Mrs Barton’s Correction

Film (7:25) with gallery of 28 photographs
Preview Image for Mrs Barton's Correction. Molly Malone is over Richard Barton's knee for a bare bottom spanking. They are both dressed in Victorian clothing and Molly's bloomers are parted

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When she beat her stepson, stepmother Molly Malone exceeded her authority, and stern husband Dr Richard Barton needs to put her in her place. With calm commands, and firm smacks to her bottom, he corrects her inappropriate behaviour and shows her who really rules the house.

He orders Molly over his knee, and pulls up her skirt to reveal a Victorian split petticoat. Her bottom is framed perfectly, so we watch it growing redder and redder as Dr Barton deals out a measured bare-bottom spanking.

She’s thoroughly chastised, as her husband firmly establishes that he is master of the house, and she can make no decisions without him – especially when it comes to domestic discipline…
Photography: Pandora Blake

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21 Responses

  1. Well I’m sure that it will be worth the wait once Pandora is able to sort the problem. And as a lot of people will know, she has been very busy in California, shooting for DoS and other sites, selflessly spanking and being spanked by the likes of Alex Reynolds, Clare Fonda and Ten Amorette. Clearly Miss Blake has an unenviable job, but some one has to do it.

  2. You are quite right, it wil be worth the waiting, Pandora;s films are always worth waiting for. A small blip obviously but she does like to know as she is very professional and like everything to run as smoothly as possible on her site. She has the best site of all in my opinion and to me, is number 1 in the UK.

  3. I’m in total agreement with Claire and Patrick, don’t let this tiny hitch put you all off. Pandora has been out of the country pretty much the whole month and to think she’s been able to continue to support this amazing site from the other side of the Atlantic as well as all the other busy shoots, festivals and other engagements is just an amazing feat of well – everything, and only one tiny hitch to report, that has to be measured as a staggering success.

    As Patrick said, it’s an unbelievable job and someone has to do it. Damn fine job if you ask me.

    Luv to all you fellow spanking enthusiasts, participates & all things PRP (Pain Related Pleasures).

  4. Sorry Patrick, you said unenviable – not unbelievable I guess they’re pretty close, or maybe not, I’m not sure. I’ll shut up.

  5. Oh no! I accidentally rendered all the files without sound. What an idiot! I’ve been busy getting spanked all weekend which is why I was a bit slow to notice, sorry about that. But I’m re-rendering now and will upload the fixed videos very soon. Thanks for your patience!

  6. Nice scene ,but a slap to the behind to the set dresser for a Victorian study bookcase that contains Alan Clark;s diaries!

  7. Sounds fair to me, or perhaps even a proper spanking ? Then it will be time to deal with people who choose to place a semi colon where an apostrophe is required.

  8. Oh dear, that should have been a semicolon (one word), with or with out a hyphen. Time for me to join the queue I guess !

    Sorry Richard and Molly, I adored your scene.

  9. I would say that this is a spankworthy oversight, but it seems you’ve already been getting spanked all weekend so all is good 😉

  10. Well, yes, this is a minor hitch, but that doesn’t mean Pandora should be let off the error without a spanking. 😉

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