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A Victorian cold caning

As you'll know if you read my posts after the shoot, our latest film was a big deal for me. Dreams of Spanking had already published one severe caning scene courtesy of Kaelah and Ludwig - now relocated at Darker Dreams. The last (and only) severe caning I had filmed with myself as the bottom, however, was with another producer. Since then I've known that my next full-force, judicial strength cold caning film would be for Dreams of Spanking.

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The Whipped Maid

Things are awry below stairs. A stolen coin has been found in the room of Blake, one of the maids. When confronted she pleads family trouble, and begs for mercy.

She has served the house well, so her employers hear her out. But they are stern in the face of her pleading: order must be maintained, after all. They would prefer not to take this to the authorities, and she is therefore offered a private punishment to suit the severity of her crime. Even family circumstances won't save her from 50 cold strokes of the cane.

I'll be honest with you: the premise of this one didn't take as much thought as some of our storylines. I knew I wanted to do a judicial strength, severe caning; and when I discussed it with Leia-Ann one sunny, boozy, scene-plotting afternoon last summer, it occurred to me that a double caning from Leia and Tom would be super hot. After that, it was just a question of what would make sense within the venue. I knew I wanted it to be historical; the location suggested a domestic setting. Victorian upstairs/downstairs power dynamics have always been a core part of my kink, and so it was that the idea of the whipped maid came to the fore. Hardly original, but every spankee deserves to have a go at each of the classics at least once, I think.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

The plot emerged from a gift by a friend in the scene - a gold pound coin dating from Victoria's reign. It was too good not to use as a prop. 

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

However, I hate the image of the low, thieving maid who deserves everything she gets - it reeks of out-dated class stereotypes, and as you all know, I prefer my spankee characters to be sympathetic.

So the theft became one that, perhaps, might be understandable... and Leia and Tom played the Master and Mistress as far more compassionate than my character had any right to expect. Rather than being summarily dismissed without a reference - or, worse, arrested - she is granted the chance to atone privately, and keep her position.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

This film was shot with two 8mm canes; one kooboo (Tom) and one smoked dragon (Leia). If you watch the behind the scenes video you'll see me commenting that Leia's cane feels much nicer, to my taste; and that Tom's is almost too light to be used accurately at full force. (Denser canes are easier to aim; I've found that myself when in top mode).

My taste is for thud, and the hard canings I've taken have historically been with dense dragon canes, 10-12mm in thickness. The problem was that on this shoot we only had one cane that matched that description, and with its modern purple handle it didn't look Victorian. 

I didn't want to receive a lopsided caning, and I didn't want the implements themselves to be anachronistic. So we opted for the matched pair of lighter canes.

I realised early on in this punishment that it wasn't going to be as intense as I'd envisaged. I promised myself there and then that the next time I did a severe caning scene as a bottom (and trust me, there will be a next time, and it will be for Dreams of Spanking) I'd make sure I had two 12mm dragon canes that looked the part.

Some commenters have said they find this scene overly brutal. For my tastes, and I know this might be weird, it was almost not brutal enough. When I envisaged doing another severe caning scene I imagined struggling, tears, violence, vivid welts. Not only was the atmosphere of this beating incredibly restrained and quiet, each character regretfully doing their duty while maintaining as much dignity as they could, but even my poor, over-spanked bottom didn't mark as much as I'd hoped.

I'd been playing hard without a break for a long time by the time this scene was filmed, and despite the pain, the welts don't look as dramatic as the other canings of similar severity I've seen other spankees take. I know it's not a competition. But I'm only going to do a few of these in my life, and you know me well enough by now to know I care about the look of the thing.

Still. In all other respects, this scene went out without a hitch. Leia and Tom were perfect, the caning was laser precise, and I managed to stay in control of myself throughout - which was just what I'd wanted. I love the maid's uniform I wore, and I love the finished film. I hope you do, too.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

For what it's worth: since this shoot last September, I've been giving my skin a break and have barely taken any CP beyond the occasional hand spanking, professionally or privately. The next time I shoot, I expect both the marks and my reactions to be more dramatic. 

