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Romantic dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking

When I launched the site, I wanted to give as many people as possible a chance to see what I had to offer. Dreams of Spanking has now been up and running for over three years, and we give away more free previews than any other spanking site. There are now so many corporal punishment films, behind the scenes videos and photos in our archive – not to mention free trailers, preview pictures and performer interviews for non-members - that I think the time is right to finally phase out the 5 day memberships.

So here's my proposal. If you're currently not sure whether a full month's subscription is for you, 5 day memberships to Dreams of Spanking will be available for a limited time only - until 15th February. Visit the site, download our films and photosets – hell, take a couple of days off work and spend them watching everything in our archive if you want to. Your 5 day membership will give you access to everything – canings, spankings, explicit photosets, out-take videos, beautiful spankees, consensual kink and edgy fantasies.

Hard punishment caning at Dreams of Spanking

Once you've done that, you'll know exactly what we've got to offer - and when we stop selling our 5 day memberships on 15th Feb, you'll know whether a 30 day subscription is good value.

Our super-cheap 5 day subscription is available for another two weeks - don't miss out!

Shoot previews - Fauni Cate

I know it happens from time to time, but so far in three years of running Dreams of Spanking, I've never had a performer fail to show up to a shoot. Maybe it's luck, or maybe it's a consequence of mostly shooting with my friends, people I already know and trust. The closest I've come was our M/M shoot in January last month. I'd booked a European performer who had applied by email, but three days before when I wrote to him to confirm some final details, he told me that his travel plans had changed and work was now sending him to China instead.

I already had a top - Dr Richard Barton - and a venue booked, but now I needed a bottom. I hastily sent messages around to a few kinky friends asking if they'd be interested - or know anyone who would. To my relief, one turned out to be both willing and available. It was a bit of a long shot - I'd met him at a sex party and knew he was a fetishist, but I wasn't sure how he felt about spanking. As we chatted on the train, I discovered that he was an enthusiastic spanking switch who enjoyed playing both ways with his girlfriend. Result.

Queer porn performer Fauni Cate

It turned out that Fauni Cate had been thinking of doing porn for a while, but was yet to take the plunge. There are few things more exciting than a brand new spankee, and I felt honoured that he trusted Dreams of Spanking with his first time.

Before the change of plan, the scenes I'd planned had been all traditional, old-fashioned domestic punishment, with an emphasis on over-the-knee hand spanking. I do love to indulge my taste for the fantastical from time to time - and my fetish for male/male spanking is rooted in Roald Dahl and Charles Dickens, with their emphasis on formalised, severe school canings. But the most popular M/M scenes on this site have been simple, classic spanking scenarios featuring over the knee bare bottom hand spanking, such as School Report and An Unorthodox Tutorial. It seems that a lot of you enjoy the squirming embarrassment of a lad who is old enough to know better taken over an older man's knee to be spanked like a little boy.

Luckily, this sort of scenario is ideal for a first time spanking performer - and when I ran my ideas past Fauni, he was enthusiastic about all of them.

We started with an introductory photoset, taking advantage of some rare January sun to indulge in a bit of cheeky flashing in the garden.

Queer porn performer Fauni Cate flashes his cute bum in the garden Queer porn performer Fauni Cate flashes his cute bum in the garden

Then it was time for the first video - always a bit of a nerve-wracking experience, even with a top as seasoned as Dr Barton. We started with a scenario that had been tailored to Fauni, casting him as a queer youth who defies his uncle's wishes to attend Pride. He looked the part in a rainbow t-shirt and punky jewellery, and the roleplay went smoothly - although it took mild-mannered Dr Barton a bit of effort to get into character as the repressive homophobic uncle. Fauni took direction well - and he took the spanking well, too. This scene has just gone up - you can watch Fauni take his first ever spanking on video here.

Queer youth Fauni Cate is punished by this uncle with a hard over the knee spanking Queer youth Fauni Cate is punished by this uncle with a hard over the knee spanking

The second scene continued the domestic theme with a "short sharp shock" style paternal punishment, in which Fauni drives Richard up the wall by playing his music too loud. After the third complaint from the neighbours. Richard hauls Fauni in by his ear and takes him over the knee for a brisk, on-the-spot spanking. Given their relative sizes it was easy for Fauni to kick and struggle over the knee, and we were able to indulge the requests I've received by email for over the knee punishments where the male spankee has both feet kicking off the floor.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

Film number three was my personal favourite. This time, we departed from the theme of strict old-fashioned punishment with a more nurturing scene, in which Fauni visits Richard for some consensual discipline. Fauni has a strong Daddy/boy kink and Richard plays in this way in his real life, so it suited them perfectly.

