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The Further Adventures of Molly Brown

Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, and Leia-Ann Woods in period costume at Dreams of Spanking

I always get a little nostalgic around Christmas. This year I’m finding that sensation stronger than ever: 2020 has been a year unlike any other I’ve seen, and the familiarity of the festive season has proven comforting.

It seems only fitting, then, that we have some fine vintage porn for you this week. The Wrong Room was filmed some years ago now, and is the sequel to The Victorian Brothel - which was already a look back through Dreams of Spanking history when we released it in 2017. It’s also set in the 1800s, of course, making it a blast from the past in more than one way!

As one of the newer members of the Dreams of Spanking team, this was my first introduction to the shenanigans of Molly Brown. You can tell in the opening scenes of The Wrong Room that she’s enjoying her bare-bottom spanking a great deal - and not for the first time, either, judging by the array of beautiful bruises she sports all across her exposed backside. Longstanding fans will know that this enjoyment was hard-won: in her debut she was a real firebrand, stubbornly refusing to submit to her client’s desires. All that life and energy is still there - she hasn’t lost her sharp mouth or her quick wit, which we see as the film unfolds - but she’s discovered something wonderful at the hands of Thomas, and submission to him has become something she craves and enjoys.

Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, and Leia-Ann Woods in period costume at Dreams of Spanking

You can see the jealousy in her face, in fact, when after a mixup with room bookings Thomas decides to invite the hapless Leia to join them. She soon warms to the idea, however, and in the end thoroughly enjoys getting to play the experienced sub talking a nervous newbie through their first ever spanking. Leia too is taken on a journey during this encounter. She’s reluctant at first, seeming to agree only out of a sense of politeness and duty. As her cheeks redden, though, we can see it in her face: she’s enjoying this. She’s learned something new about herself here; something we can but hope she gets to explore with Thomas on many future assignations.

It’s been a deeply peculiar year for us all, has 2020 - but we wanted to go out with a bang (or should that be a smack?), and this was the perfect way to do it. Have a great Christmas, folks, and we’ll see you on the other side.

How to be a good domestic servant (as learned from spanking porn)

In our new POV film, Pandora Blake conducts an interview for the position of butler. A respectable job, and one which carries a lot of important responsibilities. But where do you learn how to do such a rare and skilled job as this? Luckily, although you may never get the opportunity to apprentice with a real butler, Dreams of Spanking has plenty of characters with lessons to teach us about domestic service.

From the maid who scrubs the parlour to the gardener who keeps the grounds, there's a huge range of skills and experience for you to consult if you're looking to apply for the role of butler, or any other domestic service role. So without futher ado, here are some tips from the best (and worst) domestic servants on Dreams of Spanking:

Tip 1: Keep your hand out of the till

It doesn't matter if your family is poor, and you're so underpaid that you can't cover their costs – master and mistress will notice if anything goes missing. If you're extremely lucky, as in the case of The Whipped Maid, then light stealing won't result in a loss of your position and a return to the workhouse - a kind master or mistress will simply administer a fifty-stroke whipping to ensure the crime is not repeated.

Hapless maidservant Pandora Blake bends over for a fifty stroke cold caning from Thomas Cameron and Leia Ann Woods

Tip 2: ABC – Always Be Compliant

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey provide an excellent primer for domestic behaviour in The Baroness' New Housegirls. As Lady Blake inspects the girls and puts them through their paces, it's clear that while elegance and grace are high on her list, the quality most valued by their new mistress is compliance: unquestioning obedience to her every command.

Amelia Jane Rutherford models perfect submissive obedience for Pandora Blake and Caroline Grey

Tip 3: Look your best

There's no universally-approved uniform for domestic servants. Some employers will prefer you to wear a well-pressed suit, or a neat maid's uniform complete with cap. Others, such as Michael Darling's boss in this domestic scene, will prefer their butler to dress in floral apron, with nothing underneath. Respect your employer's dress code, because they probably know best. Michael's, for example, clearly has an excellent eye for the best outfit in which to appreciate a bright red spanked bottom.

Michael Darling shows off his bright red spanked bottom as a naked butler wearing only a floral apron Michael Darling shows off his bright red spanked bottom as a naked butler wearing only a floral apron

Tip 4: Maintain professional composure at all times

This is a basic premise for all domestic service roles. Sadly, though, as is clear in 'Position Available', it's not always easy to stay professional when presented with certain challenging tasks. For instance, if your mistress bends over a chair, offering her latex-clad bottom to a prospective butler so they can polish her skirt, it would be hard for even the most consummate pro to refrain from staring. Just make sure you don't indulge the temptation to inappropriately touch...

Pandora Blake shows off her bottom encased in tight black latex as she interviews you for the role of butler

Tip 5: Hide your indiscretions

Of course one cannot always be perfect, even if you know that misbehaviour will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Such was the case with Sebastian Hawley, the undergardener caught sneaking off the estate and causing a ruckus in the local public house. Mistress Blake the housekeeper responsible for teaching him a lesson with the birch. If only he'd been more careful.

Undergardener Sebastian Hawley is taken out to the grounds for a birching by housekeeper Pandora Blake

So our final tip is one that applies no matter which domestic role you're applying for: No matter how strict your mistress or master, remember the most important advice of all - if you're going to misbehave, make certain you don't get caught.

