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What's so sexy about a leather belt wrapped around a wrist?

Girl on the Net: Woo yay! Let's talk sexy belt kink!

Pandora Blake: Yes! I have to say I'm really enjoying the responses to this set, both on the site and on Twitter. It makes me feel very good to have internet folks appreciating the hotness of my boyfriend. I'm particularly enjoying that he seems to have a goth girl fan base :)

GotN: Goth girl fan base does NOT surprise me in the least, being a kind of clumsy goth myself =) I actually really wanted to ask you about that - do you get pride-shivers when people tell you how hot D is? Like, is there a showing off how hot he is element to photosets and videos?

PB: Very much yes. It makes me feel proud, delighted and very smug to hear people compliment him - it's like, yes, isn't he gorgeous, thanks for noticing, and he's MINE. I feel the same way when he dates new people to be honest - it always makes me appreciate him a little bit more and feel very pleased and proud when I see people being attracted to him

GotN: Ooh, yes I can definitely see that. Also, obviously am grateful, being one of the people who very much enjoys perving on his photosets.

PB: It is quite literally my pleasure.

GotN: This set in particular seems to have struck a chord with lots of people - and obviously me too. One of the things that really got me about it was that photo with the belt round his wrist - whose idea was that?

PB: Oh, that was entirely mine. When I was first looking through the unedited photos to remind myself what we had to work with, I had a chat window open with him, and a few pictures leaped out at me and gave me this involuntary physical quake of lust, so I posted them to him in the chat. That photo of the belt wrapped around his wrist was one of them.

PB: I was directing the set - which I can do with a very clear head when I'm neither modelling nor taking the photos - and I remember staging that shot. Neither D nor Matt really got the point of it, but I was determined I wanted it. When I looked through the photos again there was this double pleasure of seeing that shot - the pure rush of desire at seeing an image that struck one of my kinks so perfectly, and the sort of meta-delight at having successfully created something that was so perfectly porn for me. That was my aim with this set, to shoot something very self-indulgent, so it was lovely to feel so clearly that I'd got it right.

GotN: Ohhh, that is so hot! And it totally reinforces for me why the best porn is often the porn that's made by people who have exactly those kinks. Looking at that picture I would never have thought to explain that specific shot to anyone - I'd never have told a partner to do that or why it would be hot - but it gave me that exact same kick, and looking at it I realised that someone who didn't share the exact same belt-kinks with me would have been unlikely to stumble on something that hot by accident.

GotN: Also: by self-indulgent do you mean 'this is the set I'd make for myself to wank to'? :)

PB: That's exactly what I mean.

PB: Specifically, I wanted to shoot something to suit my own tastes without any reference to whether it might be popular or not. I'd never heard of a reverse striptease before, and I wasn't sure whether a solo male dom set would make any money, but that wasn't the point of this - it was to please myself. That's one of the reasons it's been so validating to receive positive responses to it. I love knowing that my specific porn tastes which aren't commonly catered to are shared by others!

GotN: Oh I totally see what you mean there - and although this is going to sound horribly gendered I think that's why it's so important for me, as a mostly-straight woman, to see female-directed porn. The female gaze is not something that can just be captured by copying male-gaze porn and making it softer, or focusing heavily on genitals, or whatever: it really stands out when you see something made by someone who is behind the camera feeling genuine, kinky lust for someone. Not sure if I've explained it that well, but yep - I've struggled to explain female gaze to people before, and I think from now on I'm just going to direct them to this photoset.

 PB: So what is it about the belt-round-wrist that's so sexy for you?

GotN: Belts: sexiness beyond measure. I think of all the spanking implements they're my favourite. But it's not just that I love them: belts have something about them that many subby people can't resist. One of the most cited turn-ons for subs (in my general experience from sexy comments on my blog and etc) is that they love the sound that belts make when they're pulled out through the loops: that swish of a belt that says 'you're in trouble.' And then, on top of that...

GotN: Forearms are a stunningly hot feature, which does not get nearly enough love in my opinion. Biceps are often worshipped, but (I think I might be able to dig out the survey on this but not sure) forearms are one of the most frequently-cited turn-ons for women. Not sure what to call that - 'perv zones'? Lots of people perv on forearms, and yet they're rarely put front and center of a sexy scene. That belt-round-wrist thing combined D's gorgeous forearms with the symbolism of the belt, and then a slightly intimidating (in a domly hot way) blurred image of him in the mirror in the background behind. Unngh. So much hot.

PB: I LOVE forearms.

PB: For me, a strong looking forearm makes me think "I bet that person would be able to spank me really hard" more than a strong bicep does - perhaps because bicep worship is so common, it's more generalised rather than specifically a kink thing. (Although I do love biceps too.)

PB: That image is an interesting one - it doesn't prefigure any particular kink act; he's not wrapping it around his hand in preparation to hit someone with it. And yet the tension of the leather, the way it bites into teh skin of his wrist, the contrast between his smooth skin and the warm texture of the belt, and the firm grip of his hand, all suggest tension and strength and anticipation in a way that's incredibly powerful.

GotN: Oh yes! Strong forearms - and oh bracelets and tattoos on forearms too. Mmm. D's wearing quite a neat bracelet in that photoset as well, which draws attention to the forearm so nicely - the same way I'd wear a necklace to draw attention to a cleavage. More people should do this

PB: I love seeing that bracelet on him actually - it was a gift from a friend who made friendship bracelets for the whole friendship group in our favourite colours, and D wore his for ages. I still have mine too! It grounds the set in reality and reminds me that he's my real boyfriend with a life outside porn, as well as a super hot naked porn guy.

PB: So the reverse striptease. It was an idea I had ages ago, and I'm really pleased with the result. Does it work for you having him start naked and finish dressed?

