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Anticipating a Severe Judicial Punishment

Film (running time 13:57) with gallery of 9 screengrabs
Created 27 Jan 2022, last updated 28 Mar 2022

Performer: Pandora Blake


Solo F Solo X

Pandora Blake has been wrongly accused, and now she’s in a foreign police station awaiting a very public birching - the first of several, all for a crime she didn’t commit...

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Tags: bare bottom, birch, cane, domestic discipline, film, judicial, Pandora Blake, severe, Solo X, solo-F, workplace

A business trip to a police state doesn’t hold much fear for Pandora: she might disapprove of their methods, but she’s a good upstanding citizen. What could possibly go wrong? Before she knows it, though, she’s been framed by a vindictive officer and sentenced to a whole series of corporal punishments.

We join her in the police station’s waiting area, where she’s being held pending an extremely severe birching in the town’s most-frequented public square. She’s flooded with anticipation, scared stiff and deeply ashamed - not least because this won’t be the end of it. As soon as she’s recovered from her two hundred strokes, both her boss and her husband will want to ensure this is a lesson she never forgets by following up with beatings of their own.

Sit with her for a while as she imagines what her punishments will be like, shares her most private thoughts about the beatings and gets ready for the most exposing, humiliating morning of her life.


Mildly erotic

Any vid which features lovely Pandora will be mildly erotic at least. For me though this scenario did not hit the right register. 200 strokes of the birch is a totally unrealistic punishment. Might as well just sentence the recipient to death. If it is a woman fantasising about being punished Well Ok may as well fantasise big. The trouble is that she doesnt fantasise big. Dont get me wrong. Pandoras perfomance is excellent. It is the premise which is askew. It would have worked better for me if she had been wanking about being sentenced to 200 strokes. As it is she just comes across as day dreaming.
I should add that I have myself been in an anoaoguous situation, and did experience it as extrememly erotic. We were travelling in the southern hemisphere and crossed from a country where drugs are given the wink and are easily obtainable. We flew from there to a nation which imposes the death penalty on smugglers whether they are foreign or domestic. Having overindulged the superb weed that was available in the previous country, I had been lax in packing my luggage. As the plane was coming into land, I recalled that there was a substantial amount of weed in a jacket in my suitcase. To say I was mortified is definitely an understatement. The next half hour was horrendous for me. I expected to be arrested by customs and taken off to jail. In prospect was a a date with the hangman or at best a very long prison presence.
It turned out that customs did not even stop us, We breezed through. That was a relief. The aftermath was extrememly erotic. For the duration of the holiday we did little else but fuck. The immanence of death is a superb aphrodisiac.

Thank you for the feedback. As mentioned in another comment, this is a custom fantasy that was commissioned and includes the details requested by the client. We decided to release it on the site as we found there was an audience who would enjoy it. In our 10 years we've created a variety of films, and they aren't for everyone. For some, an "unrealistic" element enhances their enjoyment of a scene, whereas others prefer scenarios grounded in reality.
It sounds like in your travelling mishap you experienced a similar fear and nerves as depicted in this film. I'm glad it worked out for the best!

Amazing Pandora, great performance! Well done! Absolutely loved it!

Thank you! In a little behind the scenes tidbit, the pencil skirt worn was not my first choice. I had another one in mind, but as I was putting it on the zip broke. Cue some unsuccessful sewing and then rummaging around to find an alternative in the back of my wardrobe!


Another solo 'tour de force' Pandora. You have an unsurpassed talent for engaging the viewer and slowly drawing them into your world of fantasy, anticipation and fear. Loved the business suit and the initial slow strip. The 'wiggle' as you pull up your tights with back to the camera was genius. As your pantyhose covered bottom exits stage right my eyes were fixed on it and the excitement was rising that I was about to see the birch descend on those wonderful cheeks.

Wow, a glowing commendation! Thank you Ben, that means a lot x


Please don’t direct any criticism at Pandora for the unrealistic amount of strokes in this clip. It was myself who asked Pandora to do this clip. I think you were bloody well marvellous Pandora. The tights were another level you looked unbelievably sexy in the them.

Reply to cady

I agree that Pandora looks marvellous in those tights. I agree that the amount of strokes was so unrealistic that disbelief could not be suspended. 24 strokes would have been perfect.

Thank you, I'm so glad you're enjoying your custom film. After filming this for you, the tights ripped! So this was actually their final voyage.

What a treat for the crowd of people in the Town Square !

I would suppose that they are used to witnessing the birching of local criminals, convicted of mundane crimes like shoplifting.

So this would generate real excitement, a glamorous and beautiful English business woman and a group of beautiful air stewardesses, all women from foreign lands that they would normally look up to. But the stewardesses would with out their airline uniforms here and Pandora would be with out her business suit.

All the more thrilling then for the crowd as they watch the women birched in their underwear and then on their bare bottoms.

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