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Alex and Pandora take a very wet bath

What is it that's so temptingly erotic about water and bathing? From communal showers to public saunas and intimate bathtime moments, there's something incredibly hot and playful about naked wetness. Bodies sliding over each other, slippery soaped-up bare skin, and the deliciously loud sound of a smack on someone's wet bottom.

Our recent bathtime video starring Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake is a lesbian spanking scene set in a cosy bath for two. Words can't do it much justice, so I'll let the pictures do the talking...

From slippery kisses and wet hands fondling each other's breasts...

The delicious sound of a wet bottom spanking...

And the closeness that comes from being pressed up close in the bath...

Finishing with the passionate arousal of this girl girl pair...

Now, if that's made you want to see more, here's the full video – "Bathtime", an erotic and very wet spanking with Alex and Pandora.

What will I be told to do?

Instructed: a new film by Ms Naughty and Pandora BlakeI'm incredibly excited about the film I've been editing this week, the submissive solo scene I shot in collaboration with Bright Desire at the Feminist Porn Awards. Thanks to Ms Naughty 'Instructed' has been submitted to the Berlin Porn Film Festival this year, and it will be released on both our sites this Saturday, 5th July.

This film is a big deal for me. I'm totally stoked to have collaborated with award-winning feminist pornographer Ms Naughty, a female gaze porn pioneer who continues to produce cutting-edge porn eroticising male bodies for a female audience. Not only that, but this shoot was featured on BBC News - bringing her innovative work (and mine!) to a wider, more mainstream audience.

I had no idea what D would tell me to do until I opened his letter live on camera. On the day of the shoot I was nervous and excited to find out what dirty acts lay in store for me - and the anticipation definitely added a certain something to the experience.

Although I didn't know it beforehand, D's instructions led to some of my most explicit acts on film to date. I've masturbated to orgasm before on Dreams of Spanking - in My Inner Little Girl - but this is... well. You'll see.

The idea of my dominant sending me orders from afar is one I've played with in private - as has anyone, I imagine, who has been in a long-distance dom/sub relationship. But I've not seen it explored in porn before. Travelling Canada and the US on my own, I felt very touched that D would contribute creatively to a shoot experience from half the world away - and very loved.

He didn't only tell me what to do (and oh, the things he told me to do!), he also recorded himself reading the letter out loud to me, to use in the film as voiceover. His full appearance in a video, visually as well as aurally, is still something I've got to look forward to, but in the meantime if you like gravelly-voiced dominant men with London accents telling you to do filthy, filthy things, you will like his instructions as much as I did.

So I'm excited about this one, and I would love if it you wanted to share the link to the film when it's up. If you're excited too, leave a comment on this post and I'll make sure you're one of the first to know when it goes out!

Edit: Ms Naughty has posted a trailer and a bit more information about the things D told me to do... click through to her blog to find out more.

A well-deserved hairbrush spanking

A while ago Pandora sent me the latest Dreams of Spanking film with the caveat that 'our sympathies here are definitely with the spankee!' The idea being that - as I think is the norm in Pandora's work - the story is told from the spankee's perspective, and in Christy's case we feel bad for her ... despite being deeply aroused by her red bottom and plaintive squeals of pain.

In 'Intervention', I don't think I'm going out on a limb here to say that the case is the exact opposite. This painful hairbrush spanking is very much deserved.

Click to view trailer for Intervention

Amelia Jane Rutherford puts her acting skills to good use in this film, playing the most obnoxious, conniving work colleague that anyone has had the misfortune to work with. She oozes fake sympathy with her underpaid colleagues (played by Pandora Blake and Caroline Grey), dripping saccharine sweetness and patronising words even as she boasts about her own recent payrise.

She insists on showing them how she's planning to remodel her bathroom, using money they all know she's been stealing from the company - putting expenses claims in for erotic lingerie is just one of many ways she's been doing the dirty. While showing off her unearned success, she oozes mock sympathy that her colleagues haven't fared as well:

“We can't all have payrises now, can we Pandora?”

