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Male student goes over his tutor's knee

A calm, softly-spoken correction from an older male tutor? Yes please. How about a lithe, beautiful male spankee with a gorgeous smile? Yes please again.

In the latest video for Dreams of Spanking, Alexander Knight plays a University student with serious time-management issues, and Dr Richard Barton is his supportive tutor – keen to correct his mistakes in any way he can.

In this case, the correction involves a very efficient over the knee spanking on Alex's bare bottom

Click to view trailer for An%20Unorthodox%20Tutorial

Richard is fantastic as the calmly authoritative tutor, who initially jokes that Alex's problems are so serious he might benefit from 'a damn good hiding.' The moment he makes the suggestion Alexander's eyes light up.

The set-up to this scene is so perfectly British. From the initial scolding about handing in work late to the subtle 'I-want-it-but-don't-want-to-say-I-want-it' discussion about a disciplinary spanking, both Alexander and Richard are pitch-perfect. Their chemistry and coy discussion or the merits of corporal punishment creates a really believable scenario, and I genuinely felt the tension of the build-up.

There's a beautiful moment when you see Alex weigh up the benefits of a short, sharp spanking versus a longer period of less exciting correction. It's a Dreams of Spanking video, so you know he's going to choose the spanking, but watching him decide is completely delicious. Especially because when he does decide to go for the over the knee spanking, his authoritative professor immediately sets to with a calm and deliberate lesson in how punishment used to be done.

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

Two things about this stand out as particular 'oh God that's so hot' moments for me. Firstly, it cannot be overstated just how gorgeous Alexander Knight is. Not just for his smile, which is so filthy it actually makes me grin along with him, nor just for his arse, which is perfectly round and goes beautifully red as the scene builds. No, to my mind the hottest thing about Alex is the noises he makes when he gets spanked. For me, noises make the difference between 'ooh' and 'oh my God yes'. Particularly when it comes to spanking, I love hearing that a beating is being loudly appreciated. The spanking starts with some gorgeous shots of Alex's arse clad in jeans, but only a minute later Alexander pulls down his jeans to feel the sting of Richard's hands more intensely. From the sounds he makes you can really tell it's making an impact.

I'll be hearing his 'argh's and 'ouch's in my dreams for the next couple of nights, for sure.

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

The second thing I love about this scene is the character that Richard plays. He isn't a terrifying top, or a loud one: his calm determination makes this a genuinely 'unorthodox' scenario. From his initial jocular reluctance to deal out an over the knee spanking to his eventual hard slaps and careful elucidation of the problems he's trying to correct, everything he does is measured and calm, and it creates an atmosphere that you don't often get to see. There's a genuine warmth between both of the characters: Alexander wants to do better, and Richard genuinely wants to help him. It just so happens that his 'help' comes in the form of some delicious, arse-reddening pain.

Oh, and Richard also happens to do the hottest pre-spank thing that any man can do (in my humble opinion). As Alexander bends over his knee and prepares to be spanked, Richard neatly and calmly rolls up his sleeves. I have no idea why this gets me so worked up, but it really really does.

So what are you waiting for? A gorgeously controlled male top dishing out an over the knee correctional spanking to an appreciative male spankee – watch it now, and keep an eye out for Richard's rolled-up sleeves, Alex's filthy grins, and that first delicious moment when the pain (and the lesson) really hits home...

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

Watch 'An unorthodox tutorial'

April shoots in LA

While I'm in LA I'll have the chance to shoot with some wonderful people who are usually half the planet away. Not only Alex and Paul, who are kindly letting me stay at their house, but also the lovely Ten Amorette and LA models Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks. I met Christy at TASSP a couple of years ago, although we didn't get to chat much, and I'm really looking forward to meeting Maddy and getting to know them both better.

Christy Cutie: coming soon on Dreams of Spanking

Maddy Marks: coming soon on Dreams of Spanking

I'll be shooting three scenes for Dreams with them, including a four-girl school scene inspired by a rather wonderful session scenario I played recently with Molly Malone. Other possible scenes include Christy punished for swimming in the lake and getting caught outside when someone steals her clothes; Christy as Maddy's bullying older sister lording it over her now she's married; and a much quirkier, very cute scenario which I came up with while chatting to AJ the other week, but I won't tell you more just now in case it doesn't work out.

