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Preview image for Bath Bubbles. Mila Kohl lays in the bath, her bottom visible through the bubbles

Paul comes in while Mila is relaxing in a bubble bath, and the naughty girl can't resist the urge to blow foam at him, earning herself an on-the-spot spanking on her wet bottom.

Photography: Pandora Blake


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14 Responses

  1. I’m obviously prejudiced, but I found this ridiculously adorable and it made my day.

  2. how callipygous she is. A bubble bottom surrounded by bubbles so very sensual. Wonderful job Ms. Blake a winner as usual.

  3. Hi Pandora, this one is in the top five.
    Have been there, though many years ago now.
    Oh memories.

  4. Hmmm – bubbles, bathwater, spanking – yep almost perfect. (You just can’t beat a shower and leather paddle though!)

  5. It makes me more happy than I can adequately express that I run a porn site which attracts comments that use the word “callipygous”. 😀 And yes, you are so right!

  6. Thank you Dave! I am very curious to know what the other four in your top five are now…

    Glad to have triggered a happy trip down memory lane 🙂

  7. Hee! Well, I wouldn’t want to be TOO repetitive…. and bubbles don’t last very long under the shower. But thank you, I’m glad this one worked for you!

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