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Preview image for Ariel's Judicial Caning. Amelia Jane Rutherford bends over the punishment horse, her thighs held together with a belt. She is entirely naked

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A film produced by Ariel Anderssen and Hywel Phillips of Restrained Elegance, this judicial caning is being released for free under Creative Commons in protest against the ridiculous new censorship laws surrounding UK porn. At the start of the film, Ariel and Hywel explain how British spanking porn is taking a serious punishment from video regulator ATVOD – any film which shows pain that goes beyond 'transient and trifling' is in the firing line. And Ariel's caning is certainly one that'll leave the censors reeling.

Ariel – who you'll know from her amazing work on Dreams of Spanking as Amelia Jane Rutherford – plays the naïve backpacker who accidentally carries drugs through international borders. Strict customs officer Michael Stamp discovers marijuana in her bag and confiscates it, before offering her a terrifying choice: go to prison, or face a 24 stroke judicial caning. Ariel swallows her fear and opts for the caning.

She is stripped naked, and firmly secured to a spanking bench – cuffed at the wrists and ankles, with her thighs belted tight together. As her humiliation grows, Michael delivers the first stinging stroke to her bare bottom. Crack – one bright red stripe appears, and Ariel screams in pain, steeling herself for further whacks. With each stroke, she cries out in agony, and tenses against her restraints. She can't squirm and can't escape as Mr Stamp delivers the severe caning. With plenty of slow motion and close-up shots of Ariel's beautiful bottom getting marked with bright red stripes, by the time exhausted Ariel receives her 24th stroke it's clear that her crime is a mistake she won't be repeating in a hurry.

As this film is being released for free in protest against the UK porn ban, do share it far and wide, with anyone who believes that consensual kink should be as legal to show on screen as it is to do in your own bedroom. If you'd like to support Ariel, Hywel, Pandora, and all the other independent porn producers who are fighting the ban, please donate to Backlash.

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19 Responses

  1. Very powerful film. Ariel is Amelia Jane Rutherford throughout the scene (for cp fans who know her as such) and Michael Stamp delivers a fantastic caning.

    Great Stuff


  2. Well produced film. Amelia did a great job and took the caning very well. I don’t think I’ve seen her buttocks so beautifully marked. Well done, I felt every stroke!

  3. Well done Amelia for having that swishing and all the girls taking whacks ,best spanks Tim x

  4. I agree, I thought it was a beautiful scene, and so gorgeously shot by Hywel Phillips. I love to see a well executed caning!

  5. I’m very grateful to Hywel and Ariel for donating this film to our fund raising campaign!

  6. She is so graceful, isn’t she? And the sense of anticipation is delightful.

  7. So did I when I first watched it! I thought it captured the tension of a hard caning beautifully. I love the cinematography too. Such beautiful shots!

  8. As always Amelia is a pleasure to behold, being caned or spanked. She’s by far my favourite English canee and I would love the chance to do the honours myself were it not for the great distance between us.
    Good luck to her and to fellow disciplinarians everywhere.

  9. Pandora is this the judicial caning you had a “dream” about? Amelia Micheal and Hywel did a fantastic job, Thanks to all.

  10. Authentic (except the very end), some good camera angles, especially of her reddening bottom.

    There were some nice frontal shots with glimpses of her nipples up to around stroke 8. Unfortunately after this there were only facial shots (which were good but too many).

    The bits which let it down were the handshake and kissing the cane (which just didn’t fit the great style of the rest of the film.

  11. I really enjoyed this piece of art. Such scenarios are smack in the middle of my fantasies. I donated a small amount to Backlash to support your great work.

  12. Thank you for the donation! This was a gorgeous film by Arial and Hywel and I’m really glad you enjoyed it. We’re very grateful to them for sharing it with us!

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