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I Watched My Boyfriend's Judicial Strapping

Film (running time 12:08) with gallery of 9 screengrabs
Created 11 Sep 2021, last updated 27 Feb 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

When the judge ordered a strapping for Pandora Blake’s boyfriend, he thought it would teach them both a lesson. Little did he know how hot they’d end up finding it...

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Tags: bare bottom, erotic, judicial, Pandora Blake, severe, Solo X, solo-F, strap

Pandora slips off her red silk underwear to reveal a bottom that is itself a little red - she’s clearly been spanked recently. She climbs, naked, onto a leather-topped table that stands alone in a bare, institutional room, and she tells us a story. 

The camera trails tantalisingly across her curves, taking in every inch of her exposed body as she relates her fantastical tale. 

Fans of judicial fantasy, erotic storytelling and light self-spanking will love this one - as will fans of seeing Pandora naked, who are bound to enjoy the sight of her massaging her backside with a cooling lotion.

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I Watched My Boyfriend's Judicial Strapping - Behind The Scenes

Performer: Pandora Blake

We often don't have backstage content to offer for solo scenes, but this week you're in for a treat: a lively debate regarding the best methods of twerking from a tabletop, plenty of extra looks at Pandora's gorgeous body, and a sneaky admission that they maybe aren't entirely off-book.

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Twerks a treat!

What a lovely bouquet of eroticisms! Everything from red lacy panties to a tantalising twerking bottom. There is something pristine and brutally sexy about a naked body spread flat facedown for punishment on a bare tabletop. I love the way the camera moves between Pandoras spectacular bottom and her beautiful expressive face. I imagine that watching ones boyfriend receiving coporal punishment from another male is not that different to seeing him being fucked up the arse. If that is so then the intriguing question is what is the ontological status of the girl friends desire? Is it nearer to male homoerotic desire than it is to the Cis female hetero desire for a dominant male who dominates other male? Whatever the answer to my questions are it is a fabulous vid to wank over.

The camerawork is wonderful, that's all thanks to our fabulous cameraperson adding that immersive element to the shots!

I think it evokes something different for each person and that's what I love about creating films - the ideas it can conjure up from viewer to viewer. While I can't say for sure where the desire comes from, I can say it is very very hot ;)

I love bright red briefs and yours are apparently silk Pandora! Enticing clip of you slowly baring your enchanting buttocks.

They are gorgeously soft against my skin, I love them ;)

some knickers made a very sensuous sound rubbing against bare flesh

No one, NO ONE, bares their bottom like Pandora!

you know it!!

expert bum barer!

I've got some experience ;)

What a delicious experience for Pandora, first the excitement of being her boyfriend's alleged partner in crime and then the experience of watching him stripped naked and soundly beaten.

It is highly likely that both police officers would be male however I am going to imagine one male and one female.

The Police Man is middle aged and more senior. Experienced, he has over the years strapped, caned and birched dozens of youths.

The Police Woman is young, inexperienced and eager to prove her self. She knows that some of her male colleagues doubt that a woman is capable of making a good Police Officer. With that in mind she requests she should administer the beating and her colleague agrees.

She removes her own jacket and then strips the youth. Taking the strap in her hand, she is determined to prove to every one in the court that she is just as capable of administering a whipping as any Police Man.

Perhaps this merits a follow up film - this time, witnessing the strapping in action by the police officers and seeing the actions as Pandora witnessed them!


Always thought traditional IOM birching would make a great movie from sentence in court to completion . A last minute confession from Pandora sees her taking the punishment instead of dishing it out . A bum made for the birch lol xx

That would be a very ambitious project that I would love to explore. Maybe for a custom project down the line... x

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