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Shooting in LA: Ten, Alex and Paul

While I was staying with Alex and Paul in LA, with fortuitous timing, Ten Amorette visited the city for a couple of days. I was keen to shoot with her again, and we arranged to spend a day filming various M/F and F/F scenarios for Dreams of Spanking.

I adore Ten, and we always have a great chemistry when we work together. After how steamy things got on our last shoot during Filthy Girl, I was keen to include some more opportunities for sensual domination. We kicked things off with a scene dreamed up by Dreams of Spanking member John Codders. Ten plays my girlfriend who knows I will be working late, and sets up a sexy surprise for me when I walk in: her, naked on the bed, ready to be spanked. Who wouldn't want to come home to a surprise like that?

Ten Amorette prepares a sexy spanking surprise Ten Amorette prepares a sexy spanking surprise

Although Ten usually bottoms on video, she is an accomplished switch and has developed a reputation for being a fearsome domme in in private sessions. I decided to find out for myself just how good she was. We came up with a storyline where Ten plays a protective big sister, visiting her brother's new fiancée to plan the wedding. She has heard rumours that I've cheated on boyfriends in the past, and she wants to make certain that I'm not going to get up to my old tricks once I've married her little brother. As well as discussing the seating plan for the reception, she has plans for my seat to make absolutely sure the lesson sinks home.

Ten took me over her knee and spanked me over my tights, knickers and on the bare with her hand and a heavy wooden hairbrush. I quickly discovered that her reputation as a top is absolutely deserved. Her verbal scolding was fantastic, and she gave me one hell of a spanking! I don't usually love the hairbrush, but wriggling over Ten's lap, wondering if I could take another swat and feeling her hold me more firmly in place, I had to admit that although it was painful, it was also very erotic.

Pandora Blake spanked with a hairbrush by Ten Amorette Pandora Blake spanked with a hairbrush by Ten Amorette
Pandora Blake spanked with a hairbrush by Ten Amorette Pandora Blake spanked with a hairbrush by Ten Amorette

After that, I got my revenge in a schoolgirl bondage scene which took advantage of Ten's love of rope (at N_Craig2's request). She played a hapless schoolgirl, attacked and tied up by the school bully (moi), who shoved her to the ground, tied her wrists with her own school tie, gagged her with her own white cotton knickers and spanked her for not giving me her lunch money. This scene was smoking hot and by the end of it I think everyone in the room was feeling hot and flustered!

We wrapped up the F/F scenes with a fun bathroom spanking between me and my lover Alex Reynolds. Getting naked, hot, wet and soapy with a beautiful girl, and taking care exploring all her luscious curves with a foamy wash-cloth ... if only every day could be like this.

Sexy bathtime spanking with Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake Sexy bathtime spanking with Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake

After lunch we filmed a couple of more intense scenes, both M/F. In the first one I cast Ten and Paul in a scenario exploring a new cinematic technique. The idea is a way of using the camera to engage the viewer directly with the spankee, and centre the spankee's perspective and experience. I came up with it at the Feminist Porn Conference in conversation with academic Sarah Stevens. I won't ruin the surprise, but if this technique works it might become a regular feature of my film-making.

In this scene Ten plays an escort hired by a conniving politician to bring down rival MP Paul Kennedy. Having met Paul in a bar and caught his attention, Ten's job is to seduce him into spanking and belting her hard enough to leave marks. She will then sell her story to the press, photos and all, exposing poor Mr Kennedy as a "pervert" and causing his downfall. Ten was perfect in her role, deftly manipulating Paul into taking her over the knee and pretending to submit to his dominance, not letting him realise that the whole time, she was totally in control.

Ten Amorette spanked over the knee and with a belt Ten Amorette spanked over the knee and with a belt

Finally, we ended the day with an edgy roleplay between Paul and Alex. I love shooting real couples and capturing the energy and intimacy of their play. When there is real love, trust and respect between two people, the dominance and submission can go much deeper, and scenes can be a lot more intense.

We started out shooting interviews with Paul and Alex, both individually and together, letting them talk about their relationship, their kink dynamic, the sort of play they like to do together, and how they feel about each other. For me as a viewer, showing that connection and affection makes it much easier to enjoy the sort of dark, fucked-up roleplay that followed.

Alex and Paul gave us a glimpse into the dark side of their kink with an edgy, not-particularly-consensual scene. Alex plays a young girl caught skipping school, and Paul a truant officer (or so he claims) who takes full sadistic advantage of the situation. Alex drew inspiration from an intense thigh tawsing scene between Paul and Nimue Allen called 'I've Seen You', which you can find on Nimue's World. Alex told us that this is one of her favourite ever videos, and she has watched it many, many times. I was honoured to help her bring this fantasy to life for Dreams of Spanking.

The roleplay was nasty, brutal and violent, with Alex protesting and crying as Paul forcibly stripped her, viciously tawsed her bottom and thighs, insulted her, threatened her, and reduced her to a sobbing mess.

Alex Reynolds punished for playing truant Alex Reynolds punished for playing truant

But all's well that ends well - and I got some lovely photos of them snuggling up on the sofa together enjoying some post-spanking aftercare. 

Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy - post spanking aftercare

During the most intense part of the scene, mid-tawsing, the doorbell rang. We were playing in the lounge, and the front door opened straight on to it. The blinds were closed so we hadn't seen whoever had approached, but they surely must  have heard the whacks of the strap and Alex's tearful protests. I was still deciding whether to ignore it or answer it when Paul strode to the front door, tawse in hand, and yanked it open.

I heard a reedy little voice begin, "Hello! We are missionaries - "

"That's nice," Paul snarled, "Goodbye." And he slammed the door, marched back to the sofa and resumed whipping Alex's thighs without breaking character.

Missionaries. I have to say that's the first time that has happened, and it's not an experience I would ever wish on my performers during a spanking shoot - especially not during a scene as edgy as that!

We finished up with some scenes for Northern Spanking. Alex and I played sisters squabbling over the only tennis racquet, which involved lots of girl-fighting and wrestling in very short tennis skirts! I also played Ten's lover, dominating her in lingerie with the cane.

Tennis girls Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake Kinky lovers Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake

For more previews of the Northern Spanking scenes and to read Paul's perspective on the shoot, head on over his report on this shoot on the Northern Spanking Forum.


Samples promising great things

Thanks for sharing all these preview pics. That looks as though it was a fun series of shoot in the US. Have to say the OTK featuring Ten and Pandora really caught my eye. Love that you've included tights. I know they can be a controversial item but they encase bottoms so beautifully IMO. Ten looks very determined as a top and there's an evident sense of trepidation in your facial expression, Pandora, especially top right pic. Excellent.

Thanks! It was a really fun month, I can't believe how much we got shot. I have enough scenes now to last until 2015!

I had received a few requests for tights (particularly me being spanked in tights!) so I thought I would give it a go. Glad you like the look of it. Ten is a very accomplished spanker and knows how to use a hairbrush. This spanking pushed my limits at one point - trepidation is definitely the word!

Oh, I am looking forward to Ten being tied up. Mmmm.

And tights! I do like the eroticism of the different layers being removed in a spanking.

The bondage scene was SO much fun. Thanks for the suggestion! Sorry I don't have a screengrab from that scene yet, but I was already late enough getting these previews up. I promise it'll be worth the wait :)

I look forward to it with antici-


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