I don't have any clear plans yet for scenes with Ten and Alex, so if you have any F/F or M/F requests involving either of them, leave a comment and let me know.

Ten Amorette spanked at Dreams of Spanking

Alex Reynolds birched at Dreams of Spanking

I do however know that I'm going to have an amazing time with both of them; it's always great fun when we get together, and I can't wait to see (and spank) them both!

Sleepy Lola Marie gets spanked awake

I feel Lola Marie's pain in this week's video. Not just the stinging pain of Thomas Cameron's smacks on her bare bottom, but the agony of having to get out of bed when you're warm and cosy and tucked up in your PJs.

Sleepyhead starts with some gorgeous shots of the sleeping girl luxuriating in the joy of a nice lie-in, and soon turns into a cheeky and playful punishment scene. Thomas realises that Lola is far too reluctant to get out of bed, and decides to punish her with a wake-up spanking – which grows harder as he's compelled to punish her for cheeky back-chat as well.

Sleepy girl Lola Marie spanked in pyjamas at Dreams of Spanking

The first part of the spanking is delightfully flirtatious, as Thomas takes Lola over his knee she's by turns sulky and funny, playing with him just enough to make sure she deserves her punishment. There's a gorgeous exchange shortly after the spanking begins when she tells Thomas just how warm her bed is, and he replies: “I can organise warmth in more than one way.” I know he's referring to the warmth that comes from a spanked bum, but there's a genuine warmth between the two characters here too, which reminds me of many of my favourite sexy mornings in bed...

Sleepy girl Lola Marie spanked in pyjamas at Dreams of Spanking

This is an elegantly simple spanking video, and Lola's costume is the definition of sexy casual – short pyjamas that show off her gorgeous round bottom. It can't be said enough: Lola-Marie has a beautiful arse. All the shots in this video make the absolute most of it – from the beginning when she settles herself over Thomas's knee, to right at the end where we're treated to lots of close-ups of it bright red and stinging as she gets spanked on the bed.

One of the best things about this scene in my opinion is prompted by Thomas's requests to “arch your hips for me now please” - the neat efficiency with which Lola arches her hips, to allow him to pull down her short pyjamas and knickers, and her beautiful bottom as he slides her PJs down – could there be a sexier wake-up call than this?

Feminist porn: ideas and challenges

Public Provocative Porn - photo by Pandora Blake

Last week I was in Toronto for the Feminist Porn Awards and Feminist Porn Conference. I'm still reeling. It was an incredibly intense few days crammed with every kind of stimulation, from the sexual to the intellectual. I was challenged and inspired as a filmmaker, turned on by screenings of uber-hot new porn, affirmed in my politics and given a sense of community. We didn't win an award, which given the quality of the other winners is perhaps not surprising. I came away full of inspiration and ideas for ways to raise my game.

Here are the winners. So much impressive, progressive, beautiful work. Click, watch, be inspired and get horny. (Complete list of Feminist Porn Awards Winners 2006-2014.)

The 2014 Feminist Porn Awards

Sexiest Short
No Artificial Sweeteners
Sonya JF Barnett (The Madame)

Sexiest Short
Trains | Paul Deeb (Pillow Book Productions)

Best Boygasm
Bed Party: Eden Alexander & Sebastian Keys | Shine Louise Houston (Pink & White Productions)

Steamiest Straight Movie
The Temptation of Eve | Jacky St. James (New Sensations)

Golden Beaver of Canadian Content
Power at Play | Carey Gray (House of Switch)

Best Direction
Sexual Freedom (Sex Stories 3) | Ovidie (Frenchlover TV)

Feminist Porn Awards Smutty School Teacher Award for Sex Education
Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Bondage for Couples | Tristan Taormino (Adam & Eve)

Hottest Dyke Film
Hard Femme: Lesbian Curves 2 | Courtney Trouble (TROUBLEfilms)

Honorable Mentions
Something Better: Performers Talk About Feminism & Porn | Ms. Naughty (Indigo Lush)

Best Slumber Party Ever | Samuel Shanahoy (tee vee dinner)