We filmed a negotiation between the two of them beforehand, and Richard let Fauni call the shots by asking for what he wanted and choosing the implements. The scene was affirming and positive, and gave Fauni a chance to relax into the spanking without having to worry about staying in character.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

This turned into an extended nurturing dominance/submission scene, and I'm planning to release it in two parts. I particularly loved the ending, with Fauni kneeling naked at Richard's feet for some gentle aftercare.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

The final scene made use of the study (famed from Sting Pictures films), with Dr Barton as the sarcastic headmaster and Fauni as the rebellious schoolboy called up for uniform violations - from his dyed hair and facial piercings to untucked shirt and wonky tie. A straightforward, no-nonsense telling off and over-the-trousers six of the best. Short, sweet and simple. This was Fauni's first ever caning, which gave his schoolboy character some very authentic nerves, but he took it bravely.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking
Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

All in all, it was a very relaxed and successful first shoot. I was impressed by Fauni's professionalism and really enjoyed working with him. Given this shoot started out with my first ever last-minute performer cancellation, things definitely turned out for the best.

It was a pleasure to give Fauni his queer porn debut, and he's welcome back at Dreams of Spanking any time he likes. I'm looking forward to seeing where his fledgeling porn career takes him next!

Can you tell that I really fancy Fauni Cate?

Fauni Cate is very much My Type. He’s punky, pierced, and he wears more black eyeliner than I do. When Pandora sent me his intro photoset the other week, I melted a little bit, and had to spend a couple of minutes in a puddle on the floor before I could start writing the copy.

Queer porn performer Fauni Cate Queer porn performer Fauni Cate

This week’s scene - his first ever spanking film - delivers everything I’d hoped for. Fauni has just returned from Pride, and he has to face the wrath of his strict uncle Dr Richard Barton, whose authoritative, no-nonsense spanking style I completely adore. In this scene Dr Barton definitely plays the villain, explaining that while Fauni lives in his house, he must suppress his true queer self, wipe the makeup off his face, and learn to conform.

Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking
Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking

It’s an interesting dynamic, because I don’t want the homophobic uncle character to win - I want Fauni to fight back and emerge triumphant. And, as a massive fan of guys wearing eyeliner, naturally I don’t want him to take the makeup off.

But at the same time, as a spanking fan, I want Fauni to get spanked. I really want Dr Barton to take him over his knee and smack his bottom while delivering a stern lecture. And that, of course, is exactly what he does.

Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking
Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking

I love that the Dreams of Spanking team don’t shy away from having ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’. After all, while there’s a delicious hotness about spankings that are nurturing, and done out of care, there’s also a hotness about a mean old spanker delivering a disproportionate or unjust punishment.

There’s so much grey space between these dynamics. For instance, the caring spanking in Little Ten is worlds away from the vicious and disproportionate beating Pandora imagines for herself in Pandora’s Belt Whipping Fantasy - and the Dreams of Spanking archive is full of scenarios exploring all the nuance and complexity inbetween.

Dr Barton had to do some serious acting to play the character of Fauni's repressive uncle who spanks him for attending Pride. Fauni, on the other hand, was playing a role closer to his actual self - although thankfully divorced from his real home experiences. Check out Fauni’s pre-shoot interview for more discussion of this - he and Pandora chat about the fact that his character is the ‘goody’ in this scene, and how character choices can often have a big impact on the way different punishments feel. Is it hotter (or easier) to play a character closer to yourself, as Fauni does in this scene? And does he have a preference for strict tops, or those who are more nurturing?

I’ve probably spoken before about my personal preference - in fantasy at any rate - for beatings that are unjust. In this scene, although Fauni’s spanking isn’t frighteningly severe (just enough to turn his bum a deliciously dark red), the dynamic of being spanked at the hands of a homophobic, cruel uncle adds an extra layer of atmosphere.

Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking
Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking

So, now that I’ve told you about the scene (and you should totally go and watch it if you haven’t already) let’s get back to my current favourite subject - Fauni.