While Amelia's out of the room, her justifiably pissed-off colleagues Pandora and Caroline discuss their strategy. They've clearly planned a punishment for Amelia that will make her think about her bad behaviour, encourage her to stop usurping her coworkers and – because this is a Dreams of Spanking film – give her a bottom so red she won't be able to sit down for a week, let alone sit at the right hand of the boss she's been sucking up to.

Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush

Amelia is an out-and-out baddie in this film, and so it's delightful to see her get her comeuppance. Watching her be spanked with not one, but two horrid wooden hairbrushes art once is incredibly hot – Caroline and Pandora take it in turns to whack her, pulling her skirt up to reveal the stockings and sexy lingerie she spent company money on, and administering a no-nonsense double wooden hairbrush spanking until she squeals in pain.

Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush

The punishment itself is beautiful, but it's made even more delicious by the fact that it's so well deserved. If anyone ever deserved a humiliating hairbrush spanking, it's Amelia's character in 'Intervention.' When you watch you'll see exactly what I mean, I promise.

School spankings for Pandora and Alexander

Hands up who loves school? Well, school punishment scenes, at any rate. Even if you didn't enjoy your time at school, and dreaded getting detention when you were younger, there's something about school fantasy as an adult. Personally I think there's an irresistible appeal about both of our latest school-themed Dreams of Spanking updates.

Alexander Knight stars in the amazing film 'Unearned Punishment', suffering a harsh-looking caning from headmaster Dr Richard Barton. There's a delicious build up to his undeserved punishment caning as he stands with Pandora Blake outside the headmaster's office, both wincing in sympathy as they overhear the swish and crack of the cane, and the tortured cries of poor Molly Malone being beaten inside.

Unearned school punishment caning at Dreams of Spanking

Check it out if you love school caning stories, and especially if you (like me) love Alexander Knight – he has an exceptional pain face, and looks especially cute in grey school shorts. It's probably because it's the start of summer, but I have a real thing for shorts right now. Luckily this video will keep me topped up on shorts-based filth for a while!

Unearned school punishment caning at Dreams of Spanking

We've also got an amazing schoolgirl spanking photoset for you, and a bonus video to go with it. If you're a fan of the slipper, as well as Pandora's lovely bottom, check out 'Schoolgirl's Secret'. Pandora gets dressed up in a tight school skirt, complete with shirt, tie and inexcusably sexy knee-high socks, then treats herself to a solo spanking.

It's a brilliantly intimate video – just Pandora and the camera – and if you've ever wanted to watch a schoolgirl fantasy behind closed doors, as it were, then this is the perfect opportunity.

Schoolgirl spanking for Pandora Blake in a tight school skirt Schoolgirl spanking for Pandora Blake in a tight school skirt

So there we have it - two sexy school-themed updates: a solo spanking with hand and slipper and a vicious unearned punishment caning. Way more fun than homework, I'm sure you'll agree!

Shoot with David Weston

I shot lots of female spankee scenes when I was touring the USA, but it wasn't until I got back to England that I was able to arrange shoots with two male spankees I'd been looking forward to working with. We filmed for two days in a lovely new studio in Bristol, and the first day was with David Weston.

I made contact with David on Fetlife after seeing his pics and that he was into spanking, and asked if he'd consider a spanking shoot. He was definitely interested, and we talked by Skype while I was in LA to set things up.

Producing spanking video is a continuous learning curve, even after five years. After Nimue, Tom and I discovered quite how productive it was possible to be on our location shoot last September, I've been trying to balance that against the limits of the other performers I work with, particularly new spankees. It's not only how much spanking you can take, but the physical, mental and emotional fatigue of shooting - the improvisation, the adrenaline spikes, the costume changes, the elation, exhaustion and catharsis of a hard scene.