Doing It Again Vol 1: Playful Awakening | Tobi Hill-Meyer (Handbasket Productions)

Honorable Websites

Hottest Straight Vignette
Xconfessions | Erika Lust (Lust Productions S. L)

Hottest Lesbian Vignette
Women Reclaiming Sex on Film | Madison Young (Madisonbound Productions)

Hottest Kink Movie
Rubber Bordello | Soma Snakeoil (Snakeoil Media Productions)

Tantalizing Trans Film
Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now! | Courtney Trouble (TROUBLEfilms)

Heartthrob of the Year
Zahra Stardust

Movie of the Year
Silver Shoes | Jennifer Lyon Bell (Blue Artichoke Films)

It's always an exhilarating feeling to be challenged to improve. But I didn't only critique my own work - I also did a lot of thinking about the way the awards privilege certain types of porn over others, and how we need to bridge the gaps between the fetish porn community and the feminist porn community. The films that win awards are mostly queer, documentary or gonzo style films which are concerned with authenticity and realism; when they are kinky, they are overtly consensual, and never explore fantasies of coercion or non-consent.

I came away determined to convince the feminist porn movement to open its doors to fantasy fiction and consensual non-consent, and acknowledge that spanking, punishment, bondage and other fetish fantasies can be produced in ways that are ethical and feminist too.

All this thinking was emotionally challenging, but it laid a strong psychological foundation for the feminist porn conference, where I was invited to give two presentations. I decided to not only discuss the questions raised in my own work, but to challenge the community to open their minds to other ways of doing things. In both presentations I made bolder statements than I'd planned about the ways in which feminist porn as a genre runs the risk of homogenising itself - and everything I said was received with curiosity, interest and support. I felt welcomed and validated, and I was glad the risk paid off. I'm hopeful that working together, this is something we can fix.

The audience at the Feminist Porn Awards and Gala 2014 - photo by Kristy Boyce

I'm still processing everything I took away from the conference: the inspiration, the motivation, the ways I can change and improve my work. I came away with a huge to do list of radical film-making ideas, marketing and business development ideas, new distribution channels, plans and projects. I don't know when I'll have time to do it all but the injection of enthusiasm is very welcome!

I'm currently in LA, staying at the beautiful, cosy, sunlit little home of Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy, and enjoying the Californian spring weather which feels like the height of summer - a wonderful contrast to the icy winds of Toronto. I'll be shooting plenty of content while I'm here, and hopefully finding time to keep up with my video editing too. I'm typing this on a brand new laptop which I've bought for the purpose, and it's a good step up; it's going to make everything easier to be able to work on photos and video while on the move.

I also shot three scenes in Toronto, with heart-throbs of queer porn Zahra Stardust and James Darling, as well as a solo scene in collaboration with feminist porn pioneer Ms Naughty. I've already started processing the previews and can't wait to give you a taste. Watch this space.

Explicit queer spanking with Zahra Stardust

The Explicit Diary of Zahra StardustThe first shoot of the weekend in Toronto was with Australian porn star Zahra Stardust. I hadn't heard of Zahra before we made contact in the run up to the feminist porn awards, and I have to wonder why. She's a Penthouse Pet, Australian pole dance champion, and the owner of her politico-sexual riot grrl site The Explicit Diary of Zahra Stardust. She has run for Parliament three times as a Candidate for the Australian Sex Party – for House of Representatives, Senate, and for Lord Mayor of Sydney. She's worked for the United Nations and she's doing a PhD in pornography. I think I'm in love.

Zahra contacted me before our trip to say she'd seen Molly Malone doing a spanking demo in Melbourne with Artemisia de Vine, and came away craving a spanking. Would I be willing to oblige?

It's not every day you get a request like that in your inbox and there was no way I was letting this opportunity slip through my fingers. We set up a content share shoot with Ms Naughty and her husband Luke, the good folks at Bright Desire, behind the camera.

The only time all of us were available was Thursday morning at 9am. I'd arrived into Toronto at 8pm Wednesday night after an all-day transatlantic flight, and pretty much fell straight into bed. The next morning I got up early to get clean, have breakfast and knock on Zahra's door to say hi. It's quite rare for me to not meet people until the moment arrives to work with them - normally I only set up shoots with people I've already met in person. But even at eight in the morning Zahra was relaxed and radiant, and I could tell we were going to get along just fine.