This job is one of the easiest in the world, because I get to write about amazing porn. Every scene has a unique tone, and something in particular that jumps out and strikes me as particularly horny. But every now and then there’s something a bit more - a performer who melts my heart (and my knickers) on screen in exactly the way I suspect they would if I brushed past them on the tube. Whether it’s a look, a way of speaking, or the hot way they roll up their sleeves before delivering a spanking, there are some things that just turn me back into a teenage girl, having crushes on celebrities and wanting to put their posters on my bedroom door so I can stare at them for ages. Fauni’s like that. Punk and queer and pierced and beautiful.

Please do welcome him to the site, because I for one hope we’ll see a lot more of him.

Ban This Sick Filth

Ban this sick filth

In protest against the new UK porn laws which have made a large number of consensual acts illegal to depict in porn, including corporal punishment that leaves lasting marks, queer porn producer Courtney Trouble has released a new DVD. This is the sort of resistance I like best: rebelling against censorship by deliberately distributing banned material, combined with fundraising and educationabout the issues.

In collaboration with Kitty Stryker, Courtney set out to compile a collection of films banned in the UK, hoping to alert the US audience to the rising levels of censorship in this country. She discovered that the resulting collection was also denied DVD distribution in the US, and so 'Banned in the UK' became 'Ban this Sick Filth'. Although the UK censorship applies to films distributed online as well as DVDs, in the US video-on-demand distribution is still uncontrolled, and so that's how you can get hold of this provocative, political porn film.

Porn, often decided to be without “serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value”, can and does serve as validation for sexual diversity, queerness, and an enjoyment of non-heteronormative sex. Yet obscenity is not protected by laws around freedom of speech, leaving those who choose to deviate from that norm at risk for social and legal action. Because of this, a portion of the proceeds of this film will be donated to Backlash UK, an organization that offers legal, academic, and campaigning work on behalf of those who find themselves defending their freedom of expression.



- a lightly kinky scene with Kitty Stryker, Courtney Trouble, Andre Shakti, and Ned
- a female dominant disciplinary caning scene by Pandora Blake
- a nun/altarboy scene with Joey Minx and Akira Raine
- a menstruation masturbation solo scene with Courtney Trouble
- interviews with directors and cast on the intersection of porn, artistic expression, and censorship laws

It's a playful piece with a serious message- porn censorship is bloody awful!

When Courtney invited me to contribute a film I had to think hard about what to send. It had to be uncompromisingly severe - showing blood, if possible, so there was absolutely no doubt about whether it would count as "banned" or not. I also decided to send a F/M scene, because it's generally less well represented than female submission.

Molly Malone and John Beecroft's dynamic is so playful and tongue in cheek, and their interview so genuinely affectionate, that they were ideal candidates. The Schoolgirl's Revenge is queerer, but Slight Damage to the Rear End shows the welts and blood in more graphic detail - including the moment when John's weak spot breaks and Molly briskly applies a plaster and wipes up the blood before continuing to thrash him. Hot!

So I sent in 'Slight Damage to the Rear End', along with the behind the scenes video and performer interview. Courtney also asked if I could record a video blog of me talking about the new legislation and how it affected me. Which is how, at 3am one Monday morning, I came to record this video, which has since collected over two and a half thousand views:

So that was worth doing.

'Ban This Sick Filth' has already picked up a couple of reviews. Kitty's girlfriend Jetta Rae posted a self-confessed biased review, which mostly talks about how weird it is for her to watch porn produced in familiar settings by people she knows, but which has some good quotes about censorship too:

Every sex act depicted in pornography is a vote for what you can and can’t do with your body in our society. When you disallow paid professionals to enact the sex that regular, everyday Wilmas and Winstons would do at home, you deprive people the opportunity to provide for themselves through skilled, professional labor, while leaving people to their own devices to figure out the “how to be safe” thing for themselves.

Of 'Slight Damage' she writes,

Produced by Dreams of Spanking and directed by Pandora Blake, this scene is incredibly affirming in how self-aware and homely around the edges it is in its presentation of a disciplinary spanking/caning. As sex performers, we put on costumes, we play parts, but we are still real people who have to navigate around living room furniture and occasionally blister and bleed when hit hard enough.

Molly giving John’s blistered and callous ass necessary aftercare as the credits roll over is where I live and have grown my roots — kink hurts and is yet a very rife avenue for affection and transformative healing.