Ron had put us in touch with a beautiful venue, and I wanted to make full use of it. But I was wary of pushing David too hard on his first day. I want every performer I work with to have a fun, satisfying, non-stressful time on set, but that's particularly true of new spankees. My aim is for everyone I shoot with to want to come back and do it again! My compromise to was cast David in four short spanking videos, but to shoot some solo photosets inbetween to make the most of the venue.

We started with an introductory photoset of David showing off his lovely bottom - and his geeky taste in t-shirts.

Introducing David Weston at Dreams of Spanking Introducing David Weston at Dreams of Spanking

When we had been discussing scene ideas beforehand, David mentioned that he was interested idoing a Victorian roleplay. A lot of the performers we work with are attracted to our historical scenarios - it seems to be a setting that resonates with a lot of people in the scene. Besides, who doesn't like dressing up?

We settled on a nice and simple storyline for David's first ever spanking on camera, with him playing a naughty boy who has disappointed his strict governess. When you're dealing with the nerves of improvising and reacting to a spanking under the studio lights and in front of camera crew, sometimes it's best not to complicate things too much with an intricate plotline

David took his spanking with remarkable stoicism - he kept on tensing up until I urged him to relax. It may seem counter-intuitive but if you can relax your bottom it really does feel nicer! He certainly proved that he can take a spanking. This was a hard hand spanking, but nonetheless at one point we had to move away from the face shot because he was struggling to suppress his natural reaction to the pain - a great big smile! No big deal - it provided a great excuse for a close-up on his lovely bottom instead.

David's Strict Governess at Dreams of Spanking David's Strict Governess at Dreams of Spanking

David had a break while Nimue and I shot some solo photos of me in my brand new school uniform. It was a bit of a squeeze to get into the tight school skirt, but I think it was worth the effort!

Pandora's new school uniform at Dreams of Spanking Pandora's new school uniform at Dreams of Spanking

After a tea break we moved into the studio's wonderful reception room, with its intimidating antique desk. David got the opportunity to explore a brattier character, playing the recalcitrant school boy who refuses to show up to detention and is sent to the head's study. Corporal punishment is no longer common in schools, and he doesn't think anything will happen to him. His cocky attitude changes to shock when the headmistress gets out the slipper and shows him that she isn't joking.

David visits the headmistress' study at Dreams of Spanking

David visits the headmistress' study at Dreams of Spanking

While David recovered from his first encounter with the slipper, I stayed in headmistress mode and shot some solo images, showing off my new academic hood - and a vicious new tawse from the Correction Collection.

In the headmistress' study with Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

In the headmistress' study with Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

Then it was time for lunch, and some involved scene planning for our most intense scene of the day. A far cry from the sweet and simple first spanking, this was one of my most ambitious plotlines to date, a sci-fi epic with David playing two different characters, a prince and his rebel clone. I won't give away the story, but I will say that David put in a superb performance. I wished we'd had time to devote a whole day to this idea, but making do with the time available, improvising dialogue, blocking and shots, we gave it the best we had. I was impressed with David's acting.

The acting was the easy bit though - he had never taken a cold caning before. I gave him six measured strokes, medium hard. It was very emotionally intense and David was extremely brave. The marks were gorgeous, too.

The clone's cold caning at Dreams of Spanking The clone's cold caning at Dreams of Spanking

It's funny, sometimes a hard scene, even on a shoot environment, can throw up unexpected emotions or memories that need processing. It wasn't the first time I've sat with a co-performer on the floor after a caning, listening and holding space while they worked through whatever feelings the scene had thrown up, and I suspect it won't be the last. Catharsis is part of this thing we do. There can be surprising emotional closeness on a spanking shoot, even among people who have never worked together before.

Finally, while David enjoyed a well-earned break, we took some final solo photos of me in some new white and red cami knickers a viewer recently sent me as a gift. I love these full style French knickers and am looking forward very much to getting spanked in them!

Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking

Finally Nimue had her turn in front of the camera in we shot an unscripted, candid scene in which David finally got the chance to express his enjoyment of being spanked. Nimue took him over her knee for an enjoyable aftercare spanking during which he was allowed to grin as much as he wanted. It was the perfect end to a very successful first spanking shoot. I'm looking forward to inviting David back for more!

Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking

Dominance, submission and trust dynamics

Pandora Blake and D in Instructed - sexy dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking

A long time ago I had a partner who would tell me to do scary things. Not 'jumping off a bridge' scary things, but sexually scary things – stuff I'd never have thought to do on my own.

“Bend over. Spread yourself. Wait there.”

Those were just his words, though. What he was actually saying was “do you trust me? If you trust me I can do things you've never even thought about before.”

I'd wait, shaking with anticipation and delight, with no clue what he was going to do next. When he came back, with ice, or ginger, or something deviously sadistic with which to torment me, I'd shiver with pleasure – glad that I waited, glad I stayed still. Glad that I'd trusted him.

It's a rare and delicious treat to watch this dynamic played out elsewhere – couples who can experiment within that safety net of trust, and let you in on some of the incredibly hot, filthy games that they play.

Click to view trailer for Instructed

'Instructed' is all about that. Not only is it Pandora's most explicit film to date (I don't want to spoil it for you, but think anal play and a phenomenally hot on-camera orgasm), it's also a genuinely gorgeous film that lets us in on one of those trust games of dominance and submission.

If you're a regular reader, you'll know the concept already – we've been so excited about this scene we've been trailing it for a while. Pandora is in a hotel, with written instructions from D. He can't be with her til later that evening, so meanwhile he sets wheels in motion to dominate her from afar – sending a letter that orders her to strip, fondle her breasts while she watches herself in the mirror, and administer a self-spanking with a heavy wooden clothesbrush. The rest? Well, I'll let you see for yourself...

Pandora Blake and D in Instructed - sexy dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking
Pandora Blake and D in Instructed - sexy dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking

The gorgeous thing about this short film (apart from Pandora – in stockings and fetish heels, on all fours on the bed, she looks filthily hot) is that it so perfectly captures the chemistry between D and Pandora. D doesn't appear in the film, but listening to his instructions in voiceover – calm, quietly growling tones which had me squirming in my seat – you can feel Pandora's anticipation and excitement about following his every command. As Pandora herself explained, you should watch this “if you like gravelly-voiced dominant men with London accents telling you to do filthy, filthy things.” I suspect I'm not the only one for whom that instantly appeals.

Pandora Blake and D in Instructed - sexy dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking
Pandora Blake and D in Instructed - sexy dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking

But the best thing by far is the demonstration of how achingly, stickily arousing that level of trust can be. This film was genuinely spontaneous on Pandora's part. She knew the outline – that she'd be given instructions to follow – but she had no idea what would be in D's letter until the moment she opened it in front of the camera. He'd clearly thought long and hard about what she'd enjoy, what he'd like to see, and the best way to build her arousal to a stunning, unique, and boundary-testing experience.

He said 'do you trust me?' and she answered with a wholehearted 'yes.' The results are spectacular.

Pandora Blake and D in Instructed - sexy dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking

Additional: if you enjoyed this film please do share the scene page with like-minded others! If you share it on Twitter before midnight tonight, you can win one month's membership to Dreams of Spanking.

David's strict governess takes him over the knee...

It's time to give a proper welcome to new male spanking performer David Weston. Having shown us his gorgeous naked bottom in an introductory photoset (in which, I have to say, I fell in love with his sexy smile just as much as his lovely bum), he's showing us even more of his good points in this classic bare bottom Victorian spanking film.

David plays a young man punished by a very strict governess (Pandora Blake). He's suitably sheepish and nervous as she berates him for clumsy behaviour during his lessons, before ordering him to drop his trousers and underwear and bend over her knee.