If you're experienced in domestic service, have experience in being served yourself, or are even just an enthusiastic observer, please do add your own tips in the comments below. After all, we're keen to ensure that all Dreams of Spanking maids, butlers, gardeners and stableboys maintain the strictest standards of professional behaviour at all times...  

Leia-Ann Woods bends over for the cane

A while ago Pandora and I were discussing the best positions for caning. She told me that one position is usually the most popular among Dreams of Spanking viewers: "bend over and touch your toes.'

Strict caning for submissive secretary Leia-Ann Woods at Dreams of Spanking

Whether it's the view of someone's bottom, vulnerable and exposed, or the feeling of your own bum stretched tight and waiting for the crack of the cane, somehow there's something about this particular position that's incredibly arousing.

If you're one for whom the phrase 'bend over and touch your toes' sends filthy-hot shivers down your spine, you'll probably be a fan of our latest spanking film. Leia-Ann Woods plays a submissive secretary being trained by her cruel boss Thomas Cameron. She has been with him for over a week already - and is doing her best to remain obedient under the stress of his exacting regime.

Strict caning for submissive secretary Leia-Ann Woods at Dreams of Spanking Strict caning for submissive secretary Leia-Ann Woods at Dreams of Spanking

He begins each day with an intrusive inspection, running his hands all over her, and examining the way she is wearing her tight-laced corset, tight pencil skirt, fully fashioned stockings and suspenders – a very traditional and deeply hot uniform for a BDSM submissive secretary.

As you'd expect, Mr Cameron is keen to find fault with poor Leia. She is subjected to twelve strokes every morning as a matter of course, simply to keep her on her toes - or touching them. Today, he finds six reasons to add additional strokes to her regular morning punishment, taking the total to an eye-watering eighteen. Leia tries not to show her fear as he tells her to assume the position for the cane.

Strict caning for submissive secretary Leia-Ann Woods at Dreams of Spanking

Personally, I struggle with the touching-toes position. I love the feeling of vulnerability that it brings, being so exposed and so reliant on my own self-discipline - using my own strength of body and mind to hold the position so I don't topple over. But then the strokes fall, one after the other, and I wobble, and tense up, and grit my teeth, and it becomes harder and harder not to break position.

Touching my toes seems easy when I first do it, but as the pain accumulates and the heat and sting of the welts layering across my upturned bottom grow stronger, my muscles start to tremble and I worry that I'll either fall forward or – worse – involuntarily straighten up and earn myself extra strokes.

It's much easier if you're told to bend over a desk, the back of a chair, or even lie face-down on the bed to receive a beating. But then - as Leia-Ann's determined poise and Thomas Cameron's calm perfectionism show - a thorough caning isn't about what's easy, is it? It's about punishment.

Strict caning for submissive secretary Leia-Ann Woods at Dreams of Spanking

I find it difficult to stay in position touching my toes at the best of times. Wearing a tightly laced corset, hobble skirt and high stiletto heels like Leia-Ann in this film, I would find it nearly impossible. Leia is justly famed among spanking fans for her grace and elegance, whether she is administering a thrashing or receiving one. But if you want to know just how poised she can be, even through the stress of eighteen searing cane strokes, watch Day Ten of her Training and find out.

Click to view trailer for Day%20Ten%20of%20Her%20Training

While the director's away...

I wrote recently about the uncertainties of running a porn site during the holiday season - not knowing whether or not you, our lovely viewers, will be here on any given week, ready and waiting to watch our latest update, or whether you're all off having fun in foreign climes. The truth is that it's not only your absence that affects things over the summer months. Running a spanking website is hard work at the best of times - it's even harder when the director goes on holiday.

I went away for a week at the end of July, and if I hadn't had AJ and Girl on the Net in London to hold the fort, things would have fallen apart. I edited and uploaded the week's film (The Evacuees - Part 2) before I left, but it was Girl on the Net who wrote the scene blurb and the blogpost, AJ who kept on top of email and tech support requests and posts pictures on Fetlife and Tumblr, and both ladies took turns managing the Twitter account.

In fact if they hadn't been around, there wouldn't have been an update that week. On Saturday, two days before I was due to come home, I got a call from AJ to tell me that the server was down. It was terrible timing - our new scene goes live at the weekend and Saturday is usually our best day for new sign-ups. Instead, the server was down for 8 hours during the middle of the day. Not only could users not log on, neither could AJ, so the new scene hadn't even gone live yet. It was AJ who posted updates on social media until the site was up and running again - and AJ who logged in straight-away and pushed the new film live. I really am very lucky to have a team who care so much about the site that they're willing to work weekends and take the initiative in an emergency.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going away again til Monday, and once more I'm relying on the Dreams of Spanking ladies to keep things ticking over in the meantime. It's good for me to take some time off (those of you who know me will know how rare this is!) but it's good to know that my baby will be in safe hands. 

The downside of going away is that I have to rush to get everything done before I leave. That's why I'm typing this at 2am, while waiting for an audio effect to process on this week's forthcoming spanking film. I've done the multicamera edit, nailed the music (if I do say so myself), and am just tidying up the audio. Next it's colour grading, digital zooms, frame cropping and other finishing touches - and I still have to make the trailer and pack for my long weekend before my friends come to pick me up tomorrow lunchtime. Somehow I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight.

Still, it'll all be worth it in the end - I'm looking forward to a wonderful four days away, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of this week's scene when I get back. It's from our location shoot with Leia-Ann Woods last year and is a dark, sinister vignette which implies, but doesn't show, a longer dominance and submission narrative. This is one of the scripts I wrote before the site even existed, and it's a pleasure to bring it to life.