Porn review site XCritic also has a review by ApacheWarrior:

Ban This Sick Filth! is a collaborative production by Kitty Stryker and Courtney Trouble. It was developed on account of the 2014 censorship laws in the United Kingdom. During the final months of 2014, the UK passed laws that are a blow to feminist and queer porn. Acts such as aggressive whipping and caning, spanking, facesitting, and choking are banned. Ban This Sick Filth! uses interviews and sexual performances to further explain some of the types of porn activities that are now censored in Great Britain. It was a very good idea to incorporate British pornographer Pandora Blake to this production since she gives a very clear explanation of those laws. We also see and feel how much her website means to her and how these controlled laws have made it a scary future for her. It's must-see material. Ironically, this film was denied DVD distribution in the USA on account of some of the consensual acts performed like peeing, full fisting, and menstruation play.

As a niche site I don't often get to read commentary on my work by mainstream porn critics, so I was interested to see that both reviewers highlighted the same elements of Molly and John's scene - the authenticity and care inherent in Molly applying a plaster to his bleeding buttocks (discernable even through her brusque Headmistress manner), and the affection and trust evident between the two of them in their behind the scenes videos. ApacheWarrior writes,

I enjoyed the graphic nature of this scene and it gives a good glimpse to the type of intense activity that is shown on her website. I have to give John much credit for taking much pain. Many younger guys could not do what he does. After their performance, we get a Behind the Scenes look of their scene that also has an interview part. The chemistry between John and Molly is cute. It makes me want to see more of their performances.

It's cool seeing a Dreams of Spanking film distributed by a US feminist porn company, and it's great to see the issue of UK porn censorship being talked internationally. I hope that 'Bank This Sick Filth' educates lots of people about the situation faced by UK producers, and raises a tonne of money for Backlash. Buy a copy, tell your friends, and support independently produced filthy feminist porn which intends to fight censorship every step of the way.

TROUBLE Films have extended an exclusive discount to Dreams of Spanking viewers - use code 'PANDORA' at checkout to get $3 off!

5 reasons why Dreams of Spanking is better than 50 Shades of Grey

There's no stopping the freight train that is 50 Shades of Grey. Since the film opened in cinemas this weekend, you can expect a million more articles about it from kinksters and non-kinksters alike dissecting the story, the acting, and above all the consent.

Naturally the book is pretty controversial. It's a fantasy scenario, sure, but as the 50 Shades juggernaut rolled on and more people read articles about how to 'do' BDSM like Christian Grey did, a lot more people started getting worried that, you know, perhaps this weirdly stalky, abusive lead character wasn't the best role model for people just beginning to explore their fantasies.

I've been told I'm wrong on this, so feel free to angrily disagree with me, but as a general rule I'm uncomfortable telling people what they can and can't fantasise about. And while 50 Shades is clearly not the template for a healthy relationship, I'm not going to stand outside the cinema with a placard telling people it's causing them harm. Erika Moen put it brilliantly:

“I have faith in people to understand that the fictional book they're reading is just a trashy two-dimensional fantasy to get their juices flowing and not the blueprints by which to construct their actual relationships.”

But while it's certainly not a template for real-life kink, it's definitely a handy comparator when identifying mistakes, and looking at how we can do real-life kink better. So without further ado, here are five ways in which Dreams of Spanking is a hell of a lot better than That Bloody Book.

1. We're way better at negotiating

There's surely nothing less sexy than Christian Grey's bizarre 'sex contract', with bullet points and legalese obscuring the hotness of the acts he wants to perform. Loads of people have pointed out that the idea of an irreversible, non-negotiable 'contract' is laughable in BDSM, and they're right – no one gets to claim you as their sub 'forever' or hold you to clauses once they've stopped being sexy for you. But on top of that, there are much better ways to negotiate what you want in a scene. Let's see what we've got...

How about this amazing kinky spanking scene starring Caroline Grey and Will Savage? After blagging their way into a fetish club, they realise they haven't a clue what they're doing. With subtle questions, gradual escalation, and some aroused feedback from Caroline, he escalates to a full-on, knickers-down, over the knee paddling. They both have an amazing – all while trying not to let on that this is the first time they've ever done it - and not a contract in sight.