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

Wednesday night caning lessons

Our latest spanking film is another one inspired by a piece of artwork. Illustrations are unique amongst spanking media in the way they can capture the anticipation and tension of a spanking scenario, glimpsing a single pivotal moment while leaving the rest to the imagination. I think that audio stories make such effective spanking erotica for the same reason: the way that they stimulate the imagination and allowing the listener to fill in the details in their own mind.

Actually, Ladies Caning Night was inspired not just by one illustration, but by several. 

I don't know the names of the artists for any of these pieces - if anyone does, please do tell me so I can add a credit and a link. I found them on SpencerMasoch's fetlife profile; he'd appended captions to them like "Ladies Caning Night" and "Weekly caning practice". The fantasy of a weekly ladies get-together to practice cane technique, at which a hapless hubby might find himself the victim of several ladies' sadistic attention, struck me as compelling, and I decided to make a film of it.

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Ladies Caning Night

On Wednesday evenings Nimue likes to invite her friends round to try out her collection of canes. This week Pandora brings her partner Michael with her to help things along. Michael finds himself the subject of both ladies' attention, and on the receiving end of a whole suite of canes from thin and whippy to thick and heavy. Still, he tries to bear up under the mistreatment - whatever will keep his lady happy! Once Nimue has shown Pandora the various options and Pandora has tried them for herself, both ladies team up to give Michael a double caning. And of course, they video the whole thing for posterity. Michael submits to a total of over 60 cane strokes in total, and Pandora enjoys herself so much that she decides she simply MUST obtain some canes of her own!

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The "home video" style of shooting in this film was a result of the three of us not having an extra camera person on set - previously that day Nimue and I had taken it in turns to top and film. I actually really like how it turned out, especially the opening sequence, as the camera's point of view passes from person to person, swapping between the spankee's and spankers' perspectives. I think it results in an enjoyably candid, intimate scene which really puts the viewer in the room with us. What do you think, does it work for you?

I love Michael's performance in this scene - he really captured the eager-to-please hubby who is trying to maintain social decorum and go along with the idea that this is a perfectly normal and civilised way to spend a Wednesday night. It's a lovely angle on domestic dominance and submission, and as the caning progresses you can see the nervousness, uncertainty and pain despite his efforts to keep smiling.

There's something really hot and edgy for me about a dynamic where the sub is encouraged to put on a brave face and pretend it doesn't hurt much in order to please a demanding dominant - or pair of dominants, in this case. Despite playing a top role in this scene my sympathies as a director were very much with Michael, and as he bravely surrenders to over 60 cane strokes he is 100% the star of the show.

I've always loved double canings, and as a left-hander Nimue makes an ideal caning partner. This was my first time teaming up with her, although I've been on the receiving end of her and Tom before, and it was a pleasure from start to finish.

This was the last video we filmed with Michael on our shoot last November, and at the end of the day he showed off his beautifully marked bottom in the kitchen for a final picture set. After that, he sat down - carefully! - for some well-earned food, wine and relaxation.

Being the victim of multiple female assailants seems to be a recurring male submissive fantasy - more so, perhaps, than the corresponding M/F scenario. Several viewers have asked me to make a film in which a male spankee is dominated by three or even four ladies. It would be expensive to produce for obvious reasons, but if there's enough demand then maybe we could make a bit of a day of it. Would you like to see a film like this, and if so, what sort of scenario would best appeal to you?

Positive spanking, self-determined submission

It's nearly time for our next video shoot, an F/M day with Sebastian Hawley and Nimue Allen this Wednesday, and I haven't told you about the last one yet. Time I caught up! Tom, Nimue and I got together at the house of Dodgy Dave (who is absolutely lovely, and only dodgy in the best of ways) for a day of M/F scenes, with one F/F scenario thrown in for luck.

It wasn't deliberate, but the theme of the day ended up being positive spanking; beneficial and therapeutic spanking; spanking for self-improvement - including several scenes led or directed by the spankee. One of my big interests at the moment is the intersection between dominance and submission - that is, who takes control and who surrenders it - and topping and bottoming, ie who administers and who receives the spanking. Traditionally of course the dominant partner is also the top, but that is by no means necessary.