GotN: YES! OMG so that was another thing I wanted to talk about. In general, I think my kinks tend towards guys who are either clothed or semi-clothed. This actually probably ties in to the hotness of bracelets and tattoos too: it's all about highlighting. Clothes draw your focus to a particular place. So in that photoset, you're kind of immediately plunged into 'oh, there's a seriously hot naked guy here', then as the set goes on, and the clothes go on piece by piece, it draws your attention to each feature. I LOVE it, and I would love to see more reverse stripteases in porn.

GotN: It actually reminds me a little of your calligraphy photoset with Adele Haze too - the words slowly covering the skin make you take your time looking at all the details of someone's body. So with D gradually covering himself over the course of the set, you get to go from full-on naked then take time to appreciate his forearms, the tone of his stomach, and each detail, before ending on his hands slipping into the leather gloves

PB: speaking of which, can we take a moment to just appreciate the hotness of leather gloves

GotN: ohhhh yes! Leather gloves are <3

GotN: Also: white shirts with black buttons, which you don't see much but which HOLY SHIT highlight D's hands as he's slowly buttoning up the shirt

GotN: I mean basically I am just 'splaining to you how hot your boyfriend is, but yeah :)

PB: It's all good!

GotN: I also wanted to ask you - is this your favourite D photoset? I've enjoyed loads of D on Dreams of Spanking, but I wondered if you have a favourite set or picture of him? Or as the director, do you love them all equally?

PB: The highlighting thing is an interesting one - I hadn't thought of it that way. For me, the reverse striptease isn't so much about revealing each feature as creating desire via unavailability. It's like, D is immediately available at the start so you see how yummy he is, but then as he goes from sleepy boy to gradually getting covered up, it has this slight distancing effect by making him seem older, more unavailable, and more dominant. For me lust has a lot to do with wanting without having, so for his body to go from revealed to covered increases the desire - as well as the specific clothes creating an aura of toppiness that has me squirming in my seat.

PB: This is my favourite D photoset right now, and I'm kind of obsessed with this picture that gives his beauty a rockstar pinup quality: I would totally have had that picture on my wall as a teenager. In fact I might make myself a print of it.

PB: But I'm also really fond of this set.

GotN: Oh I <3 Tangled With You too! You both just look so incredibly calm and happy in it. And I can definitely see why you'd have that rockstar picture on your wall - D has a really casually-hot vibe, like he's left the door to his rockstar dressing room open because he kind of hoped you'd walk in while he was getting changed.

PB: It's so lovely making porn with your lovers! I highly recommend it.

GotN: It's bloody wonderful for you to share it with us! I mean obviously we're kind of back to 'OMG your boyfriend is so hot' territory here, but on top of that it's incredible to see him through your eyes, if you see what I mean. I think it's a different perspective to the way it would be if you were strangers - there's a closeness as well as obviously your kinky eye, which picks up on the details that another director might not.

PB: Thank you! Full credit to Matt Christie as well for taking such superb pictures - he's got an amazing eye for light and composition, even if toppy men aren't his kink. I'd love to see more female photographers and directors shooting the men they love - I think you're right that the intimacy of shooting someone you're close to results in really special images. Here's to more sexy men in porn!

GotN: Amen to that!

Shooting in a cinematic style - the story behind our new film 'Houseboy'

Our new film Houseboy is a departure from the usual videos on Dreams of Spanking - and most other spanking sites. This is our first attempt at a cinematic short film, aiming for a higher standard of cinematography and storytelling than we are usually able to achieve. I wasn't planning to shoot this way from the start - it came about from a convergence of factors that created the perfect opportunity to try something new.

Casting Tai Crimson

It started last year, when I met an enthusiastically kinky and ridiculously cute young person from San Francisco. He was gorgeous, he loved spanking - he could certainly take it - and he expressed an interest in shooting for Dreams of Spanking. He wasn't old enough at that point to perform in porn, but I said that once he turned 18 I'd be very happy to work with him. We made plans to shoot together when he was next in the UK - which happened to be May 2015, less than a week after his eighteenth birthday. How's that for a coming-of-age celebration?

Houseboy - a new cinematic short fetish film by Dreams of Spanking

I normally prefer to work with kinksters who are a little older, simply because I value emotional maturity and experience in the people I shoot with. I think the common fetish for "barely 18" performers in porn is partly based on the idea that young performers are vulnerable, and so it's easier to take advantage of them and push their limits. I find this sleazy and totally unethical, and I'd always much rather work with older players who know their own minds and are able to look after themselves. It's important to me that the performers I hire can take responsibility for their own limits and communication, are experienced enough players to know their bodies and their preferences, and are secure in their decision to appear in fetish porn - because once you've done it, there's no going back.

When I met Tai, however, he exploded all of my preconceptions. Although a teenager, he has a rock solid sense of his kinky identity, and he's been exploring his interest in private for years. He is calm, confident, intelligent, self-reliant, and very emotionally mature. So at eighteen and a few days, Tai officially beats Talia Lane to the position of youngest performer on Dreams of Spanking - and yes, we do have his ID on file to prove it!

We put a date in the diary, and meanwhile Tai and I exchanged emails discussing his interests and preferences. But by March this year, when I needed to start firming up plans, I already knew that ATVOD were investigating Dreams of Spanking and that I was likely to have to stop updating the site for a duration of several months while my appeal was underway. I had lots of scenes already shot starring Fauni, Mike, Talia and David and others which I wasn't going to be able to publish, so there was absolutely no point spending money and energy shooting more material that might never see the light of day.

Towards a cinematic style

Meanwhile, I'd attended the British Fetish Film Festival in February and the Berlin Porn Film Festival last October, and I'd been thinking an awful lot about shooting styles, production values, and the budget and time constraints under which I was shooting.