I think the finished film is going to be just as atmospheric as I imagined - if I get it done in time. My audio's finished processing now, so I'm going to get stuck back in. In the meantime, I'll leave you with an exclusive preview photo...

Leia-Ann Woods caned at Dreams of Spanking

Sadistic scientist spanked

'Doctor of Pain' was one of the first videos I watched when I started writing for Pandora a couple of months ago. It's a Hammer Horror-esque film, complete with eccentric scientist, funny performances and sexy punishment. You should definitely watch it if you haven't already, it's a great combination of ultra-hard spanking and hilarious dialogue, and it'll also set you up nicely as an intro to part two – The Lab Rat's Revenge.

In this sequel Pandora, initially the lab rat for Leia-Ann Woods' 'science of pain' experiments, is now the one in control. And she has an axe to grind as she ties the sadistic doctor to her own experimenting table and seeks revenge.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

The scene starts with Pandora trapped in a cupboard. Vulnerable, wearing only her knickers and bound hands and feet, the tension mounts as she struggles against her bonds. There's a definite horror film flavour - as she escapes, tiptoeing towards Leia-Ann and trying not to wake the eccentric doctor for fear of being captured again, you're still half wondering whether she'll manage to turn the tables.

I'll be honest – I enjoyed 'Doctor of Pain' so much that a part of me was hoping she would get caught, tied up and tormented some more.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

But it's well worth rooting for Pandora. Leia-Ann Woods is so good in her role as the sadistic scientist that seeing her getting her comeuppance is a total joy. She's a great actress, and watching her face and hearing her cries of pain and outrage when she's tied down and beaten is incredibly good fun. When Pandora brings the wooden paddle into play, outrage takes a back seat and the doctor starts to gather some new and very personal insights on pain.

I love it when the tables get turned, and someone who has been on the receiving end of a beating gets to give their tormentor a taste of their own medicine. In this scene Pandora is clearly enjoying the opportunity for vengeance. Laying into the doctor with a flogger, tawse and other implements, she takes obvious pleasure when Leia-Ann squirms, and taunts her “are we learning something about pain?” But even as hot wax drips and burns her bare skin, the doctor stubbornly maintains that when it comes to science, the end justifies the means.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

I won't spoil the ending, although it's worth watching this film in its entirety to see one of Leia-Ann's most memorable performances ever. Throughout the scene she and Pandora build a really fun, witty exchange into what is also an incredibly hot spanking, tawsing and paddling. Check it out for yourself, and see the unforeseen results of the Lab Rat's Revenge.

Click to view trailer for The%20Lab%20Rat's%20Revenge

A Victorian cold caning

As you'll know if you read my posts after the shoot, our latest film was a big deal for me. Dreams of Spanking had already published one severe caning scene courtesy of Kaelah and Ludwig - now relocated at Darker Dreams. The last (and only) severe caning I had filmed with myself as the bottom, however, was with another producer. Since then I've known that my next full-force, judicial strength cold caning film would be for Dreams of Spanking.

Click to view trailer for The%20Whipped%20Maid

The Whipped Maid

Things are awry below stairs. A stolen coin has been found in the room of Blake, one of the maids. When confronted she pleads family trouble, and begs for mercy.

She has served the house well, so her employers hear her out. But they are stern in the face of her pleading: order must be maintained, after all. They would prefer not to take this to the authorities, and she is therefore offered a private punishment to suit the severity of her crime. Even family circumstances won't save her from 50 cold strokes of the cane.

I'll be honest with you: the premise of this one didn't take as much thought as some of our storylines. I knew I wanted to do a judicial strength, severe caning; and when I discussed it with Leia-Ann one sunny, boozy, scene-plotting afternoon last summer, it occurred to me that a double caning from Leia and Tom would be super hot. After that, it was just a question of what would make sense within the venue. I knew I wanted it to be historical; the location suggested a domestic setting. Victorian upstairs/downstairs power dynamics have always been a core part of my kink, and so it was that the idea of the whipped maid came to the fore. Hardly original, but every spankee deserves to have a go at each of the classics at least once, I think.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

The plot emerged from a gift by a friend in the scene - a gold pound coin dating from Victoria's reign. It was too good not to use as a prop. 

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

However, I hate the image of the low, thieving maid who deserves everything she gets - it reeks of out-dated class stereotypes, and as you all know, I prefer my spankee characters to be sympathetic.

So the theft became one that, perhaps, might be understandable... and Leia and Tom played the Master and Mistress as far more compassionate than my character had any right to expect. Rather than being summarily dismissed without a reference - or, worse, arrested - she is granted the chance to atone privately, and keep her position.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

This film was shot with two 8mm canes; one kooboo (Tom) and one smoked dragon (Leia). If you watch the behind the scenes video you'll see me commenting that Leia's cane feels much nicer, to my taste; and that Tom's is almost too light to be used accurately at full force. (Denser canes are easier to aim; I've found that myself when in top mode).

My taste is for thud, and the hard canings I've taken have historically been with dense dragon canes, 10-12mm in thickness. The problem was that on this shoot we only had one cane that matched that description, and with its modern purple handle it didn't look Victorian. 

I didn't want to receive a lopsided caning, and I didn't want the implements themselves to be anachronistic. So we opted for the matched pair of lighter canes.

