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Severely caned by the headmistress

When Pandora first asked me to write blogs for her, I had to pinch myself. Watching hot spanking porn and writing about it? Well, it's pretty much a dream come true. And I was even more delighted when she sent me the first video – this week's fun, and incredibly severe “Slight damage to the rear end”

There are so many things I love about this video, and I strongly recommend you watch it before you read this so you can see what I'm talking about. Here's a free trailer for you:

Click to view trailer for Slight%20Damage%20to%20the%20Rear%20End

First things first – it stars the utterly stunning (and very scary in this role!) Molly Malone, who plays a superbly strict headmistress of exactly the kind I'd imagined when I used to read boarding school books under the bedcovers at night. It also stars John Beecroft, who is excellent as the distinguished, initially authoritative Chair of Governors getting taken down a peg or two (or twenty-four, if you're counting the cane strokes!).

Personally, I have a real thing for men who are well-spoken (“thank you headmistress” just sounds so perfect when properly pronounced), and the fact that John himself scripted this scene makes for some great natural dialogue, and a plot that flows really nicely. Watching his character try to bluster his way out of trouble, then resign himself to taking his punishment, is a total joy to watch. As is Molly's face when Sir John says something sexist. I won't tell you what he says as that'll spoil the surprise, but as a naturally submissive person, I get a real kick out of seeing the expression on a dominant's face that says 'oh you are in so much trouble!'

Molly and John are off-screen playmates and have been friends for years, which gives them a wonderful chemistry together. I could really feel John's nervousness crossed with excitement when his character was told he was in for a spanking – he clearly knows the 'you're in so much trouble' face only too well.

Pandora tells me that this is John's first ever film, and that he's always dreamed of being in a spanking video. Well, I think it's safe to say that he's ticked that off his bucket list with some serious style. Although he's never been filmed prior to “Slight damage...”, John is clearly incredibly experienced spankee, able to take a very hard over-the-knee spanking followed by an even more impressive and severe caning. I think you'll be pretty impressed with him too, especially about 9 and a half minutes in...

A severe caning from the strict headmistress

Last thing I'll get overexcited about before I wrap this up, I promise, but I also wanted to mention that this is a fantastic scene if you're a fan of the kind of great telling-off that goes along with a spanking. I think the technical term is 'chastisement', but basically what I'm saying is that John's script plus Molly's brilliant ad libbing makes for a sound bollocking that only an angry British headmistress can truly deliver. Best line of the scene (in my opinion) comes slap-bang in the middle of a thorough hand spanking: “I have to say that it's old drunk men like you who need to improve their driving.” I definitely wouldn't want to get on Molly's angry side when she's in this particular role.

So, there we go - “Slight Damage To The Rear End” - fun, exciting, beautifully acted and scripted, and with very heavy beatings that are eye-wateringly hot. As this is my first blog in which I get to write for DoS, it looks like both John and I have achieved a dream today, so I hope I've pulled this off even half as well as he has.

Enjoy the show!

A severe caning from the strict headmistress


Hello - Girl on the Net

You’ve captured the essence of this scene beautifully in its entirety.

You do have a great writing style (I’ve read your book too). Pandora must be doing cartwheels in celebration of having you alongside.

Best of luck with it all...and have lots of fun (I guess that goes without saying).

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