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Film (running time 22:21) with gallery of 48 full resolution screengrabs
Created 1 Jun 2012 , updated 24 Feb 2022



Tags: bare bottom, bottom grasping, cane, cold caning, consensual, corset, dominance|submission, erotic, film, F|F, F|X, hard punishment, high heels, lesbian, nipple clamps, Pandora Blake, playful, positive, queer, romantic, stockings, welts, Zoe Montana

Zoe is taking her new submissive out to play. She dresses her up in sexy lingerie, heels and jewellery - including nipple clamps. Vivid cane stripes add the final touch to Pandora's outfit. 

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To find out more about the story behind this film click here, and click here to read about the shoot.

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Adornment: Behind the Scenes

Chit chat and outtakes behind the scenes with Zoe, Pandora, Isabella and John. Great chemistry between Pandora and Zoe, and Pandora gets her head around the ongoing challenge of directing and subbing simultaneously.

Suspender belt hooks snap out of Zoe's hands; Zoe's nipples keep popping out of her corset; and Pandora jumps on the chance to film extra shots of Zoe tightening her nipple clamps!

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cane v birch

Great performance to both you girls. What hurts most Pandora, the cane or the birch.

Aw, thanks! It's a cop-out, I know, but they're both painful in different ways. I find the cane easier to take, despite the fact that it's more intense, because it's such a massive fantasy object for me. I've definitely had the cane more severely than the birch but the birch can be pretty damn scary as well, I've just not gone as far with it.

Enjoying Pandora

I have watched many of your scenes - originally your fantastic work with Lady Sonia. You are beautiful

Oh thankyou so much! It's funny you should mention Lady Sonia, it was playing with her and her glamorous, playful topping style that gave me the idea for this scene. Zoe is no replacement but the erotic energy between us was just lovely. Such fond memories of this shoot.

Good Pandora:) I believe your films are the first I've seen set to music (outside of spanking scenes from mainstream films). I think it helps.

Pretty sure I'm not the first, but thanks, I'm glad it works for you. I'm still a bit wary about using music over the actual spanking rather than in scene-setting or non-spanking sequences - this film is the only time I've done it so far. I know it can be distracting for many people so I try to use music judiciously. It can add so much to a film, though.

Dana Delany's "Mafia Spanking"

Dana Delany's spanking from Live Nude Girls is set to moody, Godfatheresque music. You're familiar with this scene?
At a guess, I'd say it's the most popular spanking scene from a mainstream movie.
If you havn't seen it, here's a link:-

Pandora - this really is a beautiful little cameo film. The chemistry between you and Zoe makes it incredibly erotic. A very simple, straightforward storyline, a perfectly delivered caning, and most definitely my favourite of all the films I have seen so far on Dreams of Spanking! 10/10!

Thankyou John, this is lovely to hear! Editing it made me miss Zoe terribly. That was such a fun day :)


Pandora you said the birch was scary - i will bet it was scary to a lot of boys on the Isle of Man


If I asked Pandora very nicely, do you think that I could be next in line for the cane?

A caning from Zoe you mean? It might be tricky unless you fancy travelling to Sydney! I'm available to deliver canings in one to one sessions though - drop me an email if you want to discuss it.


My absolute favorite of the site! The "relationship action" is fantastic!

Please also keep the preparation/dressing theme and the stocking action alive!

Like mentioned, a later scene with a public exhibition / stripping in front of an audience after being commanded would be the top.

The video itself is fantastic from the first to the last second.

Like the outfits.

I do like the outfits for this shoot..so very erotic, I like the pics in corsets.
You all obviously had a great time.

Great film

I enjoyed this a lot. I love erotic sensual canings and everything that lead up to it and the relationship between the two leads was first rate.

this is the 1

Thank you for the quick response and guidance. Most appreciated.


My favourite piece so far, just superb, thank you so much for your site!


too beautiful brands of cane in your ass , of course it should not have been pleasant , but you deserved.


For some reason I've only just got round to watching this. Lovely psychology and I could watch that beautiful back side of yours being striped all day. Would prefer to hold the cane of course. Have you ever written about how and when you got into spanking? Would love to know.

Cane stripes are always so beautiful, aren't they? I love when you discover a new film from the archives, it makes me so happy to bring enduring pleasure.

I have written about getting into spanking, extensively! You can find it on patreon.com/pandorablake :)

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