Over five years I have developed a shoot style that produces one 10-15 minute spanking film per hour, in a remarkably stress free environment, with plenty of breaks. This is based on improvised scenes filmed live by one or two handheld camera operators, with perhaps some close-ups or cutaways to enhance anticipation in the build up to the spanking scenes, but otherwise shot with as few cuts as possible - unless the performers themselves need to cut. Lightweight, consumer-grade cameras make handheld shooting manageable without the camera operators getting too tired, and using auto-focus allows us to get visual variety by roaming around the scene shooting different angles, rather than stopping the action to reset each shot.

This non-disruptive shooting style allows the performers to get into an immersive scene space and stay in character, which helps the roleplay flow more smoothly, and also helps the bottom stay in their headspace and makes the spanking itself easier to take. It's a system that Nimue and I have got down to a fine art, and I was pleased that we'd reached a point where we could create nice-looking films within budget, while maintaining a relaxed and fun shoot environment for everyone involved.

The downside of this low-key shooting style is that the resulting films would never achieve the cinematic quality that I was seeing at the film festivals I was going to. I'd had a couple of films rejected from international festivals, presumably because the videography, audio quality and storytelling wasn't up to scratch. I found myself wanting to level up, and see if with a bit more money, time and effort, I could raise my production values and put Dreams of Spanking on the map as a credible producer of cinema-quality films.

Houseboy - a new cinematic short fetish film by Dreams of Spanking

So rather than hire Tai for a day shooting a number of improvised ten minute website updates, I decided to use him to do something different. I booked amazing boudoir photographer Matt Christie to help out with the videography - he'd expressed an interest in shooting video last time we shot together, he has a commercial-grade camera and he also had access to an amazing location perfect for the scenario I had in mind.

I started penning ideas for a single 10-15 minute short film. Not five films, or six films, or seven. Just one.

Developing the story

With Tai, I had an articulate and gorgeous masculine-of-center performer with a submissive streak a mile wide, who loved being spanked. I thought about the films I was seeing at festivals, and the lack of beautifully-shot female/male BDSM films shot from a female perspective, with a male submissive who is both beautiful and interesting, and not just a cipher propping up a sexually objectified female dominant. Instead of this I wanted to make Tai the lust object and protagonist of the film, focussing both the lens on his body, and the story on his character's journey.

I started with a fairly traditional plot - a young man applying for a submissive role in the household of an established mistress. I brainstormed ideas for visual storytelling, thinking about ways to focus the storyline on the tension and anticipation Tai's character feels before he takes the plunge towards fulfilling his submissive desires. I considered ways to create an interesting power dynamic between his character and mine. I quickly realised that I'd need a third performer, another submissive serving the mistress - someone to make his arrival at the house feel more formal and more intimidating.

I'd already talked to my friend Eliza Grey about having her on set as a shoot assistant, helping out behind the camera (she had planned to be with us on our shoot in November, but had sadly been unable to make it). I realised she'd be perfect for the role of a bitchy receptionist, enhancing Tai's nerves before his interview with the Madame... and once I'd cast Eliza, the rest of the story fell into place. 

Houseboy - a new cinematic short fetish film by Dreams of Spanking

Writing the script

Ten days before the shoot, I was hurrying to finish the script on my laptop on the train. I'd never written lines for characters to say before, and I was finding it surprisingly difficult. I'd write a line, then agonise over it. What if Tai doesn't feel comfortable saying that? What if that's not what Eliza would say? I've always made a political point of not putting words in my performers' mouths, and suddenly that was what I was literally doing. At the same time I was all-too-aware that they were going to need to memorise their lines, and time was running out.

I closed my eyes, wrote some lines telling myself they were only placeholders, and sent it off with an apologetic email saying this was a very rough draft, and inviting them to make any changes they wanted. But my anxiety proved unfounded. In the end, bar one wording change, that script was the one we used - and Tai and Eliza rocked it.

Working with a storyboard

A week before the shoot I was on D's sofa after a fetish party, scribbling a 'storyboard' in biro on A4 paper from his printer while my friends chatted around me. After writing the screenplay I had a strong visual image in my mind's eye of what most of the shots would look like - now it was just a case of creating a visual reference so I could communicate my ideas to Matt on the day. I'd visited Matt's location a week ago, so the rooms were fresh in my mind. It was a useful exercise to think through camera angles and compose the shots, but I'm pretty sure it was the crappiest storyboard anyone has ever worked from. The most hilarious of my terrible stick figure drawings was this sketch of Eliza being spanked over my knee and feeling sad about it:

Professional production all round, innit.

The day of the shoot

The shoot day approached. I bought food and props, looked up travel options, packed suitcases, selected implements, printed scripts and release forms. Shortly before the day I realised that I'd inadvertently booked our shoot on the same day as the London Marathon, and the location we were using was only one block away from the route. That meant that not only would transport potentially be disrupted, but the exterior shots would all have a huge amount of background noise. Still, at this late stage there was nothing to be done about it. I booked an 8am taxi, the traffic at that hour was fine, and I was on set at 9am. Matt and I drank coffee and looked through the storyboard, then Tai and Eliza arrived - and it was all go.

Shooting from a script was a totally new experience for me, and a steep learning curve. I'd worked out the best shooting order, shooting the story in as close to chronological order as possible while minimising room and lighting changes. After that it was just a question of staying calm, following the callsheet and taking it one shot at a time.

Houseboy - a new cinematic short fetish film by Dreams of Spanking

I was using an external mic for the first time, and was grateful to have Eliza helping out and sharing the responsibility for making sure the mic was a) close enough, b) not in shot, and c) recording each time. She was also an absolute star helping out with moving lights, checking camera batteries and memory cards, making tea and tidying up behind us. A+++, would work with again. Plus it turned out she could seriously act...

