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Sunday spanking crossword - answers!

A week ago I posted a fun Sunday afternoon game for you to try - a spanking crossword devised by one of our very clever members.

Here are the answers - how many did you get right?

Answers to our Sunday spanking crossword


I'm not sure why I have been quite so coy about this. Pandora, I was pretty chuffed that you put this up on the DoS blog, and thank you for your kind words about it. I do hope one or two members had some fun with it. It was certainly fun to put together. I am quite a fan of word play and words in the spanking genre always spark something of a thrill when I see or hear them, even words that seem perfectly innocent out of the kink context in everyday conversation, like 'hairbrush'. I guess words associated with other fetishes like 'rubber' or 'latex' could do the same for aficionados of those kinks. Best wishes

I would love to give you the credit you deserve, Yianni - it was a fantastic game and a fab thing to share with the community! I think a few of our members had a lot of fun with it :)

I'm still intrigued by the power words have - even for someone like me who lives, breathes and sleeps spanking. I always notice when I read something that makes me shiver in the way that the very word "spanking" always used to - and it's something I cherish every time.

Yes a good crossword ,the word SPANK is so descriptive ,best spanks Tim.

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