It's always tricky to come up with believable scenarios for shoots in hotel rooms, and I make a point of coming up with storylines that fit the location. We decided to make the scene semi-candid, just Zahra and Pandora, only with a slightly edgy twist as I come to her room to surprise her with the spanking she craves. Ignoring her protests that we'll be late for the gala, I invite myself in and take her over the knee.

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

Zahra has had a stellar career filled with sexy, kinky adventures but she hasn't often had the experience of a thorough, old fashioned over the knee spanking. We'd talked beforehand about her preferences and I knew she liked it thuddy, and I'd promised her a lovely long warm-up. Her panties fell to her ankles and I told her to spread her long, athletic legs and hold them taut. 

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

We moved to the bed and she lay face down for a taste of the strap. Her bottom marked up quickly, even bruising a little under the soft leather, but her appetite for sensation runs deep and she could have taken far more than I was able to give that day, given her other shooting commitments. I put the strap down while we were both still hungry for more.

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

But things weren't over yet: I told her to fetch her Hitachi and bring herself to orgasm while I slapped, squeezed and caressed her upraised cheeks.  

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

Zahra describes her work as changing the world one orgasm at a time, and it was a pleasure to be part of her revolution.

The scene will go up on both our sites in a few weeks. After jumping into the deep end on the first morning we chatted a lot more over the next few days, and I'm certain this won't be the last time we shoot together. Keep an eye on her explicit diary: this lady is definitely one to watch.

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

Spanking in Los Angeles

Dreams of Spanking is in LA! Well, I'm here, anyway; AJ and GotN are still holding the fort back in London, and being remarkably patient with my sporadic communication while traveling - and for working around the eight hour time difference. So far we've got both weeks' updates published on time, and you have no idea how liberating it is for me to know I can leave the nest and things won't actually fall apart.

In order to make said updates happen, the first thing I needed to do once I landed in Los Angeles was buy a new laptop. I've never had a laptop capable of editing photos or video, and for the six years I've been working on the Dreams of Spanking project I've done all my media editing on my desktop PC. Work on the move has been limited to blogging and emails on my tiny netbook.

Being able to edit on the road is a pretty big deal. Here I am unboxing my new toy:

I'm staying with Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy, and so far my stay has involved a fair amount of spanking! Yesterday we had a big group shoot with Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks, and we also spent an afternoon shooting some scenes with our friends Korey and James Johnson, a lifestyle spanko couple who are new to shooting spanking video but wanted to give it a try. They filmed a real-life domestic discipline film, and I spanked Korey in a cute F/F kitchen scene, both for Northern Spanking. There may have been one or two off-camera spankings too ;)

In between I took the opportunity to fulfil a few requests I've received for more "short sharp shock" style films, and filmed a simple office caning film with Paul, for Dreams of Spanking. The storyline might have been minimal, but twelve cold strokes of the cane were anything but!

The last week's shoots have for some reason inspired me to touch my toes more often than usual. I'm the director, so I don't have to if I don't want to, but unusually I found myself suggesting it. I still suck at it, but in the absence of my normal weights equipment I've been doing lots of yoga while in LA. I'm pleased to report that my forward folds are gradually improving.

I'm keeping Twitter regularly updated, but if you want to follow my adventures on my US trip, you can now also follow me on Google Plus or on Facebook!

Power struggles, cat fights and filthy talk

One of the things that turns 'sexy' into 'oh God that's so filthy I can barely control myself' is dirty talk. Someone getting beaten: arousing. Someone getting called a filthy bitch while they're beaten? Hotter than the sun.

In this latest scene, Pandora and Ms Vixxxen take that dirty talk principle, multiply it by a thousand and add some extras that send shivers down my spine: hair pulling, resistance, cat fighting. It's almost as if they reached into the mind of the sexually frustrated goth kid I used to be and taken words, actions and a hardcore industrial/grunge porn set directly from my own fevered fantasies.