Within sadism, masochism, topping, bottoming, dominance and submission one set of roles is usually conflated, but the reality of human relationships is often far more complicated. Scenes in which the top or spanker is playing their part submissively, in deference to the wishes of their spankee, are fascinating to me right now.

I feel that Nimue and I have a lot in common; both recent owners of spanking/kink membership sites, both historically submissive, but now switches coming into our top or dominant personas. I don't really identify as dominant even when I'm topping (although in many ways I'm dominant in my day to day life and could perhaps be described as an alpha personality type). Nimue, however, is increasingly coming into her own as a comfortably dominant individual, even when she's bottoming, and as such she was the perfect casting to explore this sort of dynamic. Although Tom does not enjoy switching, I was very grateful to him for indulging me and stretching his acting skills by being willing to play the "subservient spanker" role that goes with it.

Three of the scenes we filmed that day have already been published, so I'll start with those.

Pandora gets an over-the-knee spanking at bedtime at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora gets an over-the-knee spanking at bedtime at Dreams of Spanking Pandora gets an over-the-knee spanking at bedtime at Dreams of Spanking

The first scene of the day was a straightforward domestic discipline scenario: just a sweet, simple, bedtime spanking in pyjamas. I deliberately wanted to leave it ambiguous as to whether Tom and I were portraying domestic discipline between a couple, an age play scene or a guardian/ward fantasy, so we kept it light on dialogue. Still, I think there's a lot of unspoken communication in this scene, and the result is a lovely, positive, affectionate little film which shows a very thorough spanking. This exactly the sort of spanking I often find myself craving, and when I'm lucky enough to get one it does me the world of good.


Nimue spanked and paddled in the office at Dreams of Spanking

Nimue spanked and paddled in the office at Dreams of Spanking Nimue spanked and paddled in the office at Dreams of Spanking

Office Assistance plays explicitly with the idea of complex power roles. Tom and Nimue portray a spanko couple who work from home. Nimue benefits from Tom's regular visits to her office - and, when needed, on-the-spot discipline - to help her stay on top of her workload.

At first this might seem to be a standard boss/secretary scene, but which is the boss, and which the secretary?


Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking

Our newest update was shot right at the end of the day; a candid, out of character scene in which I asked Tom and Nimue, a right-hander and a left-hander respectively, to give me a double caning. No roleplay, just three corporal punishment enthusiasts doing what they do best.

It was lovely to have the attentions of two delightful tops simultaneously, but the caning was hard, and without the psychological defense of a character to play I definitely struggled with it in places. The resulting film is an intimate little portrait of the experience of taking a hard caning, the fears and joys, highs and lows.

Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking
Pre-caning nerves
Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking
Processing the pain
Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking
Fuck that hurt!
Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking
Blissed out between strokes


I won't say too much about the other four films we shot, just share some preview images with you:

Pandora Blake gives Nimue a caning over skintight jeans at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake gives Nimue a caning over skintight jeans at Dreams of Spanking

Nimue and I re-enacting a real-life encounter between myself and Jacqueline in "Essay Help"


Pandora Blake takes a hard OTK school punishment at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake takes a hard OTK school punishment at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake takes a hard OTK school punishment at Dreams of Spanking

A traditional - and very intense - schoolgirl punishment in "Only His Hand"


Pandora Blake visits a professional disciplinarian at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake visits a professional disciplinarian at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake visits a professional disciplinarian at Dreams of Spanking

Taken by my girlfriend to visit a Professional Disciplinarian


Lady Nimue orders her footman to give her a sound thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Lady Nimue orders her footman to give her a sound thrashing at Dreams of Spanking Lady Nimue orders her footman to give her a sound thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Finally, in my favourite scene of the day, the lady of the manor orders her footman to cater to her eccentric whims in "Milady's Pleasure". This one was absolutely brilliant from my point of view; I felt like the big kid in the playground who gets to decide the games and tell the other kids what to do.