Strict bare bottom spanking from a Victorian governess - Dreams of Spanking

What follows is a thorough hand spanking which had me wincing alongside David. He grimaces, and holds his breath, taking his bare bottom spanking with commendable stoicism, all while Pandora continues to scold him in the stern, clipped tones of a Victorian governess.

Strict bare bottom spanking from a Victorian governess - Dreams of Spanking

It must be humiliating for a young man to be taken over the knee and punished as if he were a little boy, and David plays the part with a lovely combination of trepidation and humility. After the spanking, Pandora orders him to stand, naked from the waist down, so she can continue to lecture him. He must then stand facing the wall, with his red and tingling bottom on display, to think about his behaviour - even though while he is standing there, servants of the house might pass by and witness his disgrace.

Strict bare bottom spanking from a Victorian governess - Dreams of Spanking

If you loved this classic historical spanking scene, you should definitely check out David's solo photoshoot for more super-hot pictures of him bending over, and showing off his assets - and his incredibly filthy grin. And we would love it if you could take the time to leave a comment and welcome him to Dreams of Spanking. Taking your first ever spanking on video and then having your body and acting skills exposed to the world wide web is just about as nerve-wracking as facing a real punishment - so add a comment below if you want to let David know how much you enjoyed his first ever spanking film. There's more of this gorgeous new spankee to come, and we can't wait to share the rest of his scenes with you!

Behind the scenes on a feminist porn set

I had a very pleasant surprise the other day when Girl on the Net sent me this link - Check Out The Trailer For "Instructed" With Pandora Blake.

To say I am stoked to be featured on Fleshbot is an understatement. This is one of those career-defining moments - something I never thought would happen to a performer working in a very niche, kinky corner of the porn industry. I don't think it would have happened if I hadn't been collaborating with a famous feminist porn pioneer. Thank you Ms Naughty!

Speaking of Instructed, the behind the scenes videos are now online. There are three in total - pre-shoot and post-shoot interviews, plus the outtakes from filming. A BBC journalist was present on this shoot, and this is your chance to see what he saw and go behind the scenes on the filming of a feminist porn film. To show you just how much fun I was having, I've made some exclusive Dreams of Spanking screengrabs from our behind the scenes videos. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set
Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set
Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set
Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set
Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set Behind the scenes with Pandora Blake on a feminist porn set

Members can view all three behind the scenes videos at the scene page. I've also uploaded the pre-shoot interview (i.e. the only one in which I was wearing clothes) to YouTube - check it out:

I'm still a bit in love with "Instructed", and I think this collaborative feminist porn film is my best work to date. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now and let me know what you think!

Ten Amorette shows Pandora what a big sister can do

Although Ten Amorette has appeared on Dreams of Spanking before and is well known within the spanking scene, I didn't know her until I watched The Seating Plan. I loved her confident dialogue, and the scene builds fantastically from friendly chat to firm punishment. The film opens with the ladies sitting down to discuss the seating plan at Pandora Blake's upcoming wedding to Ten's little brother, then swiftly descends into a punishment spanking designed to keep Pandora in line for the course of her marriage.

Ten is fantastic as the authoritative big sister, and she certainly knows how to wield a hairbrush. Ten knows that Pandora has a history of cheating on her partners and suspects her of flirting with other men. Ten clearly takes her role as a protective older sister seriously, willing to give a hard hairbrush spanking to the woman she thinks might break her brother's heart.

Click to view trailer for The%20Seating%20Plan

I love Ten's completely no­-nonsense approach. She grabs Pandora by the wrist and pulls her over her knee so quickly that impression Pandora doesn't realise what's coming until hard spanks start raining down on her bottom. She squeals and squirms, and five minutes in the over the knee spanking hurts so much that she lets out a strangled growl of outrage.