Click to view trailer for Bitch

I should admit from the start: I'm a total sucker for the grungy punk look which Vix wears so beautifully. Her pale skin and 'fuck you' hair is very much my kind of thing, and works so perfectly - pushed up against a wall in an industrial setting with chains, a bare concrete floor, the works. Pandora, in a tight black dress and hold-ups, is the perfect femme complement to the butch boi that Vix plays. The pair clearly enjoy gender play - Pandora asks Vix if she's a "good girl" or a "good boy", and Vix retorts "Boy! Just look at me. Of course I'm a boy!"

Queer grrls Pandora and Ms Vixxxen talk dirty at Dreams of Spanking

In 'Bitch', Pandora and Ms Vixxxen have a phenomenally intense fighting dynamic, sparring like alley cats as they grab and pull at each other's hair and clothes.

I particularly liked watching Pandora slap Vix's face, and the moment when she turns her around and shoves her face right up against the wall. Vix struggles and fights back, but you can tell that she is clearly enjoying being 'forced' to do something she obviously really wants.

As well as being hot for its own sake, the verbal (as well as physical) fight is a gorgeous example of how to do negotiation sexily. That back-and-forth flirting, the struggle for dominance, is one of the core things I love about spanking itself, and Vix and Pandora use it as a tool to turn each other on: “Do you want this? How do you like that?” - all the things I like partners to ask me in the bedroom. Especially if they're grabbing me with lustful enthusiasm, as Pandora and Vix are here - teasing and slapping each other, with Vix playfully resisting as Pandora's grows more determined to establish control.

Queer grrls Pandora and Ms Vixxxen talk dirty at Dreams of Spanking

Finally, of course, I just love the torrent of filthy words. These queer grrls talk dirty - everything in this scene is punctuated by 'fuck you's and other angry curses, spat with a vehemence that heightens the intensity of what's happening. It's one thing to watch someone getting whacked with a paddle while gripping a chain on the wall (in itself incredibly hot, obviously - I guarantee you'll agree when you see the way Vix grabs the chain to brace herself), and quite another to feel the pain with them as they bite out "bitch" or "cunt".

Vix and Pandora clearly deeply enjoy this back-and-forth power struggle - every stinging smack or slap of the paddle prompts curses from Vix, telling Pandora she's a "bully", and Pandora doesn't hold back either, smugly replying "Yep - I'm the school bully you always dreamed of fucking".

There's no recourse to traditional spanking talk here - no calm 'thank you's as Vix counts off the strokes. Instead it's "One: fuck you. Two: fuck you, you bitch." The anger is as hot as the pain itself, if not hotter.

Queer grrls Pandora and Ms Vixxxen talk dirty at Dreams of Spanking

Submissive solo shoot with Bright Desire

Pandora opens a letter of sexy instructions from her dominant

While I was staying in Toronto I managed to squeeze in two more shoots for Dreams of Spanking.

The first I had planned in advance with Ms Naughty, the owner of Bright Desire. After shooting together for Zahra the day before, we got together on Friday morning for a solo shoot which will be published on both sites. Ms Naughty was already coming down with a nasty flu bug, but her professionalism shone through as she refused to let this get in the way of our plans.

Trying to think of a solo scene that would fit with the themes of both sites was interesting. Ms Naughty shoots sensual, steamy hardcore and so the scene needed to include an orgasm. I considered a masturbation scene with a voiceover describing some of my filthiest spanking fantasies, but I didn't want to repeat My Inner Little Girl too much. I also find scenes with voiceovers hard to follow as a viewer - I find I can concentrate on the words, or the visuals, but not both at once.

In the end I decided to do something different, and use a storyline I've had in my script folder for years.

Pandora opens a letter of sexy instructions from her dominant

"I have a proposition," I told D. "Would you like to be in a porn with me - indirectly, I mean?"

He was intrigued. I explained my idea. I wasn't quite expecting him to take it and run with it in the way he did.

Pandora opens a letter of sexy instructions from her dominant

The scene is one of remote dominance. Arriving at the hotel for a dirty weekend with my lover, I'm surprised to find a letter waiting on the bed. I open it and read. It's from him, and it contains instructions which I then have to follow.

The first surprise, for me, was when D offered to actually write a letter. I'd expected that we'd collaborate on the text and then we'd record him reading it aloud for the voiceover. Instead, he wrote me a letter and sent it to Ms Naughty in secret; she then printed it out and planned the shots she wanted to capture as I carried out his instructions. Both of them knew what the letter said. Only I didn't. I had no idea what I would have to do until I read it live on camera.