Sweet and sexy first-time kink at Dreams of Spanking

Or perhaps this beautiful bit of negotiation between Nimue Allen and Andrew Shada? The pair are on their first date, and there's clearly a spark that will appeal to romance fans. Andrew's shyness and Nimue's encouraging requests for a spanking are both cute and incredibly relateable. If Nimue can ask her beau for what she wants, so can you.

2. It's all consensual

I mean, this one should really go without saying. But the point I mainly want to make here is that, because Dreams of Spanking fulfils fantasies via roleplay, it has a broad scope to enact darker fantasies in an ethical, consensual way.

Scenes that involve an abuse of power or a particularly severe thrashing are always published with behind the scenes interviews and discussion. 50 Shades doesn't come with a separate interview in which Christian and Ana talk about how his abusive behaviour was just play-acting, and so it's much harder to draw the line between which aspects of a fantasy are hot because you'd never want them to happen for real, and which are things you'd like to do in real life. At Dreams of Spanking, we're able to make that distinction clear.

Edgy tawse punishment fantasy brought to life at Dreams of Spanking

3. We switch it up

I read a lot of kinky erotica and watch a fair amount of porn, and one of the themes I often think about is the idea of roles. You play Christian Grey, I play Ana, and never the twain shall switch. But while there's certainly a place for strict roles that never waver, I love a bit of switching. Spanking someone who's going to spank you next adds a whole level of trust, as well as a frisson of sexy tension – if you spank them hard, are they going to get their own back? Not to mention a chance for some non-verbal negotiation as you show them exactly how you like it.

In 'Prove your Love' Michael Darling and Pandora Blake do one of the most balanced switch scenes I've ever seen, and in 'Beat the Recession', Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley take turns to spank each other on a money-saving celebratory night in. The best part of the second video, in my humble and pervy opinion, is when Nimue smacks both palms flat on Sebastian's beautifully-presented bottom.

Cute girls and boys spanking each other at Dreams of Spanking

4. Our romance is just more... interesting

Guy meets girl, guy wines and dines her, stalks her until she says yes and then they shag: as the premise of pretty much every mainstream romance ever, it's not exactly original. How about guy meets girl, girl gets a birch for Christmas and asks him to test it on her? Or perhaps guy meets girl, girl has hot fantasy about being a mistreated maidservant, and he surprises her on a Saturday morning by dressing up in period costume - and bringing a cane?

There's a time and a place for more traditional romance, of course – although you'll never see the “stalking is sexy” theme on Dreams of Spanking. One of my personal favourite photosets is Tangled With You – a stunning explicit gallery with Pandora and D being so hot and horny for each other it burns into every image. Which brings me neatly onto point five...

Real life couples in love and lust at Dreams of Spanking

5. Our cast has chemistry

A couple of people have told me disdainfully that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (who play Christian and Ana in the 50 Shades of Grey film adaptation) don't really like each other that much. I don't know if this is true – to be honest I think I'd struggle to spend months working with someone I didn't like, so I doubt it. On the other hand, perhaps they've been put under so much pressure to capture a 'spark' that they're sick of the sight of each other by now. Either way, there's an easy way to get around the 'chemistry' issue when you're shooting porn: find people who really fancy each other, and ask them what they really want to do.

Dreams of Spanking scenes and ideas come from all manner of places, but the most vital is the performer fantasy element. When the people acting in a scene can help shape it with their own kinks and desires, what comes through is inevitably going to be natural and hot.

A giggly pleasurable caning for Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

A beautiful example of this is Pandora's giggly caning at the hands of Paul Kennedy (who, by the way, I have a gigantic crush on). Not only is it something she's specifically requested, but it's so clear from her sexy sighs and excited giggles that Paul's catering to a genuine and heartfelt desire. Likewise with the gorgeous double caning that she begs from Nimue Allen and Thomas Cameron – you can watch the bliss suffuse her face as she counts out the strokes with audible pleasure, and moans in delight when she gets a bottom rub in between whacks.

What's more, Dreams of Spanking shoots porn performer couples like David Weston and Talia Lane, who are together in real life as well as on camera. In scenes like our latest Valentine's Day spanking special David and Talia just can't hide their natural flirty dynamic. And why would we want them to?

Sensuous real couple switch spanking at Dreams of Spanking

In case you'd reached the end of this and hadn't realised, every single link above goes to a different Dreams of Spanking scene. If you watched each scene, that'd still be less than 5% of what's available on the entire site. So if you're eschewing the cinema this weekend, grab yourself a subscription and have a rummage through our archive. All our films are downloadable, so once you've got them they're yours to keep forever, and watch whenever you like!