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Ten is best known for her work as a spankee, but she is clearly an expert spanker. Her punishment of Pandora is utterly relentless – scolding, offering advice and pithy responses to Pandora's bratty comebacks, all the while holding Pandora firmly down over her lap and not letting her escape the firm whacks of the wooden hairbrush over Pandora's sheer tights.

When the time comes to pull Pandora's tights and knickers down, she does it with the same ruthless efficiency. Pandora starts to suspect that Ten spanked her little brother like this too when they were growing up - she is clearly well-practised at dishing out hard punishment spankings with the wooden hairbrush.

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Look out for my favourite line in the whole scene, when Ten offers to donate her hairbrush to Pandora's future husband as a wedding gift, so he can apply similar punishment in future if she steps out of line again.

Sex blogger spanking month, and other links around the web

I'm never quite sure whether summer is a good time to be selling porn or not - a lot of people are on holiday enjoying good clean fun (or perhaps indulging in some real-world kink or sex), and far be it from me to try to lure people back indoors out of the sunshine to watch a screen. Still, school is long behind us and we don't all get to take the whole summer off any more- more's the pity! - so I guess there is still a need for erotic spanking entertainment to amuse discerning adults on summer evenings. (And perhaps afternoons. And maybe even mornings, if you're keen...)

So I've been surprised at how many mentions I've seen of our films around different corners of the web this month. Do people still watch spanking video and write blogposts when it's 30° centigrade outside? Apparently so - and here are the reviews to prove it.

Femdom Resource - Ethical Erotica

I don't know the person behind Femdom Resource, but I was delighted to hear them pick out Dreams of Spanking in a discussion on ethical and fairtrade porn. They particularly like our mix of male and female spankees, illustrating the post with a photo from male-female switch spanking scene Corporal Punishment: "There’s a variety of gender combinations which I think makes for a pleasant change. Personally I can admire all manner of well reddened bottoms."

Corporal punishment - M/F and F/M switch spanking scenes at Dreams of Spanking

Spanking Blog - The best way to tame Bridezilla

I'm a huge fan of Molly and Nimue's first scene together, and it seems that so is the Spanking Blog. In Bridezilla, Molly plays the perfect truculent bride brought to tearful humility by her mistreated maid of honour. The chemistry between the two performers absolutely crackles, the acting is fantastic and the spankings are well delivered. And Molly's classic beauty as she bends over for the cane in bridal lingerie doesn't hurt, either.

Out-of-control bride Molly Malone gets the cane at Dreams of Spanking

Lady Laid Bare - The Big Dreams of Spanking Review

Apparently it's spanking month in certain corners of the sex blogosphere, and several bloggers are celebrating with spanking-themed posts. I'm very honoured that some have chosen to include reviews of Dreams of Spanking. Lady Laid Bare has written a number of posts so far, each focussing on particular scenes, and I particularly enjoyed the second, in which she takes a close look at our rollicking Napoleonic War series Havelock's Campaign.

Like me, Lady Laid Bare has an appreciative eye for both male and female spankees, and her reviews take a balanced look across the board of our gender categories. I loved reading how much she'd enjoyed both the M/F and the M/M punishment in Havelock's Campaign - she writes, "One of the best kinds of porn is the kind that makes you feel things you didn’t know you wanted to feel. And this scene did exactly that – it made me feel joy."

The Major and the wench - historical military punishment at Dreams of Spanking

Check out the rest of her posts too - in The big Dreams of Spanking review - part one she watches Lady Godivapart three looks at wet spankings, namely Bathtime and The Waterfight; and her fourth and most recent review focuses on strict governesses, particularly Zoe Montana in The Whipping Boy and me in David's Strict Governess.

Bawdy Bloke - Review: DreamsOfSpanking.com

Lady Laid Bare took a close look at some individual scenes, following the tag trail back through our archive. Another sex blogger joining in with spanking month is Bawdy Bloke, who has produced a comprehensive review of the site as a whole. He seemed to like what he saw, and particularly praised the production values, the site navigation and keyword search page, and the behind the scenes videos that show just how much fun the performers have on set. Thank you Bawdy Bloke!

