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Shoot with Ms Vixxxen

Last Tuesday Nimue and I joined forces for a last minute shoot with a new spanking performer. I first met Ms Vixxxen last July - on a Dreams of Spanking shoot, as it happens. She was the make-up artist for our shoot with Matt Christie. She mentioned to me that she was working as a professional spankee and we discussed the possibility of shooting together sometime.

Unfortunately I didn't have any opportunities open in 2013 (my casting is done scary far in advance these days - it's good to be in demand, I guess!) but we bumped into each other again last month at Leia-Ann Woods' Bottoms Up spanking party, and decided to make it happen before my trip to the US/Canada in April.

I sent her an email with some initial ideas for scenes, drawing inspiration from our mutual interest in queer performance and gender-fucking, and the fetishes listed on her website. Her reply? "Um oh my god I love you. Just saying. Can we do it all please?"

That was the first hint that this was going to go rather well.

Sadly, we couldn't do it all - not this time, at least. To keep things within budget we set it up as a co-shoot with Nimue's World, shooting a half day for Nimue's site and a half day for Dreams of Spanking. But I am absolutely certain that we will be shooting with Ms Vixxxen again.

For a spontaneous shoot arranged on short notice, it went incredibly well. With a total of five videos and three photosets it was a full day - especially since many of the scenes ended up being much more physically demanding than we'd expected, thanks to Ms Vixxxen's incredible enthusiasm, and tendency to ramp everything she does up to the max. But I think we created some of our best work yet, and I'm particularly happy with the photos.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

This was one of the first shots I took, just fiddling with lighting settings while Vix got ready for her first scene. I love how it came out.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Nimue's World

Nimue asked me to shoot the photos for her site, and we kicked things off with a latex body shapes set with Ms Vixxxen in full fetish model mode, striking various gymnastic poses. Heaps of fun, and I even got to spend ten minutes beforehand carefully polishing and spraying all her latex to make it extra shiny. It's a hard life.

Next we shot a grungy dance set in which Vix got to show off her ballet training; half in her tutu, and half fully nude. I'm delighted with how these came out and will be posting more previews on my blog. Both these galleries will be going up on Nimue's World soon.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Nimue's World

Nimue's site has a much broader remit than Dreams of Spanking, and it's always a pleasure to be able to explore a wide range of fetish interests. Shooting for her is always sexy and can be a real eye-opener. I loved the first video she made with Ms Vixxxen, with Vix as a kinky butler in a latex collar and tie who was used as human furniture. Nimue made her hold a tray of sex toys, and then used her as a footstool while she brought herself to orgasm. Ms Vixxxen is a self-confessed forniphilia fan and she loved every moment of this scene. "That was amazing," she said afterwards, "I could feel your orgasm building through the vibrations in your foot. Wow!"

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Nimue's World

After that it was time for some Dreams of Spanking scenes. First we filmed a fun introductory spanking video which will be going live later today; then we moved to the dungeon for a Tank Girl/riot grrrl photoset inspired by the scissor striptease from the Tank Girl movie. Snip snip!

This turned into an incredibly physical, fetishy performance that showed off Ms Vixxxen's burlesque experience as she systematically shredded her clothes with an assortment of blades. From aggressive, spidery poses in her high heeled red patent boots, to licking knives, tearing her fishnets off her legs, climbing the bars of the cell, hanging upside down and cutting off her knickers with a tape cutter, it was one of the most punk performances I have ever seen. Apparently her burlesque name used to be SPANK Grrrl. This character will definitely be making a return in future scenes.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

During our initial email conversation I'd somewhat hesitantly suggested something a little bit dirtier. "I can also see you in a rough n dirty scene with filthy talk, being shoved up against a wall, and some sexy BDSM/spanking. Possibly a lesbian scene, coming home from the gay club and not being able to wait until they get home..." Vix wrote back, and I quote, "OH FUCK YES LESBIAN SCENE." So we did that.

This video was a filthy hot resistance play scene with me as the femme top and her as the butch bottom. I pinned her to the wall, slapped her breasts and talked dirty while she fought and kicked, swearing right back in my face until I smacked her into submission. It was rough and raw and violent and the energy was incredible.

Ms Vixxxen and Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

I knew that I liked shoving hot boi chicks around, but during the shooting of this film I also discovered a new kink. I was paddling her, she was struggling and mouthing off, so I stopped and told her I wouldn't give her another swat until she got back into position. Voluntarily.

There was a long pause. Eventually she says, "I hate you so very much right now" - and gets back into position. But then every stroke, she was counting "ONE, fuck you. Two, you fucking cunt. Three, fuck off you bitch." I loved her snarky stubborn bratting, the mutual aggression and energy. So very hot.

Ms Vixxxen and Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

Finally, we did a Mad Men scene with her femmed up in her sexy secretary persona, and me all butch in a suit, tie and braces. This is my first ever spanking film in a male role and I hadn't worn drag for years. I'd forgotten how much I love it.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking

When I was in theatre groups at uni I used to do a lot of gender-hacking, cross-dressing for various roles and exploring different sides of myself. It's been a while since I expressed my more masculine side, but this felt great, and I love how the photos came out. This is definitely something I want to make more space for in my life, and in my porn. After all, my femme persona is as much a performance as anything else, so why not mix it up a bit?

Overall it was the queerest shoot Nimue and I have ever done and we loved it. Thank you Ms Vixxxen for being you, and for inspiring us to explore new territory. It was a long day, but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to shoot more material like this. The future is queer and kinky and avant-garde, grrls!

The first scene starring Ms Vixxxen will go live this weekend - watch this space.

Ms Vixxxen photographed by Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking


Pandora in drag

LOVE to see you in full drag. When I enlarge the photo, I noticed an earring and 'femmie' make up. If there is a next time really 'butch' it up. Some men have long hair just slick it back, more masculine specs, Use D as a guide.

Thanks Lou! That's good feedback, too. This was at the end of a long day shooting - hence the makeup. I took my dangly earrings out but left my hoops in - boys do wear those, after all (including D on occasion).

Still, it's all costume, isn't it - and with my face shape and hips perhaps I need to be more macho to compensate. More masculine specs is a great idea. I'll look into it!

Oh yes. You should definitely cross-dress more - it's smokin' hot. (I'd actually like to see an F/f scene in which both top and bottom are cross-dressing - much gender-bending there.)

I also love the latex scene.

Mmmm, that would be great! Boi-on-boi :)

I'm surprised - and pleased - to discover that my male audience are keen to see me cross-dress more. I thought it would be a girl thing.

Well, I can't speak for the entire male population, but I've always had a thing for cross-dressing. It's why Twelfth Night is my favourite Shakespeare play - this may all be the result of a BBC version with Felicity Kendal as Viola. And I have a friend who looks very hot in full black tie dinner attire, and should be encouraged to do it more often. Maybe it's the appeal of lesbian chic? Male cross-dressing can also be sexy - "The Loose Hem" is my favourite of your F/M scenes .

It's wonderful to hear you say that! I've always loved it for theatrical reasons as well gender-bending, and the fact it's a part of queer culture. Gender is performance, after all, and for me cross-dressing highlights the fact there is no "natural" way for anyone to dress - it's all costume! We just take our pick of the options available in each particular style and context. Some people have one "look" their whole lives... others like to play around with it more. It's no surprise that performers and theatre types have a lot of overlap with cross-dressers and gender-benders!

Hrm... clearly I should get some style tuition from my male friends...

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