It was a full day, perhaps a bit too full - nerves started to fray after a few hours, and everyone was feeling tired by mid-afternoon. The shoot would definitely have been easier with more camera crew or fewer scenes to fit in. After a few hours, Matt noticed a round smudge in the middle of the lens, and wiped it off - but of course there wasn't time to go back and re-shoot the shots we'd already done. By the time we came to shoot the confrontation between Tai and Eliza in the kitchen, everyone was so tired that that scene took about seven takes. Some of the shots ended up out of focus, and we got through so many cans of tonic that I was worried we'd run out!

Editing the film

Still, despite all that, when I came to look at the footage I was pleased to discover that most of it looked how I'd expected. There were a few surprises in the edit - such as that moment when I realised the reverse shot in one dialogue scene crossed the line and was therefore unusable, and was suddenly grateful that we'd shot three angles of that particular scene, even though at the time it felt like overkill. It was a monster of an edit, but satisfying too, sorting through all the footage, plugging it into place, and seeing how the scenes I'd envisioned in my mind played out on camera. 

Houseboy - a new cinematic short fetish film by Dreams of Spanking

Choosing the music was another daunting prospect - I knew I wanted to avoid re-using the same creative commons soundtracks that you hear time and time again in indie porn, and that meant spending money. But how to start looking? First I worked out where music was needed - in the intro sequence, the montage, and the closing credits, which meant I needed two or three pieces in total. Then I did a rough edit of those sequences so I had a vague idea of how long the music would need to be. After that, I set a day aside to browse SoundDogs, typing in different keywords and playing pieces with my eyes closed, visualing the film, until I hit on a genre that felt right. I realised that for this story my usual taste in piano and cello-dominated classical and film score music wouldn't work - Tai's character needed something moody and masculine, guitar-led, energetic and driving. Finally I whittled down a selection, downloaded some samples and started laying them over the edit to see what worked.

Primarily, this film was intended to be screened at film festivals - which meant that the narrative would have a different structure than standard spanking films. In a film intended for someone to watch while having a wank, you need a carefully paced build-up and pay-off that sustains uninterrupted shots of climactic spanking action for long enough for the viewer to reach orgasm. In a longer film, there might be two of three of these build-ups and climaxes, separated by character-driven story. But at a film festival, the audience are watching to have their minds stimulated, not their genitals. Fast-paced editing is preferable, providing lots of new visual information with every shot. Explicit sequences need to be edited down to the bare minimum necessary to develop the characters and progress the story. So that was a new challenge: cutting the 15 minutes of high quality spanking action in, for instance, Tai's audition scene, down to the three minutes earmarked for it in the festival edit. The only way I was able to do it was by promising myself that I'd release the full, uncut scene as an extended edition on Dreams of Spanking later. But meanwhile the deadline for the Berlin Porn Film Festival was June 30th, so I had to get the shorter edit finished first...

In the end, thankfully, it was finished in time to submit to Berlin, and I'm hopeful that they'll accept it. I'll be submitting it to various other film festivals over the summer as well. I'm really happy with the finished film, and completely honoured to have been trusted with Tai and Eliza's porn debuts - and thrilled that they had a good time.

Houseboy - a new cinematic short fetish film by Dreams of Spanking

And that's a wrap!

It was a really long shoot day. We finished the scheduled shots around 7pm, 10 hours after I'd arrived on set. But then we cracked open the champagne and ended up chatting and buzzing on a total high, which led to another two hours shooting performer interviews, and even a behind the scenes caning for Tai when he confessed he still didn't think he'd been spanked enough...

By the time we finally turned the cameras off, sat down for some supper and tidied everything away, the sun had gone down - and it was 11pm before I finally got into a cab. Matt and I had been on set for fourteen hours, Tai and Eliza for thirteen. I am so grateful to the three of them for their enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism. It was a long fucking shoot and everyone put in so much energy and creativity it was kind of overwhelming. Overall, this production cost ten times as much as an average Dreams of Spanking video, but even so I still came away feeling like I hadn't paid people enough for the amount of work they'd put in.

In conclusion

Overall, this was a very satisfying project, and I'm really happy to have it under my belt. But it also taught me a lot about the trade-off that arises when you move towards a more cinematic shooting style. My previous method gave my performers more breaks, less stress and a much more satisfying kink experience. Shooting Houseboy, we did the bare minimum of spanking needed to get the shots I wanted - and stopping to move the camera, check the focus and lighting, consult the storyboard every few seconds made it hard to get immersed into a satisfying spanking headspace. I'm glad I hadn't scripted any particularly hard spanking scenes, because I think severe corporal punishment would be much more emotionally and physically challenging to take in this context.

I hadn't realised it before, but shooting in a more amateur style results in a much more rewarding experience for the performers - with more opportunity for top and bottom to develop an in-scene chemistry, focus on each other rather than the camera, and time for the bottom to sink into a yummy submissive headspace, without constant distractions.

So what can I take away from this? Well, I've learned that shooting in a cinematic style is something I can do, and that's good to know. I've learned that it's hard work, at least ten times as expensive as my usual shooting style, and considerably more time-consuming to produce and edit. It's also exhilarating, exhausting, and very creatively satisfying. I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a go, and I'm hopeful that the finished film will be screened in Berlin this year. But I've also learned that I don't want to start shooting this way every time. Perhaps I might be able to put out one cinematic film a year, but this experiment has restored my faith in my usual low-key way of shooting, which it turns out is preferable experience for me and my performers - and a much better environment to ask people to take hard spankings in. Our standard Dreams of Spanking shoots emphasise process over product, and trying something new has re-affirmed my faith in that process.

