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Ariel's Sponsored Caning

Free film (running time 27:53) with gallery of 81 screengrabs
Added 19 Mar 2015 , updated 5 Jun 2016



In this free porn film, Ariel Anderssen puts her bare bottom on the line. To protest the new UK laws which censor BDSM and spanking videos, she takes a hard caning of 25 strokes from Pandora Blake. 

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Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Backlash sponsored caning, bare bottom, barefoot, British, cane, CFNF, cold caning, consensual, D, domestic, film, free video, F|F, hard punishment, Hywel Phillips, interview, negotiation, nude spankee, Pandora Blake, real life, severe, stripped naked, true story, welts

Directed and edited by Hywel Phillips.

“We are so noble, that's the main thing,” Ariel Anderssen tells Pandora facetiously - but you can't help agreeing. Taking twenty five hard cane strokes to support the campaign against the new UK pornography laws is a pretty noble thing to do. Especially if, like Ariel, the harsh marks mean a week off work while the welts heal.

Naked and bent over the bed, Ariel (known in the spanking scene as Amelia Jane Rutherford) takes a really hard caning from Pandora Blake. Twenty five cane strokes straight from cold, on the bare bottom. Ariel squirms and squeals and holds her breath, braving the pain with with stoicism, defiance and a fair bit of giggling. Each stroke represents £10 donated to support the campaign against the new the UK porn laws, so it's fitting that with each stroke Ariel's 'thank yous' are dedicated to all those who donated.

High-quality, super-hot, hard canings like this are always really popular here at Dreams of Spanking. To thank everyone who donated, this is being released as a free porn video under Creative Commons. We are making the SD video available to download and stream absolutly free of charge - and if you are a site member, you can login to view the crystal clear HD film. We don't have the bandwidth to make the HD version freely available, but we encourage our members to download it, re-upload it and share it far and wide. Please help us get the word out about the draconian legal situation now in place in the UK, and support the porn performers and producers who are being threatened by the new laws.



What magnificent performances both by Ariel and Pandora. Ariel for stoically taking a hard, lengthy caning for a cause she truly believes in. And Pandora for delivering such a perfect caning, stroke by stroke, whilst always making sure her canee was comfortable with the progression. The finished artwork of 25 parallel cane stripes across Ariel bottom is just breathtaking. A superb video - well done to both of you - truly impressive!

What a beautiful set of photos. Thank you Ariel and Pandora :)

Wow Amelia, brave girl and very well done. Like your previous film, I felt every stroke. You took the 25 well. Lets hope the powers that be look and listen. To be honest, it's because there are people like you, Pandora, who give us what we want. Those of us in the scene also know that there are many others passionate about spanking so we know we can be involved as much or as little as we like and that we are very nice people who wont go running out in the street, grab the first girl and assault her by smacking her bottom. If it is all swept under the carpet things could be different.
Thanks again Pandora, Amelia and the camera crew.

I watched the film and I have to note Pandora's special look in those tight black jeans and high heel boots. I like her masculine stance when she wields the cane. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Pandora in the role of a swordswoman (or maybe light sabrist) in a fantasy or sci-fi scene. She has solid looking arms and legs, but also curvy and round (especially her hips and buttocks!). Would love to see Pandora the action heroine :)

Ariel Anderssen is Amelia Jane Rutherford? Her face looks so different! She is obviously as tall as Amelia, but I thought she was someone new. Someone from Denmark going by the name :) Her buttocks are shapelier than ever though :)

She sure is one and the excellent same. Great film. Sponsoring by the stroke. Lucky it wasn't spanking and sponsoring by the minute!

Well done Ariel ,best spanks Tim .

A great caning. I thought you were a little unkind, Pandora, in giving Ariel three strokes on her crease - very painful. Surely one there would have been enough. What did she do to deserve three there?

I agree with Andy12, not that you are unkind Pandora but when you delivered one of the strokes on the crease between Amelia's right buttock and thigh I thought you had broken the skin and she was going to bleed. I just hope all will heal before she returns to work in her other life. I'm hoping to work with her myself again at sometime.

I believe Amelia Jane is Ariels name when in spanky videos am I correct ?.She is English like myself ,best from Tim .

Lovely to see such a great caning scene. No need for role-play - just a straightforward caning of Amelia's beautiful bottom because both of you want to! And in a good cause. It prompted me to get my card out and donate. And finally join DoS. Thank you.

Love the banter between you two watching and listening to two women discuss a mutual interest very interesting.

Very Impressive

Ariel is very brave.
I found this video emotionally moving.
I was incline to cry.
I have so much respect for Ariel.

Pandora seems dispassionate and cool.
She's focused on technical skill.
I think she's really very good at what she is doing.

I really love this video.
Thanks so much

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