I realised early on in this punishment that it wasn't going to be as intense as I'd envisaged. I promised myself there and then that the next time I did a severe caning scene as a bottom (and trust me, there will be a next time, and it will be for Dreams of Spanking) I'd make sure I had two 12mm dragon canes that looked the part.

Some commenters have said they find this scene overly brutal. For my tastes, and I know this might be weird, it was almost not brutal enough. When I envisaged doing another severe caning scene I imagined struggling, tears, violence, vivid welts. Not only was the atmosphere of this beating incredibly restrained and quiet, each character regretfully doing their duty while maintaining as much dignity as they could, but even my poor, over-spanked bottom didn't mark as much as I'd hoped.

I'd been playing hard without a break for a long time by the time this scene was filmed, and despite the pain, the welts don't look as dramatic as the other canings of similar severity I've seen other spankees take. I know it's not a competition. But I'm only going to do a few of these in my life, and you know me well enough by now to know I care about the look of the thing.

Still. In all other respects, this scene went out without a hitch. Leia and Tom were perfect, the caning was laser precise, and I managed to stay in control of myself throughout - which was just what I'd wanted. I love the maid's uniform I wore, and I love the finished film. I hope you do, too.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

For what it's worth: since this shoot last September, I've been giving my skin a break and have barely taken any CP beyond the occasional hand spanking, professionally or privately. The next time I shoot, I expect both the marks and my reactions to be more dramatic. 

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

Tawsed on the hands

For ages hand tawsing was on my list of "hard limits". Not that I would never, ever do it; I knew I wanted to try it sooner or later. But I was determined that the time, place and person I did it with would be right.

Pandora Blake tawsed on the palms of her hands at Dreams of Spanking

I've always been aware of hand tawsing as an intense, realistic, historical punishment. I learned all about Scottish schoolchildren getting "the belt"; English and American schoolchildren being caned or rulered on the hands. I even had my hands fake caned age 9 (for getting ink on my fingers while copying out the alphabet with a dip pen) on a school trip to a Victorian reenactment center, as we were told how unfair it would be, having to go back to your place and try to write neat letters with a throbbing, swollen hand. (In retrospect that school trip was pretty formative). In both school history lessons and a lot of the prim Victorian literature I grew up reading, hand punishment was far more mentionable than punishment applied to the buttocks.

It wasn't until I entered the scene that I encountered it as something people might do voluntarily. I read about fellow kinksters in discipline relationships having their hands strapped as a quickie punishment before being sent back to their desk. I once watched Lucy McLean teaching a mutual friend to do it, and I saw a number of friends get it during group roleplays with the Northern Spanking crowd. I even witnessed Leia-Ann Woods and another friend take double hand tawsings from Lucy and Amy Hunter, with both palms outstretched, crucifix style, and both tawses snapping down simultaneously. Holy shit.

I found it a fascinating punishment to watch, primarily because of the eye contact. An experienced hand tawser like Lucy can tell her victim to look into her eyes, and hold her gaze even as she lays on a devastatingly accurate stroke. There's something electric about it: the eye contact, the unique exposure and emotional vulnerability of your disciplinarian being able to watch every expression flicker across your face. You can't hide your head in shame; you have to hold it high. I love that, the way it encourages stoicism, especially when the whole room is watching. The position has always seemed a proud, brave one to me - standing tall, freely raising your palm, even though you know what's going to happen; even more so after the first strokes have been laid on, when you must do it again with your hand already sore. It takes a lot of courage.

Pandora Blake tawsed on the palms of her hands at Dreams of Spanking

I knew I wanted to try it, one day, but I also knew I didn't want it to be sprung on me in the middle of a light-hearted group roleplay. My fear was that I would find the whole experience incredibly intense, would cry and so on, and I didn't want to react that way in public unless the context was appropriate. It wouldn't be right for a casual fun punishment, and it wouldn't be right unless there was the opportunity for aftercare if I needed it.

In the end, that's not how it happened. First, I was asked to dish out light to moderate hand tawsings in sessions and custom shoots,  and I needed to know what it felt like, so I ended up taking a few strokes privately, in a spirit of professional enquiry. None were hard enough to feel "real", but they reassured me that this was something I wanted to do.

When I was planning scenes to shoot with Leia, we were trying to think of more scenes for her topping me, and I mentioned the idea as a way to avoid marking my bottom before my big caning scene (or to avoid showing marks, after it). I knew she had considerable experience in both giving and receiving hand tawsing, so I trusted her to be safe and accurate. And having seen her take much worse hand tawsings than I was about to, I knew I'd have no excuse not to go through with it.

Leia Ann Woods tawses Pandora Blake on the palms of her hands at Dreams of Spanking Leia Ann Woods administers a severe hand tawsing at Dreams of Spanking

Dirty Hands is a witty, elegant, "short sharp shock" style punishment set in the world of the Ladies' Pony Club, the sequel to Lady Godiva. The prim and proper, "keeping up appearances" mood of this setting perfectly suited hand tawsing as a punishment. If you've Stephenson's Baroque cycle, you might recognise where I got the idea for the hand job on the yacht...

Click to view trailer for Dirty%20Hands

Dirty Hands

Fundraising Week is over at the Pony Club, and Miss Blake the Treasurer reports to her friend the President, Ms Woods. Leia has a bone to pick with Pandora. She knows Pandora has been messing around with her - Leia's - husband, and in fact Leia witnessed a rather unsubtle hand job taking place during the yacht cruise. Leia doesn't intend to take it lying down, and she means to make the punishment fit the crime. She knows a good way to ensure that Pandora's dirty hands don't stray where they shouldn't from now on...