Both Nimue and Tom seemed to enjoy themselves too, and in terms of physical severity they took this scene far harder than I expected, with Nimue urging Tom to beat her harder and longer with the dense, springy riding crop. By the end her bottom was quite dramatically marked:

Nimue's marked bottom after a severe whipping at Dreams of Spanking

Those last two photos are from Nimue's blog post about the shoot, the first taken immediately after we finished filming, and the second one 36 hours later. I love them, because I have a massive kink for marks and bruises.

I felt very secure working with Nimue and trusting her to take the scene exactly as far as she wanted to, and no further. So I can enjoy the severe bruising she took away with her, safe in the knowledge that she enjoyed it just as much!

You can see much more of Nimue in both her dom and sub roles on her site Nimue's World.

New series: The Morpheus Club

I'm a little bit in love with the music in our newest film. I had a lot of fun editing this one, not least because that combination of powerful classical cello with more industrial rhythms is guaranteed to get me wet, regardless of whether it's accompanied by any sexy visuals. I don't know why, something about the vibrations perhaps. But it doesn't hurt that Amelia Jane Rutherford looks utterly gorgeous writhing under splashes of hot red wax:


The movie is called Pandora's Initiation, and is episode one of our new BDSM/spanking series, The Morpheus Club.

New slavegirl Pandora is nervous, untrained and intimidated by the experienced Amelia. She endures bondage, nipple clamps, humiliating inspections and punishment, culminating in a painful double caning.

So much happens in this 37-minute BDSM epic that there was no hope of me squeezing it all into the short scene description above. I decided to focus on my character's journey, but you only need to look at the tag list or trailer to get a sense of just how much else is packed into this movie. (The tag list is so long it almost breaks the page layout!)

Specifically, the scene description fails to mention any of Amelia's myriad kinky activities, including gruelling slavegirl postures, strapping, spanking, hot wax and a flogging on her back and bottom - all of which she submits to with sublime grace and poise.

This is one of my oldest fantasies. It's got a dark non-consensual edge (the implication that my character has consented to be enrolled in this establishment out of desperation, rather than because she is kinky) but otherwise it's absolutely classic. The idea is not original in the slightest: this scene has echoes in dozens of erotic novels.

I'm honoured to have had the help of the talented Hywel and Amelia in bringing this fantasy to life, and indebted to Hywel for his expertise behind the scenes, particularly in taking over the direction from me to allow me to concentrate on performance.

In our version of this classic concept, the Morpheus Club is an underground society with a faintly historical flavour. Members are kinky men and women with a range of tastes; all of them top, and some of them switch. Male and female 'pets' are recruited by fair means or foul - some are the equal partners of members who give full consent; others have less choice in the matter. Members have equal access to all pets, and training is undertaken collectively, but new pets are often mentored by their recruiter. As a natural consequence of the cast, this scene is pure M/F, but there's more to the Morpheus Club than that, and we'll see more of it in future episodes. 

For me, the hottest parts during filming were the inspections, both kneeling before the Doctor, and exposed on all fours on the table with my new employers dispassionately discussing my body and reactions. That moment is the hardest part of this scene for my character, and undoes some of the confidence she gained during the bondage. This was the first time I'd played with Hywel (exciting!) and my nervousness about whether he'd find me pleasing was quite real. But I also had a lot of fun with the nipple clamps, slave training, picking things up in my teeth, and watching my handsome boyfriend flog beautiful Amelia. And, of course, the spankings!

Watching the finished film back, more things leap out at me. Amelia's hot wax sequence is one of the most glorious pieces of D/S play I've ever had the privilege to film. Her grace is just astonishing, and the genuine chemistry between her and Hywel is a joy to watch. Oh, and there are quite a lot of shots of both Amelia and I crawling on all fours with our bottoms in the air, which I hope some of you will enjoy.

You can find more of Hywel and Amelia's work at Hywel's bondage website Restrained Elegance, where Amelia is the resident slavegirl as her alter ego Ariel Anderssen. They have also made several bondage and spanking feature films which can be found at Elegance Studios. Their work is artistic, imaginative and beautifully executed, with the highest production values of any kinky studio in the UK. Spanking fans will particularly enjoy their domestic discipline movie Amelia's Sunday Spanking, which I've reviewed on my other blog here.

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