Even more excitingly, he is also offering a free Dreams of Spanking membership in a prize draw - click here and enter your name to be in with a change of winning a thirty day subscription.

Rebloggy - real love

It seems we're not the only ones who love art nude erotica featuring tattoos, hair pulling, and real couples with sizzling sexual chemistry. Our tumblr post sharing a photo from Tangled has been reblogged 3,534 times and counting. That's a lot of reblogs!

Tangled With You - erotic dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking

Why I love historical spanking scenes

You know how it is when you get a certain spanking scenario in your head – often it influences the fantasies you have over the next few days. That look from a spankee in pain, that authoritative turn of phrase from a particularly strict disciplinarian, that shot of a bright red arse framed so perfectly by pulled-down pants: these are the things that tend to stay with me.

And what's stayed with me over the last week or so is the thought of historical spankings. Being taken back in time to when authority figures could physically punish, and when the clipped tones of a Victorian schoolmaster might have me trembling with a combination of fear and deep arousal. So what is it about historical spankings that's so sexy?

The costumes

I doubt anyone would disagree with this – least of all a Dreams of Spanking member, given Pandora's talent for finding beautiful outfits for the site's performers. My favourite of all the outfits on this site is the amazing pair of split Victorian bloomers worn by Lola Marie in 'The Scholarship Girl'. The scene is a classic school beating, with Lola subjected to corporal punishment by schoolmistress Pandora Blake after displaying behaviour that is certainly not fitting for a scholarship girl.

Pandora's dressed in a stern, high-necked black dress, which somehow makes it all the more humiliating for Lola as she has to expose her bottom through the split bloomers before taking several hard strokes with the tawse.

Lola Marie tawsed in split bloomers as a Victorian scholarship girl at Dreams of Spanking

The scenarios

One of the things I love about the performers on Dreams of Spanking is that they add unique twists to any scenario. And with a historical spanking scene, there is so much more flexibility for unusual situations and ideas you may never have thought about before.

Take the Magician's Apprentice, for example – this two-part spanking photoset accompanies a piece of original spanking erotica written by Adele Haze. In part one, Sophie goes home with a handsome boy she met at the fair, although when things heat up between them she doesn't expect what happens next. In part two poor Sophie is initiated into the magician's world and becomes his apprentice – meaning she can be physically punished by her new master the magician.

Young apprentice is whipped by a master magician at Dreams of Spanking

The dialogue

When I mentioned I wanted to write about historical spankings on Twitter the other day, one Dreams follower replied quickly recommending The Stableboy, and I have to agree that this is one of my favourite classic historical spanking scenes in the Dreams of Spanking archive. One of the stand out sexiest things about this, I think, is the dialogue.

Pandora and Thomas are both smoothly commanding, and use their instructions to build the electric tension and sizzling hotness prior to the punishment itself.

“Go into the house. Set out the chaise – you know where it goes. Fetch down the strap.”

So much of this scene is enhanced by the verbal chastisement that goes along with the strapping. Oh, and of course it also helps that Michael bravely takes what looks to me like a very intense punishment with the leather strap.

Historical spanking scene from Dreams of Spanking - stableboy thrashed by master and mistress

The air of authority

Perhaps I've read too many old school novels, but it seems like back in the day, authority was just a lot more... well... authoritative. At my own school, despite being a very good girl, I could have chosen to run wild with nothing more to worry about than a detention or a hundred lines to write.

As evidenced by this amazing Victorian birching scene, though, authority can be so much more intimidating when it's backed up by physical punishment. Thomas Cameron plays a character who is not angry, just disappointed, and yet his disappointment is strong enough to give Michael Darling some incredibly painful-looking strokes with an old-fashioned birch.

Old-fashioned Victorian birching at Dreams of Spanking

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