I particularly enjoyed the dialogue in this, including some very sharp one-liners from Leia. I also enjoyed getting to play faux innocent, always good fun especially when you know you aren't going to get away with it!

Pandora Blake is, of course, perfectly innocent at Dreams of Spanking
Guilty? Moi?

For the tawsing itself, we negotiated 8 strokes, four on each hand, which we thought was the minimum to make for an interesting video. As a first timer, though, this meant they couldn't be full force, as even four at that severity is an extremely serious punishment. Instead Leia started out medium hard, and got a little harder towards the end. It still stung like blazes, and I couldn't help wincing as I held my tender palms up one after the other, knowing what was coming next.

Pandora Blake holds out her hands for the tawse at Dreams of Spanking

Still, I survived, and I found the whole experience quite hot, more than I expected. This is definitely solidifying into an interest of mine. Now that I've done it once, I want to do it again. I'm tempted to try some properly hard strokes next time too. I really am my own worst sadist at times!

Pandora Blake gets the tawse on her palms of her hands at Dreams of Spanking

Big Location Shoot 2013 - Leia-Ann Woods

Leia-Ann Woods at Dreams of SpankingFor most of you, Leia-Ann Woods will need no introduction. The poised, elegant spanking superstar is as kinky as they come, and has contributed hugely to the UK scene. She co-founded ladies prison spanking soap Bars and Stripes - the first spanking site framed as an ongoing, consistent narrative with recurring characters. She is one of the core team of performers at Northern Spanking, the spanking site which inspired me with its emphasis on performer wellbeing and consent behind the scenes. Leia-Ann also writes a well-known blog, and is much loved in the UK session and party scene.

In recent years she has added another strongto her bow and taken up professional dominance, while continuing to enjoy submission in both her private and professional lives. Leia-Ann's effortless evolution from sub to switch was one of the things that reassured me that it was okay to grow and develop myself. It's always a pleasure to work with fellow switches and, once I got over my initial shyness about working with someone I had so long admired, I was very excited to shoot with her for Dreams of Spanking.

This shoot was set up when we bumped into each other at the Boardwalk Badness party in Atlantic City this April. It seems that both of us had been nervous about approaching the other (these things seem so silly in retrospect), but once reassured that the other was keen, we were both eager to go ahead. We spent a pleasant June afternoon drinking cider and plotting a day of deviance tailored to Leia-Ann's tastes and skills.

When she arrived on Friday 13th (unlucky for some!) we were well into the swing of shooting. We were tired, too, but working with an experienced professional like Leia, I was feeling pretty relaxed about the day ahead.

I always like to start with an introductory photoset when shooting with a new performer. Leia-Ann needs no introduction, but she'd brought a wonderful World War II Women's Royal Naval Service ("Wren") uniform with her which I was keen to use. Lacking a corresponding uniform for either Tom or I, I hadn't planned a video, but decided to go ahead with a simple spanking photoset - which was published last week.

Leia-Ann Woods punished in a World War II WRNS Wren uniform at Dreams of Spanking

Jenny Wren

WRNS rating Woods nervously awaits the Superintendent in a private room of the HQ. She's heard rumours about some of the more severe disciplinary methods still employed in the Service, but so far hasn't experienced any punishment worse than extra physical training or tedious chores.

Sadly a moment of carelessness during a training exercise has sabotaged her good track record, and after accidentally discharging a clip of live ammunition she knows that her Commanding Officer isn't going to let her off lightly. Still, she has her whole career ahead of her, and she's determined never to be so careless again. Whatever punishment she faces now, she intends to take it as a Wren should: with courage, honour and dignity.

Leia-Ann Woods punished in a World War II WRNS Wren uniform at Dreams of Spanking Leia-Ann Woods punished in a World War II WRNS Wren uniform at Dreams of Spanking

We didn't have a specific plot in mind while we were shooting, but when I came to upload the photos I did a little research into the Wrens' training and the sort of thing they might have been punished for. I came across several tantalising references to the historical caning of Wrens - for instance this report on the letters section in the Sunday Telegraph:

Sunday Telegraph, London, 5 February 2006
Bare bottom caning

Your correspondent who as a Wren was caned over her knickers had it easy (Letters, January 29). In the 1940s, it was a daily routine for cadets at the Royal Naval School in Portsmouth to be beaten on their bare buttocks.

Once, for carelessly discharging a clip of live ammunition, the commanding officer gave me 30 of the very best and I could not sit down for five days.

Mavis Parker, Quorn, Leicestershire

Fiction or not, it provided ample inspiration for a whole raft of future Wren scenarios. Clearly we will have to get Leia and her uniform back to revisit this theme and use some of these ideas. Perhaps with a second uniform for the top, next time!

I'm still getting the hang of my new camera, but I enjoyed taking these photos and I like how they've turned out. Mind you I won't lie, it's pretty hard to take a bad picture of Leia-Ann Woods.

Leia-Ann Woods punished in a World War II WRNS Wren uniform at Dreams of Spanking Leia-Ann Woods punished in a World War II WRNS Wren uniform at Dreams of Spanking

After that it was time for our first video of the day - an F/F switch storyline in two parts. Leia and I dreamed up this scenario together, so it's the product of both our fevered brains! It stars Dr Woods as a mad scientist obsessed with her researches into pain. She kidnaps hapless citizens and takes them back to her country house to be the subject of her deranged experiments.