You can watch the long-play trailer for Houseboy below - and if you're a site member, please watch the full film and tell me what you think - and make sure you also check out the extended editions of Tai's and Eliza's spanking scenes, performer interviews and Tai's off-the-cuff behind the scenes caning.

Shoot previews - Fauni Cate

I know it happens from time to time, but so far in three years of running Dreams of Spanking, I've never had a performer fail to show up to a shoot. Maybe it's luck, or maybe it's a consequence of mostly shooting with my friends, people I already know and trust. The closest I've come was our M/M shoot in January last month. I'd booked a European performer who had applied by email, but three days before when I wrote to him to confirm some final details, he told me that his travel plans had changed and work was now sending him to China instead.

I already had a top - Dr Richard Barton - and a venue booked, but now I needed a bottom. I hastily sent messages around to a few kinky friends asking if they'd be interested - or know anyone who would. To my relief, one turned out to be both willing and available. It was a bit of a long shot - I'd met him at a sex party and knew he was a fetishist, but I wasn't sure how he felt about spanking. As we chatted on the train, I discovered that he was an enthusiastic spanking switch who enjoyed playing both ways with his girlfriend. Result.

Queer porn performer Fauni Cate

It turned out that Fauni Cate had been thinking of doing porn for a while, but was yet to take the plunge. There are few things more exciting than a brand new spankee, and I felt honoured that he trusted Dreams of Spanking with his first time.

Before the change of plan, the scenes I'd planned had been all traditional, old-fashioned domestic punishment, with an emphasis on over-the-knee hand spanking. I do love to indulge my taste for the fantastical from time to time - and my fetish for male/male spanking is rooted in Roald Dahl and Charles Dickens, with their emphasis on formalised, severe school canings. But the most popular M/M scenes on this site have been simple, classic spanking scenarios featuring over the knee bare bottom hand spanking, such as School Report and An Unorthodox Tutorial. It seems that a lot of you enjoy the squirming embarrassment of a lad who is old enough to know better taken over an older man's knee to be spanked like a little boy.

Luckily, this sort of scenario is ideal for a first time spanking performer - and when I ran my ideas past Fauni, he was enthusiastic about all of them.

We started with an introductory photoset, taking advantage of some rare January sun to indulge in a bit of cheeky flashing in the garden.

Queer porn performer Fauni Cate flashes his cute bum in the garden Queer porn performer Fauni Cate flashes his cute bum in the garden

Then it was time for the first video - always a bit of a nerve-wracking experience, even with a top as seasoned as Dr Barton. We started with a scenario that had been tailored to Fauni, casting him as a queer youth who defies his uncle's wishes to attend Pride. He looked the part in a rainbow t-shirt and punky jewellery, and the roleplay went smoothly - although it took mild-mannered Dr Barton a bit of effort to get into character as the repressive homophobic uncle. Fauni took direction well - and he took the spanking well, too. This scene has just gone up - you can watch Fauni take his first ever spanking on video here.

Queer youth Fauni Cate is punished by this uncle with a hard over the knee spanking Queer youth Fauni Cate is punished by this uncle with a hard over the knee spanking

The second scene continued the domestic theme with a "short sharp shock" style paternal punishment, in which Fauni drives Richard up the wall by playing his music too loud. After the third complaint from the neighbours. Richard hauls Fauni in by his ear and takes him over the knee for a brisk, on-the-spot spanking. Given their relative sizes it was easy for Fauni to kick and struggle over the knee, and we were able to indulge the requests I've received by email for over the knee punishments where the male spankee has both feet kicking off the floor.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

Film number three was my personal favourite. This time, we departed from the theme of strict old-fashioned punishment with a more nurturing scene, in which Fauni visits Richard for some consensual discipline. Fauni has a strong Daddy/boy kink and Richard plays in this way in his real life, so it suited them perfectly.

We filmed a negotiation between the two of them beforehand, and Richard let Fauni call the shots by asking for what he wanted and choosing the implements. The scene was affirming and positive, and gave Fauni a chance to relax into the spanking without having to worry about staying in character.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

This turned into an extended nurturing dominance/submission scene, and I'm planning to release it in two parts. I particularly loved the ending, with Fauni kneeling naked at Richard's feet for some gentle aftercare.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

The final scene made use of the study (famed from Sting Pictures films), with Dr Barton as the sarcastic headmaster and Fauni as the rebellious schoolboy called up for uniform violations - from his dyed hair and facial piercings to untucked shirt and wonky tie. A straightforward, no-nonsense telling off and over-the-trousers six of the best. Short, sweet and simple. This was Fauni's first ever caning, which gave his schoolboy character some very authentic nerves, but he took it bravely.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking
Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

All in all, it was a very relaxed and successful first shoot. I was impressed by Fauni's professionalism and really enjoyed working with him. Given this shoot started out with my first ever last-minute performer cancellation, things definitely turned out for the best.

It was a pleasure to give Fauni his queer porn debut, and he's welcome back at Dreams of Spanking any time he likes. I'm looking forward to seeing where his fledgeling porn career takes him next!

Shoot with David Weston

I shot lots of female spankee scenes when I was touring the USA, but it wasn't until I got back to England that I was able to arrange shoots with two male spankees I'd been looking forward to working with. We filmed for two days in a lovely new studio in Bristol, and the first day was with David Weston.

I made contact with David on Fetlife after seeing his pics and that he was into spanking, and asked if he'd consider a spanking shoot. He was definitely interested, and we talked by Skype while I was in LA to set things up.

Producing spanking video is a continuous learning curve, even after five years. After Nimue, Tom and I discovered quite how productive it was possible to be on our location shoot last September, I've been trying to balance that against the limits of the other performers I work with, particularly new spankees. It's not only how much spanking you can take, but the physical, mental and emotional fatigue of shooting - the improvisation, the adrenaline spikes, the costume changes, the elation, exhaustion and catharsis of a hard scene.