Bare bottom spanking with a real life couple

What do you get when you put the Dreams of Spanking team in a house with a giant hot tub? Wet spankings! In this week's film David Weston and Talia Lane are let loose on a mountain of bubbles, for a playful, performer-driven switch spanking scene.

Bare bottom spankings with a real life switch couple at Dreams of Spanking

I'm not sure what there's more of in this update – kisses or bottom smacks. Talia and David have such a giggly, loved-up vibe that watching them playing together feels like a realy intimate moment. They're sharing their delight at being able to explore each other's bodies in a luxurious bubble bath, and you almost feel like the camera isn't there.

Bare bottom spankings with a real life switch couple at Dreams of Spanking

I know there are plenty of people who love homemade porn – what's often known as 'amateur porn' although it's often anything but. I can totally see the appeal of this, because while sometimes it's a shorthand for shaky camera work, most frequently it is a signifier of chemistry. Homemade porn is usually made by people who have serious desire for each other and who want to capture that on film.

In this scene, David and Talia's natural playfulness shines through, and it's a glimpse into how this real life couple are in... well... real life. It's something they brought spectacularly to their first video together – in which they played the naughty schoolboy and schoolgirl punished by strict Ms Blake – and this scene takes it to the next level.

Bare bottom spankings with a real life switch couple at Dreams of Spanking

I think my favourite bit in 'Bubble Butts' is David's gleeful cry of “more spanks please!” - it sums up perfectly the joy he takes in a good bare bottom spanking, and his excitement at playing on camera with his girlfriend. Perhaps the only thing that tops it is Talia's demand for more kisses.

Bare bottom spankings with a real life switch couple at Dreams of Spanking
Bare bottom spankings with a real life switch couple at Dreams of Spanking

This film came out in time for Valentine's Day last weekend, so it's a perfect excuse for glorious, unashamed cuteness: and I know of very few porn couples who embody sexy spanking cuteness quite like David and Talia.

Bare bottom spankings with a real life switch couple at Dreams of Spanking

The British Fetish Film Festival

The British Fetish Film Festival

D and I are currently on our way to the first ever British Fetish Film Festival - a new UK festival run by Hywel Phillips and Ariel Anderssen, screening adult fetish films to a sympathetic audience. A couple of years ago we attended the "zeroth" festival - a dry run for producers to screen their films to each other and test the format. That was my first ever experience watching my film on a large screen and I learned a lot from it.

Two years later, I'm a bit less of a nervous newbie. Last year I attended several porn screenings, including at the Feminist Porn Awards and the Berlin Porn Film Festival - as well as an excitingly official screening of 'Silver Shoes' by Blue Artichoke Films at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. (Feminist porn! On a mainstream cinema! In London! I think we can call that progress.)

The film I submitted to this one, the British Fetish Film Festival, is Instructed, which I've already seen screened in Berlin. I didn't hate it on the big screen - in fact I thought it played well, mostly thanks to Ms Naughty and Luke's gorgeous videography and Ms Naughty's editing. Now that I've already watched myself push a lubed-up butt plug into my arsehole in front of a few hundred people, I feel like a veteran, and this time I don't think I'll need to hide behind a cushion as my film is screened.

The version I submitted is a new edit by me, drawing heavily on Ms Naughty's pacing choices which I thought worked so well in Berlin. It's going to be the first time I've watched this film on a big screen with D there, which will be a happy thing. 'Instructed' not only uses his words and his voice, but it tells the story of an important moment in our relationship, in which he surprised me from across the ocean with a loving gesture of support for my porn career, that left me feeling affirmed, dominated, and very loved. I'll always be fond of 'Instructed', and I'm looking forward to showing it to my fellow UK producers.

The festival will also include a couple of workshops, including one I'm leading on the new UK porn laws, and one Hywel is leading on making films more cinematic. I plan to use my workshop to incite a worker-led porn revolution against government censorship. No, seriously. I'm planning something. Let me know if you want to get involved.

