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Victorian spanking for Alexander

In order to really knock someone down, first you've got to build them up. That's why, when Alexander Knight walked into the first shot of this latest video, I rubbed my hands with glee. Dressed in an incredibly smart outfit, complete with waistcoat and bow tie, he looks dignified, posh, privileged, and the ideal candidate for being taken down a peg or two.

Molly Malone's strict stepmother character is the perfect person to do it: severe and authoritative, she is clearly determined to make Alex see the error of his ways. The build up to his punishment is beautiful power play, partly because of his utter astonishment that his own stepmother intends to physically punish him – he protests that she is “barely a year older” and the idea of her spanking him is “utterly, utterly ridiculous”. Yet there's a delicious anticipation as we know – from Molly's firm reprimands and barked instructions – that this is a power struggle she will most certainly win.

Victorian spanking from Alexander's strict stepmother at Dreams of Spanking

After the intense chastisement at the beginning, I'd have expected Alexander to be meek and humble as he accepts his inevitable fate. But it's infinitely more fun than that – as Molly delivers smack after smack onto his lovely bottom, he continues with his outraged protestations. She grips him tight around the waist to keep him in place as he's spanked, and you can see him growing redder in the face as well as the arse – it's the perfect humiliation.

As I say, it's far more fun to knock someone down if they're on a pedestal to begin with, and my favourite thing about this video is watching Alex go from blustering surprise to outraged resistance, and finally settling in to anguished acceptance of his fate. About four and a half minutes in his expression twists into a reflection of his pain, and by seven minutes he's twitching and clenching his teeth with every smack of the paddle.

Victorian spanking from Alexander's strict stepmother at Dreams of Spanking

Molly plays her part to perfection too – from the high-necked dress and old-fashioned bonnet, reminiscent of a Victorian governess, to her clipped tones and barked orders, she is every inch the strict stepmother. The way she holds Alex so firmly across her lap as she delivers a hand-spanking and some hard smacks with the paddle show that she is practised in doing this – it makes you wonder just where her character learned to spank so beautifully, and if she's been on the lookout for an opportunity to wield the paddle on Alex's bottom...

Pandora tells me that this is the first in a three-part series, and I cannot wait for part two, which sees the arrival of Alex's father – Molly's husband – played by Dr Richard Barton. This is going to be awesome – in 'Spanked by Stepmother' Molly tells Alex that her husband would thoroughly approve of her dishing out domestic discipline to her stepson, and Alex wasn't quite brave enough to call her bluff. I can't wait for the second instalment to see if she was really correct...

So keep an eye out for part two which is on its way soon, and in the meantime enjoy Part 1, with Molly Malone as the strict stepmother and Alexander Knight as the naughty stepson who is eventually stripped of his dignity - as well as his trousers.

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Part 2

If it's MM, which it sounds like, I can wait. There is no end of that stuff on gay sites, but thanks anyway.

I think you'll be surprised by part 2. Watch this space...

Okay, I'm watching..........

Here you go: http://dreamsofspanking.com/scene/item/correction

While I'm always up for watching Molly get her lovely bottom thrashed I think the natural progression for this series would have been for her to whup her hubby for raising such a brat in the first place.

I can't believe you spent a month in North America and didn't come to Idaho. But I'll get over it, probably. Maybe.

Pretty Molly gives him big spanks ,love and spanks,Tim.

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