Ron had put us in touch with a beautiful venue, and I wanted to make full use of it. But I was wary of pushing David too hard on his first day. I want every performer I work with to have a fun, satisfying, non-stressful time on set, but that's particularly true of new spankees. My aim is for everyone I shoot with to want to come back and do it again! My compromise to was cast David in four short spanking videos, but to shoot some solo photosets inbetween to make the most of the venue.

We started with an introductory photoset of David showing off his lovely bottom - and his geeky taste in t-shirts.

Introducing David Weston at Dreams of Spanking Introducing David Weston at Dreams of Spanking

When we had been discussing scene ideas beforehand, David mentioned that he was interested idoing a Victorian roleplay. A lot of the performers we work with are attracted to our historical scenarios - it seems to be a setting that resonates with a lot of people in the scene. Besides, who doesn't like dressing up?

We settled on a nice and simple storyline for David's first ever spanking on camera, with him playing a naughty boy who has disappointed his strict governess. When you're dealing with the nerves of improvising and reacting to a spanking under the studio lights and in front of camera crew, sometimes it's best not to complicate things too much with an intricate plotline

David took his spanking with remarkable stoicism - he kept on tensing up until I urged him to relax. It may seem counter-intuitive but if you can relax your bottom it really does feel nicer! He certainly proved that he can take a spanking. This was a hard hand spanking, but nonetheless at one point we had to move away from the face shot because he was struggling to suppress his natural reaction to the pain - a great big smile! No big deal - it provided a great excuse for a close-up on his lovely bottom instead.

David's Strict Governess at Dreams of Spanking David's Strict Governess at Dreams of Spanking

David had a break while Nimue and I shot some solo photos of me in my brand new school uniform. It was a bit of a squeeze to get into the tight school skirt, but I think it was worth the effort!

Pandora's new school uniform at Dreams of Spanking Pandora's new school uniform at Dreams of Spanking

After a tea break we moved into the studio's wonderful reception room, with its intimidating antique desk. David got the opportunity to explore a brattier character, playing the recalcitrant school boy who refuses to show up to detention and is sent to the head's study. Corporal punishment is no longer common in schools, and he doesn't think anything will happen to him. His cocky attitude changes to shock when the headmistress gets out the slipper and shows him that she isn't joking.

David visits the headmistress' study at Dreams of Spanking

David visits the headmistress' study at Dreams of Spanking

While David recovered from his first encounter with the slipper, I stayed in headmistress mode and shot some solo images, showing off my new academic hood - and a vicious new tawse from the Correction Collection.

In the headmistress' study with Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

In the headmistress' study with Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

Then it was time for lunch, and some involved scene planning for our most intense scene of the day. A far cry from the sweet and simple first spanking, this was one of my most ambitious plotlines to date, a sci-fi epic with David playing two different characters, a prince and his rebel clone. I won't give away the story, but I will say that David put in a superb performance. I wished we'd had time to devote a whole day to this idea, but making do with the time available, improvising dialogue, blocking and shots, we gave it the best we had. I was impressed with David's acting.

The acting was the easy bit though - he had never taken a cold caning before. I gave him six measured strokes, medium hard. It was very emotionally intense and David was extremely brave. The marks were gorgeous, too.

The clone's cold caning at Dreams of Spanking The clone's cold caning at Dreams of Spanking

It's funny, sometimes a hard scene, even on a shoot environment, can throw up unexpected emotions or memories that need processing. It wasn't the first time I've sat with a co-performer on the floor after a caning, listening and holding space while they worked through whatever feelings the scene had thrown up, and I suspect it won't be the last. Catharsis is part of this thing we do. There can be surprising emotional closeness on a spanking shoot, even among people who have never worked together before.

Finally, while David enjoyed a well-earned break, we took some final solo photos of me in some new white and red cami knickers a viewer recently sent me as a gift. I love these full style French knickers and am looking forward very much to getting spanked in them!

Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking

Finally Nimue had her turn in front of the camera in we shot an unscripted, candid scene in which David finally got the chance to express his enjoyment of being spanked. Nimue took him over her knee for an enjoyable aftercare spanking during which he was allowed to grin as much as he wanted. It was the perfect end to a very successful first spanking shoot. I'm looking forward to inviting David back for more!

Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking

My straight-girl porn lament

Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking

I've heard it from many straight girl friends before – the porn lament. You know the one: “I found some porn that really presses my buttons and all, but there's one problem: the guys in it are either looking disinterested, or notable by their absence.”

I've felt the same. Casually browsing some porn ,I'll come across a scenario that floats my particular boat, then halfway through utter a cry of rage and frustration when they cut away from shots of the guy. Women are beautiful, and I love seeing gorgeous women getting it on (or off, as the case may be), but I want to see the men too. Men with shoulder muscles, filthy grins, and lots of screentime.

I was going to write this blogpost about the latest photoset – Lace and Ribbon – and describe all the many ways in which it's awesome. But there are loads of awesome things you can see straight away: Pandora, dressed in a stunning lace ensemble, and subsequently just in tiny ribbon knickers that frame her perfect arse. Pandora bending over the arm of a sofa to display her hot naked self. Some beautiful couple shots where, watching D's hands caressing her, you get the feeling of being a voyeur – enjoying some of the couple's most intimate moments.

Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking

All these things get my heart racing.

But what gets my heart (and other parts lower down) positively thumping, is the fact that the camera gives D a lot of love too.

Hot, tattooed guy playing with a gorgeous girl? Yes please. Hot, toned guy grinning sexily and using his strong hands to caress every inch of his lover? Oh God don't stop. Hot, naked-from-the-waist-up guy wielding a riding crop? Just... hold me.

Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking

Of course, seeing more of everyone is one of the things I love about Dreams of Spanking anyway – no matter who's getting spanked and who's doing the spanking, we see beautiful body shots, loads of arse close-ups, and most importantly faces – the looks of lust, pain, and everything in between.

You really get a sense of who the people are, both male and female, the beauty of this is so apparent in the photosets Pandora and D do together. Both Lace and Ribbon, and the filthy, sensual, hardcore photoset from Valentine's Day have a similar atmosphere – that of two people who are really into each other. Both of them are centre-stage, with Pandora's desire for D as evident and reflected in the pictures as his for her.

We see her perfect arse in tiny ribbon knickers, bent over the sofa, framed at the window, and sigh with the same kind of desire we imagine D to have done. And then we get to see D, lounging on the sofa with riding crop in hand, and imagine the shivers it must have sent down Pandora's spine. Well, it would have if she were me.

Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking

Domestic goddesses

This week our theme is domestic goddesses - especially sexy, submissive, apron-clad ones. So put your feet up, relax, and let a well-spanked beauty bring you service with a smile...

First we have Molly Malone, who has been baking all day like a good little housewife. Now all her cupcakes need is 15 minutes in the oven: just long enough for Pandora to undress Molly down to her vintage lingerie and give her a hard hand spanking.

Once Molly's bare bottom is nice and pink, there's still time for twelve good swats with the wooden baking spoon.

Finally the cupcakes are ready, and Molly's round buns are also roasted to perfection. She ties the apron over her stockings and suspenders; Pandora won't let her have her clothes back until the cupcakes are iced. Until then, Molly is left to decorate the cupcakes with her bare red spanked bottom on display.

Cupcakes is a playful domestic F/F roleplay with a charmingly retro flavour. Yum yum yum!

But of course, not only ladies can be sexy domestic femmes! In our accompanying bonus gallery, playfully called Cheesecake!, we have Michael Darling wearing only a candy-coloured apron and a smile. He shows off his recently spanked bottom and strikes some classic pin-up poses.

It was the end of a busy day shooting domestic F/M scenes with Michael and Nimue, but somehow after the final scripted scene (which will be going up on the site next week, so you can see how Michael obtained these cane stripes) we all had some energy and enthusiasm left.

Michael's bottom was so beautifully welted that we decided to show it off in one final set of photos. He had brought a pink and blue apron which we hadn't got to use yet, and we came up with the idea of a gender-bending, naked-butler-meets-submissive-housewife scene, with Michael wearing only the apron and showing his marks while he pours the wine.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to twin this scene with Cupcakes starring Molly Malone. Playing at being a retro housewife can be hot for subby types of any gender - why let women have all the fun?

And yes, it's possible I may have a teensy kink for the image of a spanked bottom showing through the back of an apron.

Dudes in distress

As someone who likes looking at naked men, it sometimes feels as if the world of rope bondage photography thinks that only women ever get tied up. I've enjoyed watching men submit to bondage in real life, and I've always wanted to see more of it in porn. For a while now I've been particularly fascinated by the idea of seeing a physically strong man in artistic rope bondage; tight rope curving around bulging muscles. The idea of strength subdued and power restrained.

With his athletic physique and experience as a nude model, our newest switch performer Will Savage provided the perfect opportunity to test my ideas.


Introducing new switch performer Will Savage, freshly oiled and showing off his muscular physique. Strength and power are slowly tamed as he kneels and submits to tightly tied hemp rope.

Many thanks to rigger Ariel Anderssen (AKA Amelia Jane Rutherford) and photographer Hywel Phillips for helping me bring this vision to life. I love the results, and producing this male bondage photo set has only whetted my appetite for more.

It seems I'm not alone, either.

Musclebound went up on Friday. On Saturday, I uploaded a couple of preview images to Fetlife. By Sunday night, one image had climbed to the top of the "Kinky & Popular" feed, with over 1000 "loves". The other followed not far behind.

This feed is not just based on how many likes or comment a picture has, but has an algorithm that seems to take into account recent activity, maintaining a balance of media types, and quite possibly some human moderation as well. The tendency of the feed to include a majority of white, skinny, naked women has been well documented. Men are rare; male submissives are practically invisible. (Likewise, the Fetlife homepage always includes a photograph, usually of rope bondage, always, always of a female, white, skinny bottom.)

As I write this, our photo of Will Savage bound in rope has 3,734 "loves" and 390 comments, all positive, both numbers climbing by the minute. A lot of people have commented on how rare it is to see a male submissive featured in K&P, and how much they appreciated it. Here's a tiny sample:

Take one look at this thread and tell me again that "men just aren't that nice to look at naked" or "women just aren't that visual".

The kinky world, or at least the part of it that spends time on Fetlife, is crying out for more beautiful imagery eroticising and celebrating male submission. I am absolutely bowled over by the scale of the response this photo has received. It's renewed my determination to continue the work I'm doing to produce imagery that depicts male submission, as well as female, as positive, sexy and beautiful.

If you like Musclebound, you may enjoy a couple of other sites I've found recently which provide sexy photos of men in bondage.

FM Concepts is a digital download site which contains fetish photos and videos starring both male and female subs. Their Men in Bondage section contains a large number of titles including, interestingly, many scenes in which men and women are tied up together, as well as F/M scenarios. Seems I'm not the only one who thinks that boys and girls getting into trouble together is hot.

The other link I stumbled across this week is a tumblr site called Dudes in Distress which publishes original male bondage photography by two kinky ladies. The boys are cute, the photography and the bondage are beautiful, and the predicaments are creative.

