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Assorted geekery

I'm currently rolling out a few changes to our video files and how they reach you. These are mostly improvements planned since before we launched, which are only now becoming practical to implement. Here's the details.


1. High definition video

When the site launched, all our video files were the same screen resolution: 960x540px. This is big for web viewing, but it's not going to fill a large TV screen.

Now, I'm proud to be able to offer high resolution MP4 files at a DVD-quality 1920x1080px. This is so big it has to be shrunk down to fit on my computer monitor!

So far, A Taste of Her Belt, Liberated Ladies of the Jazz AgeDana for Senator and The Prefect's Revenge - part 2 all have high res MP4 video files available at the new HD resolution. The embedded video player and low res/small download files will still run at 960x540px as before. 

Click on the image for a full-resolution preview of the new HD video size (and this week's BDSM film epic...)


Video formats

Our archive is getting bigger by the week (53 spanking scenes and counting, of which 30 include video), and as the site grows server space becomes an increasingly pressing issue. Last week I needed to free up some space on the server at short notice, and I took the step of cutting back on the number of video formats offered for a small number of scenes.

Did you notice the change? Did you find it disruptive? Let me know!

When the site launched I wasn't sure what formats people would prefer. I needed to balance quality against download size. MP4 offers a good quality to file size ratio, but I know many Windows users prefer WMV. When the site was very new, I went down the route of offering everything: an embedded video player, a large/high quality MP4 and WMV, and a small/lower quality WMV and MP4. I never intended to keep all of these, but I hoped to collect some data that would help me whittle the selection down.

The option I am currently testing with some video scenes is to offer the following:

  • Embedded popup video player (960x540, 1.2mbps) 
  • High quality, large download MP4 (1920x1080, 1.5mbps)
  • Lower quality, small download WMV (960x540, 1mbps)

Many spanking sites still only offer you one download option, so I'm hoping this will still provide enough range to be convenient for most people. It also halves the amount of time it takes me to export and upload video files, as well as saving space on the server. 

My current intention is to roll this change out to all scenes by the end of the month. If it's going to muck up your browsing habits, this is your chance to leave a comment and tell me what would suit you better.


'Buy Scene' links

This is the really exciting one.

Eventually, I want a shopping cart on-site which allows you to buy individual scenes instead of a membership, with discounts for bulk purchases. This is on the wishlist up there with selling printed DVDs. It'll cost a bundle to write the code and I'm unlikely to afford in the next year. 

In the meantime, of course, you can visit our Spanking Library store. Spanking Library has a very clean page design and easy to use interface. But you have to create a user account - it's not quite a neat one-click process. So I've come up with an interim solution.

If you're not currently a paid member of Dreams of Spanking (which is still the best value option if you want to watch more than one scene), viewing each spanking scene page will give you a "Buy Scene" button next to the button to join the site. Clicking this button will take you straight to a payment page for that video. No site membership, no subscription, no pressure: just the one scene you're interested in, available for download at your fingertips. 

If you click this button, the transaction will be handled by Clips4Sale, who don't require a username and password to buy clips. I've duplicated our clips store on their website, and the button will take you straight to the payment page for the scene you were viewing. Simple, easy.

I'll be rolling this exciting addition out to all the scenes in our archive over the next few weeks!

Spanking Library store now open!

Those of you who prefer to buy spanking films as individual downloads might be interested to hear that we've just opened our own clips store at Spanking Library. You can find all our video updates there, and I'm keeping it up to date with new releases each week.

Each 'clip' is a full movie including a title sequence and credits, and a complete storyline in its own right - exactly the same video file as is available to site members, in fact. So that means no partial clips, but full films with our trademark imaginative plots and character development, not just context-free spanking (although some of the videos squeeze in rather a lot of spanking!).

The films range in price from $4.99 to $24.99 depending on length, so none of them will break the bank. The longest, Caning Merit Badge, is 59 minutes long and shows me taking 39 whacks with the bath brush, 100 hard cane strokes, 20 cane strokes on the nipples and a final 30 strokes of the razor strop. Bargain!

Here are some of the many other clips on sale:

Not only that, but I've just added our latest film, Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age - in which Zille Defeu and I play rebellious young flappers subjected to cruel domestic belt whippings in the Roaring Twenties:

The videos are all high quality, with a bitrate of around 1.5mbps and a resolution of 960x540 for older scenes and 1920x1080 for the newest ones. As such downloads might take a little longer on slower internet connections, but it'll be worth the wait.

So if you prefer to watch spanking videos on a pay-per-download basis rather than with a site membership, you can now bookmark our Spanking Library store and cherry-pick your favourite movies from our growing archive.

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