I honestly think that Leia is the only person on the planet who could have played this role. She was utterly perfect and had us all in stitches with her performance.

Leia-Ann Woods is a Doctor of Pain at Dreams of Spanking Leia-Ann Woods is a Doctor of Pain at Dreams of Spanking

In part 2, her current laboratory victim (played by me) effects an escape, and takes her revenge.

Fun in cupboards at Dreams of Spanking The Lab Rat's Revenge at Dreams of Spanking

After that we did a sequel to our recent film Lady Godiva, which follows the ladies' equestrian society in a small rural town. Leia played her top role as society President, taking the Treasurer (me!) in hand for a rather indecent incident involving Leia's own husband.

Leia-Ann Woods tawses Pandora Blake's hands at Dreams of Spanking Leia-Ann Woods tawses Pandora Blake's hands at Dreams of Spanking

This was my first ever hand tawsing on camera, and I was pretty nervous about it beforehand, but Leia measured the strokes out accurately and I got through it without freaking out. It bloody stung, though!

Then it was lunch, and plenty of time to work up a lather of nerves over my big bottoming scene of the day: a 50-stroke severe caning with me as a whipped Victorian maid. I got properly worked up about it and ended up delaying the start of shooting for half an hour or so, fussing over my costume and delaying the inevitable.

I'd been planning this scene for months. I'd taken one judicial level cold caning on camera before, for Hungarian site Pain4Fem, but hadn't yet done so for Dreams of Spanking. I thought it would be exciting to make it a double caning, since Leia is left-handed.

My only remaining concern was the bruises on my bum from my severe belt whipping scene we'd done four days earlier. I'd hoped they would have faded, but they were still pretty obvious. Ideally, I wanted a clean canvas before the caning began. But there was nothing to be done, and hopefully it isn't too implausible that a maid who finds herself in trouble with the Master and Mistress of the house would have been punished before.

Whipped Victorian maid Pandora Blake takes a 50-stroke severe caning at Dreams of Spanking Whipped Victorian maid Pandora Blake takes a 50-stroke severe caning at Dreams of Spanking
Whipped Victorian maid Pandora Blake takes a 50-stroke severe caning at Dreams of Spanking Whipped Victorian maid Pandora Blake takes a 50-stroke severe caning at Dreams of Spanking

This scene was very intense and exciting for me, and reminded me how much I love cold canings. I managed to stay in control of myself throughout, and everyone on set respected my wishes regarding how I wanted the scene to go. It was a really empowering experience.

The only thing I wasn't happy about was how the marks looked afterwards (I am a marks fetishist, after all). This was at the same strength, and using very similar canes, to the caning Kaelah took in The Final Test, but you can tell my bum has been beaten a lot more over the years - it's simply much harder to give me those beautifully dark, bloody welts these days! Still, Leia and Tom (both expert caners) were both going as hard as they could without losing accuracy, so hopefully the video will satisfy those for a taste for severity - even if the marks didn't lend themselves to quite as dramatic photos as I would have liked.

Overall, shooting this scene went so smoothly that I'm already thinking ahead to doing another judicial-level caning in the future... perhaps with heavier dragon canes next time! Once my bottom has fully healed from all its recent adventures, of course.

Afterwards we put my recent stripes to good use in a scene set in a Victorian brothel. This is part of an ongoing series of which I've only filmed two episodes so far - and I haven't released either yet, because neither of them are where the story starts! I need to redouble my efforts to get episode 1 shot next year so I can start to publish this storyline. It follows the adventures of Molly Brown, a poor girl who leaves the workhouse to work in a brothel, and discovers a knack for catering to gentlemen with a taste for corporal punishment, one of whom becomes her mentor and patron.

In this scene, Molly's co-worker Leia-Ann accidentally walks in on a session in which Molly is being soundly whipped by her regular client. Leia assumes the worse and tries to protect Molly, giving the chap a piece of her mind and threatening to tell the madam. The client is not impressed and to make amends, poor Leia soon finds herself bending over for the same treatment.

Victorian tarts Leia Ann Woods and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking Victorian tarts Leia Ann Woods and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking
Victorian tarts Leia Ann Woods and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking Victorian tarts Leia Ann Woods and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

This scene was such fun to play out, and I loved dressing up in corsets and bloomers with Leia. Nimue did a great job with the photos, too. 

Finally, it was time for Leia-Ann to take a cold caning of her own, as part of a dark D/S film which I wrote a few years ago. It dips into the life of a submissive in training with a ruthless and exacting master. Her morning maintenance punishments are augmented by any slip or error he can find in her behaviour or demeanour... plus a few unfair additions thrown in just to fuck with her head.

I initially wrote this scene for me and Tom, with me as the helpless submissive desperately trying, and failing, to please. When I ran the script past Leia, however, she loved it, and I realised that her poise and self-control would give the scene a very different flavour. It turned into a quiet, intense battle of wills as the master tried to break her, with Leia defiantly obeying every instruction without once letting him get inside her head. She looked stunningly elegant in a knee-length hobble skirt, implausibly high heels and tight-laced corset... and she was still able to touch her toes!

Victorian tarts Leia Ann Woods and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking Victorian tarts Leia Ann Woods and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking
Victorian tarts Leia Ann Woods and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking Victorian tarts Leia Ann Woods and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

Working with Leia-Ann was a treat, she really is one of the best in the business. She warmed to my more eccentric ideas with pleasing enthusiasm, and we had a great day indulging different aspects of our kink. I'm looking forward to sharing the results with you, and hope to shoot with her again.