Pandora opens a letter of sexy instructions from her dominant

I found this process incredibly hot. For the two days after the letter had been sent, both D and Ms Naughty took every opportunity to tease me about it,-  telling me how hot it was, smugly enjoying the knowledge they had and I didn't, laughing when I blushed. The feeling of being conspired against was simply delicious.

Pandora opens a letter of sexy instructions from her dominant
Pandora opens a letter of sexy instructions from her dominant

After the shoot, the glow I felt wasn't just the result of the hot things D had made me do on camera. I felt utterly, completely loved. From half the world away, D had reached out and wrapped me in the warmth of his loving dominance. I felt attended to, nurtured, and safe, in exactly the same way that I do when D holds me after doing filthy, filthy things to me.

I may have been off travelling the globe without him, but he still had the power - and the will - to reach out and make me feel secure, submissive and loved.

To make things more interesting, the whole thing was watched by a BBC journalist who had asked to visit a feminist porn shoot. I don't know if he knew what to make of it. Afterwards he interviewed Ms Naughty about her work and she was kind enough to let me sit in and chat to him too. I'll be interested to read his report when it comes out.

In the meantime you can read Ms Naughty's write-up of feminist porn week, including this shoot, here.

Victorian spanking for Alexander

In order to really knock someone down, first you've got to build them up. That's why, when Alexander Knight walked into the first shot of this latest video, I rubbed my hands with glee. Dressed in an incredibly smart outfit, complete with waistcoat and bow tie, he looks dignified, posh, privileged, and the ideal candidate for being taken down a peg or two.

Molly Malone's strict stepmother character is the perfect person to do it: severe and authoritative, she is clearly determined to make Alex see the error of his ways. The build up to his punishment is beautiful power play, partly because of his utter astonishment that his own stepmother intends to physically punish him – he protests that she is “barely a year older” and the idea of her spanking him is “utterly, utterly ridiculous”. Yet there's a delicious anticipation as we know – from Molly's firm reprimands and barked instructions – that this is a power struggle she will most certainly win.

Victorian spanking from Alexander's strict stepmother at Dreams of Spanking

After the intense chastisement at the beginning, I'd have expected Alexander to be meek and humble as he accepts his inevitable fate. But it's infinitely more fun than that – as Molly delivers smack after smack onto his lovely bottom, he continues with his outraged protestations. She grips him tight around the waist to keep him in place as he's spanked, and you can see him growing redder in the face as well as the arse – it's the perfect humiliation.

As I say, it's far more fun to knock someone down if they're on a pedestal to begin with, and my favourite thing about this video is watching Alex go from blustering surprise to outraged resistance, and finally settling in to anguished acceptance of his fate. About four and a half minutes in his expression twists into a reflection of his pain, and by seven minutes he's twitching and clenching his teeth with every smack of the paddle.

Victorian spanking from Alexander's strict stepmother at Dreams of Spanking

Molly plays her part to perfection too – from the high-necked dress and old-fashioned bonnet, reminiscent of a Victorian governess, to her clipped tones and barked orders, she is every inch the strict stepmother. The way she holds Alex so firmly across her lap as she delivers a hand-spanking and some hard smacks with the paddle show that she is practised in doing this – it makes you wonder just where her character learned to spank so beautifully, and if she's been on the lookout for an opportunity to wield the paddle on Alex's bottom...

Pandora tells me that this is the first in a three-part series, and I cannot wait for part two, which sees the arrival of Alex's father – Molly's husband – played by Dr Richard Barton. This is going to be awesome – in 'Spanked by Stepmother' Molly tells Alex that her husband would thoroughly approve of her dishing out domestic discipline to her stepson, and Alex wasn't quite brave enough to call her bluff. I can't wait for the second instalment to see if she was really correct...

So keep an eye out for part two which is on its way soon, and in the meantime enjoy Part 1, with Molly Malone as the strict stepmother and Alexander Knight as the naughty stepson who is eventually stripped of his dignity - as well as his trousers.

Click to view trailer for Spanked%20by%20Stepmother

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