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Adele tilts Jimmy's chin up as he kneels by her breakfast table

Lady Adele likes the look of her handsome new butler. She has him wait on her at breakfast, and sets him up for a fall.

He doesn’t respond to her, at first. Perhaps the footmen have warned him about the eccentricities of their mistress. And if he didn’t warm to her touch, she wouldn’t have gone beyond teasing him. But as she runs her hand thoughtfully over his chest she can feel the quickening beat of his heart.

She tests his loyalty, commanding him to pick up the dropped spoon, although she’s well aware that the stumble was not his fault. Kneeling at her feet he looks so beseeching that she succumbs to the temptation to let him earn his forgiveness. Holding him tenderly in her gaze, she instructs him to undress.

Once she’s broken through that professional composure she discovers that the attraction is entirely mutual.


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Her Ladyship’s Breakfast - Behind the Scenes

Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway talk to Pandora about ‘Her Ladyship’s Breakfast’ – Dreams of Spanking’s first F/M scene, and their first scene together on camera. Hear this real life couple’s perspective on chronic pain, health and disability, their relationship, switching and F/M porn.


5 Responses

  1. Beautiful pictures which tell a wonderful story. I love the dynamic between Adele and Jimmy, its very comforting and intimate.

  2. Thankyou, I really like this one too. I’m looking forward to producing more male spankee scenes with honour and respect between the players. And my word, isn’t Jimmy gorgeous in this?!

  3. Photos are awesome, I would of really loved to watch this as a video. Where art tho’ video?
    None the less still spectacular.

  4. Thanks! A video would have been fun but the photos are perfect just as they are, and I don’t think A + J are interested in replaying this one. Still, I’m definitely getting them back for more video in future. 🙂

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