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Auntie Gillian's Hairbrush

Audio story (running time 55:12) written by Pandora
Created 8 Feb 2012, last updated 23 Feb 2022

Narrator: Pandora Blake



Tags: audio, consensual, cornertime, domestic, fair, fear, F|F, F|X, hairbrush, hand spanking, historical, OTK, Pandora Blake, scolding, strict, white cotton knickers

Pandora is staying at her aunt's house for the Easter Holidays, along with her mischievous twin cousins. The girls quickly learn to dread Auntie Gillian's fearsome wooden hairbrush.
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This is one of the first spanking stories I ever wrote, and one of the first audio recordings I ever made, too. It's a nostalgic return to the world captured in Roger Benson's evocative artwork of traditional F/F domestic discipline.

Nearly an hour of anticipation, fear, ritual and hard over the knee spanking, this two-chapter story will appeal to anyone who likes old-fashioned domestic punishments set in a bygone era.

Artwork copyright (c) Roger Benson Artwork copyright (c) Roger Benson Artwork copyright (c) Roger Benson

The Art of Roger Benson - Yahoo Group


can one join recurring?

Pandora can one join your site as a recurring member/? love and spanks ,Timxx

Not currently Tim, although my trusty developer D is working on it. Thanks for your patience!

Nice story, expressive voice

In the evening, after returning from work, I was quite tired, lying in my bed but yet unable to sleep. So I decided to listen to your audio story. It was very relaxing, your voice is beautiful and the story captured the nostalgic flair of Benson's art. I definitely enjoyed it.

I'm really glad you liked it. I hope you slept well and had very pleasant dreams :)

Great Beginning :-)

I'm really happy that you're creating this audio content. I love your voice too, Pandora.

This is a great example of the kind of audio I want to at least promote, if not broadcast (not out to steal your profit!) on "Quai Franklin Radio".


Best Regards,

Thanks for the reassurance Quai, I'm glad the audio stories are finding an audience :) I'd be absolutely delighted to let you broadcast an excerpt! Or - how about publishing a whole story, maybe even this one, serial style over several broadcasts? I'd be happy to do that with a scene once it's not brand new, publicity is all good.

Would it be possible, as a member, to down load a print version of these audio stories. As lovely as your voice is I mostly do not have time or it is inconvenient to listen. Love to read them probably over and over again. Thank you.


A photo of you dressed to match the story, this one especially would be a nice touch.

Oooh, that's an idea. I don't necessarily have the rights to offer print copies for stories already published elsewhere (print rights don't normally extend to spoken word performances) but for unpublished stories I'd definitely consider it. It would mean more work, so would depend on how many people wanted it. What sort of format are you thinking - PDF?

Printed Stories

PDF is fine. If stories are published else where you should notate where when you offer them as spoken word. As I almost a 'pensioner' very new to computers the printed word is still some thing special to me. Liked the matching photo idea, far out!

The only story that's been previously published was The Royal Wedding, which is why I provided credits and a link to the place people can buy the anthology. I think everything else I've got lined up is unpublished.


Very nice story ready to be filmed...Did you ever had that plan?

I don't like "remaking" stories in another format - it's almost impossible to capture the essence of the original if you are revisiting something. But I'd be happy to make a film of a similar scenario at some point. What would you consider the key elements to be?

Wonderful story and narration. More age play stories, please!

Audio does make age play very easy and uncomplicated, doesn't it? I'm glad you like it!

Very enjoyable

Really enjoyed the audio story.....makes a change form film footage. Often find spanking stories more erotic than photos or dial, as one's own imagination can really get to work! The Naughty Spanking stories available from audio books are in the same vein and read, like you by a woman with a very pleasant voice. I assume you write your own stories? It would be great also to hear you read some of the stories from Janus, Roue etc...although there might be copyright issues? You may also prefer using your own material.

Yes, absolutely; there aren't any visual details to distract you if they aren't perfect, and production values are generally just not so much of a consideration in the enjoyment of a fantasy when it comes to audio. Plus you can secretly listen to them in the car or at the gym!

Every audio story on this site has been written by the author. I'm always looking for new audio material but I'm extremely picky, plus of course I would need to pay for a licence. I don't have time to write as much as I'd like.

Schoolgirl stories?!

Sorry about typos in previous post! More schoolgirl spanking/caning stories would be good....at least for an old traditionalist like me!

Yes, schoolgirl spanking and caning is always popular, although I'm trying to branch out and explore new ideas rather than doing the same sort of scenario over and over again. Besides, when it comes to my own personal kink, it's much more about schoolboy spanking than schoolgirl!

Really Good!

The multi-talented Pandora excels in yet another field; fiction and narration.

This was a well constructed, beautifully detailed story that made my journey tonight a real pleasure. As the old cliché has it, audio is great because the pictures are so good.

THANK YOU Pandora.


This is a wonderful story brought to life by Pandora, and so beautifully read too.

Just wonderful .........thank you.

I hope you get to do more audio narration books in the future as they are very fine indeed.

Pandora an excellent story you wrote and performed ,you have a great reading voice every spank reverberated ,you 3 girls needed your botties lotioned to help the soothing ,your Auntie was very strict with you 3 naughties ,well some girls need controlling even nowadays ,Ayoung boy where I live ,it was in the paper today got a sound telling off by his mother for going out too far in the mud ,that little one must be embarrassed by the publicity ,best spanks from ,Timx

Absolutely amazing story!! It was every bit as good as I was hoping it would be if not even better. I joined the site as a paid member specifically because this story intrigued me. I love the premise of a strict aunt spanking naughty girls. I love that it started with spankings being witnessed as I always love spanking stories told from a witnesses perspective. Pandora has written an excellent spanking stories that pushed all the right buttons with me and she does a phenomenal job of telling the story. If all my money spent was just for this one story, I still think it would have been worth it.

Thanks for the incredible story Pandora!!

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