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Amelia leans against the headboard of a sumptuous four poster bed, as Pandora canes her

Amid the rich brocades of a four poster bed, wearing only a white satin nightie, Amelia waits. She knows a punishment is coming, but she doesn’t yet know what form it will take…

One of the few scenes on the site with very little plot or backstory at all. This one is all about the visuals.

Originally I thought that Hywel might play the disciplinarian, and we could focus on the genuine romance and dominance/submission between him and Amelia. But then he wouldn’t have been able to be behind the camera, and honestly, I don’t know anyone who could have photographed this better. I thought that Amelia Jane, innocent in white satin, would look like a fairytale princess on the four poster bed in the morning sunlight… and only Hywel’s skill could do the vision justice.

Still, Amelia and I find it easiest if we have at least a pretend story in mind while shooting spanking scenes. We talked beforehand about what it would be. While we could have pretended to be girlfriends, Amelia isn’t into girls, so it wouldn’t have felt very natural. So in our heads, for this scene, we were both slavegirls, or possibly harem girls. A punishment has been ordered for Amelia, but she’s shocked and embarrassed when she finds out that I’m the one that’s going to carry it out. I’m her equal – and her rival! Why should she submit to me? But if she doesn’t, she’ll only get herself into more trouble… and meanwhile I’m milking every moment of my temporary power!

But that was just pretend, in our heads, so that we could relax and get into it while shooting. Actually this scene could mean anything you like. Amelia could be my sub, or a captured princess, or a reluctant bride. We could be in a bedroom, or a hotel room, or a tower room in a castle…

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Photography: Hywel Phillips


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18 responses

  1. Wow, these pics are so beautiful.

    My favourites are number 50 ( I love your dominant stance and the look in your eyes, you have complete control ) and number 75, ( two things about this picture are the way your knee is in Amelia’s back and I have to say that Amelia’s bottom can certainly hug a pair of satin knickers ) the pair of you are a vision.

  2. All the pretty 🙂

    I rather liked the ‘cock goes where?’ expression in #79.

  3. Thankyou! Amelia really is a producer’s dream. I think it might be impossible to take a bad photo of her. I feel very honoured that Hywel and Amelia consented to grace this site with their considerable talent 🙂

  4. For someone who is so comfortable in her skin, she does do pretend outrage at having her knickers taken down very well 🙂

  5. Is Amelia your favourite woman to perform with, will leia appear on this website ?

  6. Thus far, I think the most fun I’ve had with the guest models we’ve imported has been with Zille DeFeu and with Amelia; working with Zille was a real treat because of the energy we turned out to generate between us, and working with Amelia was quite simply a professional pleasure.

    Broadening to include work for other producers, I’ve had a great deal of fun working with Adele, Leia and Caroline Grey. I’d certainly be interested in bringing Leia into the Dreams work at some point, if Pandora can organise it 🙂

  7. Pandora very nice photos of 2 lovely English girls spanking ,love and spanks ,Timxx

  8. Along with the core gang of British female models (Niki, Leia Ann, you, Sarah Collins, Amy and quite a few more), Amelia certainly is a major strain on the eyes :-).

  9. Both together I believe Amelia and yourself look perfect. The photographs are very delightful and a pleasure to the eye. I feel as though I am there with you.

  10. She’s quite ridiculously beautiful, and a genuinely sweet person as well. Too much loveliness for one package!

  11. Hi Pandora. I have always enjoyed watching your vedios & viewing your pics. I’m glad that I have found a your site & joined it. I love the different vedios and the story lines. Hard to choose a favorite. I would like to know how you got all the people to work you & if you are looking for new tanel. I do enjoy spanking alot weather I’m receiving it or dishing it out. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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