Big Location Shoot 2013 - memories

Pretty much every night that we were in the cottage, I would plan to blog what had happened that day. Predictably, each evening I was so tired that the idea of doing anything but flop straight into bed seemed impossible. Despite that I did manage to prepare and eat dinner each night, back up my photo and video files, plan the next day's scenes and deal with a few urgent emails, but anything else was beyond me.

As such I have a lot of catching up to do, which seems to be the permanent state of this blog. After Lola Marie we spent two days shooting for Nimue's World, of which I spent one day behind and one day in front of the camera; then three days in a row for Dreams of Spanking, shooting with Michael Darling, Leia Ann Woods and new male switch Andrew Shada.

It was a non-stop, insanely productive week. Nimue produced a total of 20 scenes on her two days, a height of efficiency which is completely beyond me, but even with my penchant for involved, complex storylines I still managed to shoot a total of 30 scenes over my four days, mostly videos with accompanying photos, but also including some standalone photo galleries. Once things started to flow, the three of us (me, Nimue and Tom) slipped into a groove that allowed us to get things done remarkably fast.

I'd love to get photo previews from all the hot scenes we shot up on the blog this week, but realistically it might take me a couple of weeks or more to get caught up. So meanwhile, while it's all fresh in my mind, I just wanted to post some of the more memorable highlights and impressions from the rest of Dreams of Spanking's first week-long location shoot...

The "playroom" in the cottage.
If only they knew!
  • Miscalculating the timings on the morning before we left, and having to throw all my packing into my suitcase from the list I'd written the night before at top speed while the cab waited outside.

  • Getting in a lovely hot bath on the first night we arrived for a soak... and realising that the immersion heater had emptied while both taps were running, and my nice hot bath was in fact a chilly lukewarm bath. Showers for the rest of the week, then!

  • Taking photos with my new stills camera and falling head over heels in love with the entire process.

  • Shooting my first needle play scene with Nimue, for her site, with me playing the top role. I'd never done it before and she asked if I'd mind learning on camera. Of course not, I said - in fact I love videos that are transparent about negotiation and show that bottoms can teach tops just as much as the other way round. We did it with two cameras on tripods in the end, so just the two of us in the room, and it was really special. I didn't get the same physical, 'uNf' response that I do with corporal punishment - it wasn't a horny experience in that way - apart from the fact that I was playing with Nimue's amazing breasts, which is always hot. But there was something very mentally and emotionally powerful about it.

    I loved the moment when the needle goes in, and the gasp you get in response; then as it travels under the surface it doesn't interact with many nerves, but you can control when the point exits the skin again, and get that intake of breath again. I found it an intense, intimate form of control/power play, with loads of eye contact, and an indescribable jolt of energy as needle pierces skin. There's something electric about it.

    Plus, although of course it's difficult to show this on video without pissing off credit card processors, when you remove the needles you get loads of blood, which is always fun to play with. It was the first blood play I'd done for years - since I quit self-harming in fact, which is why I've been avoiding blade/needle play - and it felt very positive for me, very healthy and safe. Plus Nimue's boobs were bruised from the entry/exit points for the rest of the week, which gave me a smug self-satisfied feeling whenever I saw them :D

  • Building log and coal fires in the living room stove, and heaping blankets on the bed to stay warm at night.

  • Being brought tea by Tom every morning - and grinning as he called me or Nims "Madame Director" (depending on whose day it was). Love that man.

  • Trimming apple switches with a penknife to use on Nimue's bottom

  • Using my gorillapod for its intended purpose, clinging to a curtain rail to drop a high face shot into a very small shooting space. Gorillapod enjoyed its little adventure!

  • Covering Tom in baby oil and getting him to do press-ups to bulk up his muscles for a sexy male top wood-chopping photoset. Porn for me! (my catch-phrase for the week). Then getting to snuggle up with him in bed afterwards and giggle under the covers. I love my life.

  • Discovering the extent of my unwanted bruising on Wednesday, and panicking about the big bottoming scenes I had planned for myself (including a 50 stroke full force caning) being ruined as a result. I managed to stay relatively outwardly calm about it, but I was gutted.

    Here's an unedited picture of my bottom on Thursday afternoon, showing the remnants of bruising from the belt scene on Monday morning on the middle of my right cheek and in the tender inner area of my right crease. You can also see the cane stripes which have been permanently visible since April, and which are the reason I've regretfully decided to take a break from professional bottoming now until they've fully healed up. The pink bit is where the belt re-opened one fo those scars and made it bleed a bit.

  • Sitting up on Wednesday waiting for the second new performer of the week - male switch Phil Fury. He was driving across the country after work on Wednesday and due to arrive late in the evening. By midnight there was no sign of him, he hadn't sent the text I'd expected and he wasn't answering emails. I remember sitting there getting increasingly exhausted, grumpy and frustrated. After a week of 7am starts and long days I would normally have gone to bed at 10pm, and I resented every hour of lost sleep. Still, without his phone number there was little I could do. I gave him until 1am, then pinned notes on the gate to the cottage and the front door telling him to call/shout loudly if he arrived in the middle of the night.

    By the morning there was still no sign of him. I texted Michael Darling to see, on the off chance, if he was free, and it turned out he was. Meanwhile we got on with shooting some scenes with just the three of us - as a result, Thursday turned out to be our most productive day, because we did five scenes with Michael when he arrived as well. Not a bad outcome for my first ever no-show.