But the thing I'm most nervous and excited about is Sunday, when I'll be taking a 50-stroke sponsored cold caning as part of our fundraiser for Backlash UK. Last month I ran an Indiegogo campaign pledging to take one hard cane stroke for every £10 raised, and Nimue Allen joined me in putting her arse on the line. I was astonished by the rate at which donations flooded in, and we quickly reached our self-imposed maximum of 50 strokes each. By the time the campaign ended, we'd raised a staggering £3836 for Backlash, with a total of ten volunteers willing to take a hard caning to help fight porn censorship. Every penny of the total is going to Backlash to help them campaign against the new porn legislation, and to help provide legal support for those affected by these regressive laws.

Nimue took her caning yesterday, and Ariel Anderssen and I are taking ours on Sunday after the festival. In fact, I'll be administering Ariel's beating before D gives me mine, because there's no better way to get me in the mood for a caning than to dish one out. The canings will all be filmed and the videos will be released for free online - both as a thank you to the 105 generous contributors who made the fundraiser such a success, and as a Creative Commons project to raise awareness about the unjust censorship of our freedom of sexual expression in the UK. Watch this space!

Dominated by two men at once

I think the photoset that went up on the site last week - Surprised in the Garden - is one of the best galleries on this site to date. I certainly had great fun shooting it with Thomas Cameron and Michael Darling, and Nimue Allen captured every hot moment in beautiful compositions.

Pandora Blake is tied naked and birched in the garden at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake is tied naked and birched in the garden at Dreams of Spanking

This scene is based on my oldest fantasies - of being surprised by my lover in the garden, tied up and blindfolded. It's not until I'm being punished that I realise there is not just one two pair of hands caressing and smacking my body, but two...

Pandora Blake is tied naked and punished in the garden at Dreams of Spanking
Pandora Blake is tied naked and punished in the garden at Dreams of Spanking

This scene is actually inspired by an erotic story I read when I was ten years old. This was a milestone moment for me because although I already knew I was fascinated by corporal punishment, I thought I was the only person on the planet who had this fetish. It wasn't until I discovered the theme in an naughty book that I realised other people eroticised spanking and caning too.

Pandora Blake is tied naked and punished in the garden at Dreams of Spanking
Pandora Blake is tied naked and punished in the garden at Dreams of Spanking

I thought it would be fun to record a video blog talking about the significance of this scene for me - and reading a snippet of the erotic story that inspired it.

I hadn't read that excerpt since I was a child, and it was surprising to discover the ways in which my memory of it were different - and the ways in which it was still incredibly fresh in my mind. Our recreation turned out pretty different, in the end, but I still find both scenes very hot.

Do you have a similar "milestone moment" when you realised that you were not alone in your kink? And if that was an encounter with a kinky fantasy or reference to corporal punishment, does that scenario still have the power to arouse you?

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One of the core themes of Dreams of Spanking is the difference between fantasy and reality. Especially when fantasising about a non-consensual punishment, it's importance to make it clear that fantasy is just make-believe, and that in real life, we enjoy consensual spanking for fun and mutual satisfaction.

This year I've had fun sharing some more candid moments from my private life. Pushing out a new film every week, I sometimes feel that I have to compromise on quality. When I'm producing fantasy fiction, I want the production values to be as high as possible within my limited budget. I've decided to prioritise quality over quantity. Instead of trying to release a new ambitious spanking storyline every week, I want to take the time to make my professional costume productions as good as possible, and space them out with simpler videos that show real life amateur spanking. After all, both sides of spanking are equally precious to me - the elaborate invented scenarios that excite my mind, and the simpler play with others that makes my body feel good. Fiction and real life; fantasy and reality.

Our latest video is an example of this. It's an over the knee hand spanking, pure and simple. No high concept, no characters, no roleplay - just me, offering up my bare bottom and breathing into the pain.

A firm hand spanking for Pandora Blake in this amateur porn film

Perhaps you'll enjoy the moment where I breathlessly suggest that he spank my thighs - and then writhe, wriggle and cry mercy as the stinging pain is sharper than I expect. Maybe it's the classic elegance of my black thigh-high stockings and suspenders that will do it for you, or the firm rubs and squeezes my spanker gives me to soothe the sting. Or perhaps you'll enjoy watching the colour deepen and intensify on my bottom and the tops of my legs until they glow hot red.

A firm hand spanking for Pandora Blake in this amateur porn film

I'm all for complicated plotlines, but sometimes it's nice to simplify and go back to basics. A firm hand, a comfortable lap, a hard over the knee spanking - and the serenity that follows.

A firm hand spanking for Pandora Blake in this amateur porn film

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