Dreams of Spanking is first and foremost a spanking site, so aside from introductory model photosets like this one of Will, bondage is mostly something I will only include as part of a spanking scene. But there is clearly a need for more beautiful imagery of men in bondage, as well as more D/S erotica focussed on the male submissive. I already have all sorts of ideas about potential spin-off projects.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Musclebound; and we have two scenes featuring all three of Will Savage, bondage and spanking still to come.

I'll leave you with a poem about the submission of a strong, powerful man by the excellent Labcoats and Lingerie, which I think is beautiful.

Give me the lion

What use have I for worms?
I am no gardener.
Where I could crush with the toe of my boot,
I’m reluctant to step.

For they are hard to see, down there,
competing to wriggle the lowest.
From the height of a human it’s hard to tell one from another.
So I wait,
and watch–kindly–so as not to interrupt
as they wriggle away in search of a thing that I’m not.

I do not need a worm.

Give me the lion.

Give me the lion with the orange mane,
the teeth, the sweeping tail,
quiet paws, and the unmistakable
curve of his spine.

No housecat he, declawed and docile,
content with long-dead food.
He tears his meat with me,
my lion.
‘Til I challenge him:
tossing scraps on the ground and watching his hackles rise.

We test one another.

If I do not stand over him–if I turn, and assume his obedience–
he may tear me to pieces
(and I will deserve it).
You must. Respect. The beast.

Therefore he tests
the still and wordless strength
in my gaze, and the tension I keep on the chain in my hand;
in return I test his will, and smile
when he finally lowers his head to obey me
and eats.

He wears my collar, but it doesn’t make him tame.
It just makes him mine.
Astride his ferocity I am ferocious:
marking his rippling hide,
or twisting a hand through the curls of his mane to hold him.
When I mount him, and ride,
I command the world.

So keep your worms, and give me the lion.
Give me the lion, a chair and whip,
and time,

and we shall roar.

The Lion and the Ruby Slippers

Fans of Michael Darling, fairytales and burlesque will adore this magical gender-bending boylesque performance from Barelesque 3 a couple of weeks ago. Beautifully conceived and performed, it plays with the ideas of butch and femme in a way that is both sexy and unexpected. It seems that the Lion from Oz has a tender side...

Shoot previews - Michael Darling

The second day of last week's shoot was all about Michael Darling. Previously known as Mike Stryker, this blue-eyed, neatly bearded young man has gained a lot of fans after his shoot with Dana Kane, and I couldn't wait to get him back. This time, I felt that my topping skills had come far enough to work with him myself, and he didn't seem to mind the idea. Since we're both switches, I decided to start the day with a couple of scenes which let his top side shine:

Doesn't he look good wielding that hairbrush?

This switch scene, in which we play two young sweethearts who agree to pledge their troth in the manner of college fraternities - with ten hard swats of the wooden paddle - will be out this weekend. Look out for it!

But of course, you've all seen my bottom before - and while I had Michael for the day I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to show off his. It is rather fantastic, as anyone who's seen this photo will agree.

Michael's penchant for age play was the inspiration behind that sizzling shaved-and-spanked scene with Dana Kane, and since then not only has it become one of our most popular videos, but it's inspired age play scenes with Sebastian and Ten as well. I love giving the performers I work with input into the scenes we do, as it's when you're playing a scene that everyone is genuinely into that the real magic happens.

I knew that Michael was also very interested in pet and puppy play. It's something I've dabbled with myself, with the good folks of SM Circus. But I've never explored it in an F/M context before. Well, there's always a first time. And with fellow puppy player and accomplished domme Nimue Allen on set, how could I resist?


I wouldn't describe puppy play as my kink exactly, but I can definitely see the appeal ... and I defy anyone to not find those photos adorable.

And of course, we couldn't resist the opportunity to shoot some classic domestic F/M. Well, almost. I try to inject a bit more affection and intimacy into my F/M scenes than you'll see in traditional femdom. And I do like to show you Mr Darling's lovely face, as well as his lovely bottom:

We had a little time left at the end of the day, so before we settled in to a convivial evening of wine and gossip, we used the time to take some extra photos of Michael showing off his beautifully welted bottom in a pink floral pinny.

There's something about these images, for me, that sums up the whole idea behind this website. I just love the way his muscles look in the window reflection in that first photo. Who says nubile young men can't be sexy 50s housewives too? Ladies, I hope you'll agree.

Lovers with stories

I've got two new updates for you this weekend, each showing off a special person in my life.

The first is a mini-gallery of portraits of Tom, sitting in a magnificent Chesterfield gentleman's armchair. I've been spanked on and around that chair countless times, and it has inextricably kinky associations in my mind. You see so many photosets of female tops posing with their implements that I thought it might be fun to try it the other way round. Call it self-indulgent, but I think these are pretty hot.

I don't know where I'd rather be: kneeling at his feet with my eyes closed, listening to a bedtime story; or standing before him, hands clasped, as he holds that cane and decides how many strokes it's going to be... 

The second update is a video interview with my new lover Molly Malone. Molly's debut on Dreams of Spanking was in Saddle Sore, the short al fresco film we made for the Bike Smut eco porn festival. In this interview I welcome Molly to the site and find out she has some stories of her own to tell.

Molly talks about how she discovered her love of spanking through our mutual friend Zoe Montana, her experiences in the Sydney spanking scene, and how she quickly learned that she likes to give as much as she likes to receive. Since Molly hasn't spanked me on camera yet, I ask her to demonstrate her skills. She was only too happy to take me over her knee, and reduce me to a puddle with a delicious sensual hand spanking.

This was the first scene of a two day F/F shoot in which the two of us switched as enthusiastically as we do in real life. You can tell from this interview what a natural she is in front of the camera. We had a fabulous time, and filmed a whole range of creative, funny, sexy spanking scenarios which I can't wait to show you. I've share some preview photos from the shoot in my next post.

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