The Evacuees (part 2)

Film (8:09) with 27 photographs
Preview Image for The Evacuees (part 2) Molly Malone and Alexander Knight are over opposite arms of the sofa, holding hands to comfort each other

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Following on from Part 1, we open with young evacuees Molly Malone and Alexander Knight facing the wall, thoroughly chastised and frightened of their host Dr Richard Barton. But there is worse yet to come.

The siblings have already been spanked for running around the house, getting in the way and being cheeky to the staff. Now, Dr Barton takes them to task for specific dereliction of duty. They had been ordered to report to the kitchen to attend to various chores, but stayed out late to play instead.

Molly and Alexander are ordered to bend over the arms of the sofa, their underwear pulled down and bare bottoms on display, to receive a sound leathering with the strap. Brother and sister clutch hands, terrified of what is to come, and Molly tries to soothe Alexander, telling him not to be afraid. But when the strapping begins, and Molly can't help let out an inadvertent howl of agony at the pain of the first stroke, Alexander starts to quake with terror – and when the strap first lands on his own bottom, it is just as bad as he fears.

Molly tries to be brave, but seeing tears in Alexander's eyes and his horror at being subject to this unfamiliar and brutal physical punishment, she can't bear it any longer. She begs Dr Barton not to beat him again, confessing that it was all her fault, and her bad influence that led Alexander astray. As a result, Molly bears the brunt of the ensuing punishment, and the leather strap licks her bottom again and again, until she's crying out in pain and truly sorry.

Photography: Pandora Blake 

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6 responses

  1. Gosh, poor Molly. Her gallant owning up sure didn’t buy her much leniency. That leather strap looks very slappy and stingy.

    Thanks to all involved. I like the nice touch of Alex and Molly pulling up their white undergarments in unison towards the end too.

  2. Pandora lovely Molly takes more whacks for her little brother ,very good one ,best spanks from ,Timx

  3. The strap is a thick one and definitely a stinger! I think my favourite part of this – after the stomach-dropping moment when Dr Barton tells Molly “as for YOU, young lady!” – is little Molly and Alexander clutching hands as they prepare for punishment.

  4. I think you do very well! I have made over20 CP films for Moonglow & Strictly English so do know how difficult making them can be. Well Done!
    My Best Ancient Bob in Watford

  5. I like the interesting chemistry of the man and woman being spanked together. Theres a kind of romance about it (though they are sibling here!).
    I saw a nice spanking scene from American Horror Story (T.V series) which had a young man and woman being spanked together(bare bottom!) by a mistress.

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