    Phil contacted me the following day from the hospital, after being involved in a collision on our way to us, which is about as shitty as you could imagine (and, as we'd observed the night before, pretty much the only valid excuse for not texting sooner). Here's hoping he makes a swift recovery and we can reschedule for a shoot in 2014.

  • Getting to shoot scripts that have been in my ideas folder for years - and bring some of my most powerful fantasies to life.

  • Shooting my first ever masturbation to orgasm video, for Dreams of Spanking. It shouldn't really have been a big deal after all the filthy things I shot Nimue doing for her site, but it was my first sexually explicit video (as opposed to photos) as a performer, and my first sexy solo scene, so it was a big deal for me. It felt like it went well - I'm looking forward to reviewing the footage and seeing how it turned out.

  • Deciding to do a 30s scene with Michael that none of us had brought costumes for, and throwing together a riding outfit with mid-calf skirt, boots and jacket out of items I happened to have with me anyway.

  • Making crumble with apples, pears and blackberries from the garden - and accidentally carbonising the topping in three minutes flat as we discovered that the temperature dial on the oven was a lie!

  • Being tied naked in a cupboard... and devising my escape

  • Dressing both Lola Marie and Leia Ann in various items of Victoriana from my collection

  • Getting my hands tawsed properly for the first time, which because Leia sensibly brought a relatively thin tawse with her, wasn't as awful as it would have been with a heavy thick one. It's not a kink that I enjoy at the time, but it's excitingly terrifying beforehand and leaves me feeling very brave afterwards, so that ticks several boxes. I'll definitely do it again.

  • Working myself up into a lather of nervous anticipation before my 50 stroke caning scene that had me faffing around beforehand until we were running nearly 45 minutes late. Everyone was very patient with me, and once the punishment started and I remembered how much I love hard canings, I wondered what all the fuss had been about. Here's the immediate aftermath of 50 full force strokes with two 8mm kooboo canes (right cheek courtesy of Tom, left cheek courtesy of Leia):

    Not as dramatic as I'd hoped, but then my bottom is fairly resilient these days. Next time I'll have to take a 6 month break beforehand, and use 12mm dragon canes, clearly...

  • Chronicling my bruises during the week. Here's my bottom on Saturday morning. Apart from the marks on my left cheek, which are pretty much all from Leia's 25 cane strokes, you wouldn't known I'd taken 50 the day before, would you?

    This is the huge bruise on the front of my thigh which I collected accidentally before we'd filmed a single scene at the start of the week, from walking repeatedly into the sharp wooden corner of the bed while setting up lights before I was properly awake. On Monday afternoon it was bright blue and pink and swollen, and it's still there over a week later!

    And finally, here is the state of my bum on Saturday evening, after my last bottoming scene of the week, including old belt bruises, permanent cane stripes, residual marks from the 50 stroke caning, and fresh riding crop marks:

  • Lying awake at night coming up with alternative storylines for scenarios that wouldn't display my unplanned bruises - or for if the next day's model didn't show up - and then a part of my brain feeling disappointed when we didn't have to use them after all.

  • By Wednesday, feeling like we could do this every day, for the rest of our lives, as long as we had other people to take over the other duties of running the sites. By Saturday, running on empty and knowing there was no way we could have done another day even if we'd wanted to.

  • Consulting Tom on various historical details, and collaborating with him to get storylines note perfect.

  • Developing a fullblown crush on a character of Tom's based on Flashman from the George Macdonald Fraser books. I want to have sex with him. It doesn't have to be on camera. Nimue apparently felt the same way, because after we'd wrapped up the scenes on our schedule she asked to bottom to the Flashman character as well, in an unscripted bonus scene. She assured us that she had no objection to it getting rather sexy if we wanted ;)

  • Falling asleep on Nimue's bosom on the last night, after drinking a mere one and a half glasses of pink wine, and not being capable of any conversation more sophisticated than squeeing at cute animal videos on the internet. Her breasts are very comfortable.

  • Being so tired on the morning we left that I had to keep sitting down and staring blankly into space... before hauling myself to my feet and folding yet more items of school uniform and period costume into suitcases.

  • Packing up the cottage simultaneously mourning for the exhilaration, creativity, imagined worlds and sense of family that developed during the week... and being relieved that we'd finished and could finally start to relax.

  • Back in London, going to the nudist spa with Tom, Nimue and Michael to unwind after one of the most intense working weeks of our lives. Unable to hide the bruises on our bums and instead being open with people we met in the hot tubs about what we'd been up to. We met some wonderful people and made some new friends... and we were all surprised when a pair of total strangers started playing consensual spanking games in the big jacuzzi. Zoe Montana and I raised some eyebrows when we got up to similar mischief last year, so I was relieved to discover we weren't the only ones!

    After six hours of sauna, steam, cool swims, sitting and chatting with wine in the hot tubs, the tension of fatigue had drained away and we were all ready to collapse. I fell asleep as soon as I got in the door and, two days later, I'm still feeling the lingering tiredness of having been running such high energy levels continuously for a week.

I've enjoyed looking through the photos so far and can't wait to get stuck into the video footage. I'll process previews for each day's shooting at a time and share some teasers as soon as possible. It's hard to say how successful the shoot was until I've reviewed the footage, but from everything I've seen so far, it was a huge success, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

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