 with the sisters that lived next door, Sharon (2 years older than me and Deanna, a year younger than I. This site is wonderfully done both in stories and pictures. Just about one of the best spanking sites I have found on the internet. I thank all those involved for giving us such a great site to enjoy!!!

I'm so glad you were able to find us on the Internet. It means a lot to have your support. I look forward to hearing what some of your favourite films are!

Film won't play

The "Behind the Scenes" film will play, but the main film won't. I've tried it several times and can't get it to play.

Thank you for reaching out about this. Today we successfully migrated our site to a new server, and in the move a few files may have been temporarily down. It's working when I click on it, so I recommend trying it again to see if it's working now. Let me know if not and I'll take a look!

The main film still won't play, Pandora. Hope you can fix it. x

It's working on this end, but some of our films aren't currently compatible with iPhone streaming so that might be the issue if you're trying to stream it on an iPhone. I would recommend downloading it to watch it for now.

Huge appreciation

I hope Shirley did get to see this film, because for me it's one of the great spanking films of all time: Emma's patient endurance of a severe but beautifully controlled beating, the use of a birch (disintegrating in the process!), Pandora's prim moralising to accompany the strokes and Emma's contrite responses. Then the neat turning of tables at the end. I can't wait for the sequel! (Though perhaps Emma will have to go to a "top" school first?). I'm a huge fan of Dreams of Spanking - fun, life-affirming and just wonderful.

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